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After the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park experience, we headed back to Sabang Beach for lunch. We were so tired and hungry so when our buffet lunch was ready, we were more than ready to dig in. Unlimited Filipino food at Sabang’s gorgeous beach — oh life, I love you.

After a few rounds of conversations with friends and almost an hour of rest, we decided to explore the place. Swimming around the underground river site was prohibited so our tour guide was encouraging us to swim at Sabang Beach. We decided to just walk along the shore.

There was a basketball court near the wharf but we didn’t have a ball so we decided to just drop it. We saw another group of tourists from Manila playing patintero at the beach! We joined them of course!

The shallow waters of Sabang Beach, Puerto Princesa
Basketball court at Sabang Wharf
The game is far from over!
The game is far from over!
Some foreigners walked by and they were like, "What are they doing?" LOL

Posted: 2011•4•3


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Yosh Dimen
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Hadley Starkey

But it takes P7000 to get from the Airport in PP to Sabang Beach and back!

Sherwin Jablan

see many big monitor lizards there.m0nkeys stealing ur f0od.i miss those fresh inihaw fish on sabang beach w/ tamilok vendor on d side.

Marivic Rosales

nakarating na ako dito.maganda ang puerto it so much!


[…] A Playful Day at Sabang Beach […]

Steve Young

I visited Sabang beach with my wife recently and was horrified just how badly many Filipinos treat the area. We saw groups of kids and adults from Manila simply throwing their trash onto the sand with disregard for other travelers and especially the wild life I spent more time picking up their crap than swimming in the (bag filled) sea. As a whole I am disgusted how Filipinos in general treat beautiful natural areas.


may i know please of a travel service agent with a reasonable price? can you please tell me how to contact?

margie zwanenburg- vivas

first time to visit your website. very informative and Like to re-visit Puerto and St. Paul agin after 15 yrs. Would like to have your advise about the travel agency who arrange your travel to Sabang. Thanks and have a lovely day

Ralph Gubz

How much do i spend for the underground river tour? Thanks :)

Oticnomyer Ortsac A. Abundo

Fine white sand… Ganda din ng sabang beach.. Beaches. It’s more fun in the Philippines..

genny polido

aside from bacolod this is the second place i went out of town.. c/o our company pa..hehehe..libre lahat.. saya kaya dito.. hmmm.. checking flights for pp now.. hehehe..


planning to go in pps in July. I want to know for far it reallt is from the puerto princesa city proper to sabang? im planning to stay at daluyon resort since i cant find any good resort in the city proper that will make out stay (plus the travel later for all the tours incl ppur and honday bay worth while) altho i might be wrong. so i need help with 4star accommodation and really just the basic knowledge on far far it is from the city to the wharf to do the honday bay tour and the ppur tour. thanks a bunch!

The Poor Traveler

I think it’s a bit over 2 hours if i remember it right. :)