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Ask anyone in Puerto Princesa about the best restaurant in the city and there’s a big chance he or she will point you to Ka Lui.

KaLui is probably the most famous Pinoy restaurant in Puerto Princesa City. It is just 10 minutes from the airport. And lucky us, we just had to walk going there from Casa Linda, where we were staying. The place has that homey feel and very Pinoy since the building and the furniture inside is made of wood. The interior is adorned by artwork pieces — wooden sculptures, ceramic pieces, batik fabric — mostly with fish as their subject. It feels like it’s owned by an art-loving traveler.

What sets this restaurant apart is the excellent customer service. Even before you enter the place, you will be greeted by the staff.

Bear in mind that you HAVE to make a reservation before going to the place, especially in summer. They seldom have vacant tables and that tells you just how popular this resto is. If you fail to make a reservation, you can try and still go to the place and hope that there’s a free table but that would be a big risk. Best to just call them ahead of time.

You will be asked to leave your footwear at the doorstep, where a slipper locker is located.

When we got to our table, we asked the waiter assisting us what their specialty was and the waiter recommended to try their set meal which was good for two (P395). It included clam soup, rice, prawns, veggies, and squid. Because there were only 2 cups of rice and there were four of us, we ordered 2 more cups. We also wanted to try their stingray in coco cream (P150). We also offered buko juice for all of us at P40 each.

Here are some photos by my friend Astrid Alvarez.

Inside Ka Lui Restaurant
Fruit decorations. They’re real fruits, by the way.
After asking the server whether it was endangered or not and he said not, we ordered a serving of Stingray in coco cream. We just wanted to try it but we left it almost untouched. I guess we were not used to eating stingray and we were still a bit weirded out by it.
Squid. Nothing special.
We had no idea what these veggies were but they tasted really good.
Buko juice. Interesting because they just drilled two holes through it.
Prawns are just so-so.

Ka Lui also gives a generous complimentary serving of mixed fruits with mascobado sugar.

We spent a bit over P900 for the dinner including the VAT. But since we were a group of 4, we shelled out around P250 individually.

Honestly, there really isn’t anything spectacular about the taste of the food they serve. But it was still an experience we would never forget. I guess it was the service and the ambiance that make this place special.

How to get here: Ka Lui is just a trike ride away if your hotel is in the city center. It is along Rizal Avenue where most restaurants are located.


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Yosh Dimen
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Marian Angelica Liwanag Coronado

The place where I ate the best seafood sisig !!

Edison Ruiz

Yes we did with our college friends and my girlfriend. Sobrang ganda!!!

Veronica Ramos Pangilinan

Was not happy with their sinigang… sinigang for me should be sour… if it’s sweet, it could be binakol but should never be called as sinigang. But their seafood sisig is good.

Jhoanna Marie Enriquez

was not happy with their sinigang too… nice place but i think too costly for the kind of taste that they have… i like kinabuch better.

Janice Lumawag

i was already experienced the Ka Lui cuisine when I went in Puerto last year… the food and place was really amzing..

Jimmy Garduno

like the food & the experience

Cris John Garcia

kalui’s fruit delight is so teasing and tastefull

Rachele Ranet

will try this resto when we go to Puerto Princesa a week from now..cant wait!

Amy Cotas Evangelista Baynosa

I enjoyed our dinner at Bilao’t Palayok. I reckon Ka Lui’s overated.

MsJuly Macato

it was a great experience having dinner in a barefoot. Nice ambiance though. Food mostly has a lot of garlic and i dnt lyk much that one.

Mean Guinto

Me and my hubby enjoyed eating at kaLui and so mura pa ng fud:))

Annafe Guillen Perino

My family and I ate here last December, the food and ambiance is great, and it is not expensive! You have to do reservations because it’s always full! Guaranteed value for money.

Josephine Guiang

I already tried nice foods,any new resto?visit pto by next week?thanks


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you should have tried their seafood sisig! soo yummy. and yeah i agree, the rest of the food we ordered were just so-so. it’s really the ambiance that made the ka lui experience extra special.


It looks like this place worth a visit.


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[…] eating sea urchin at Virgin Island in Bohol didn’t interest me. And why I barely touched the stingray served at KaLui restaurant. My tastebuds aren’t bold enough. My tastebuds don’t like anything they are not used […]


nice ambiance…we were there before 6PM and people were already flooding in. fyi, they were still closed that time. the food was just so-so but the ambiance more than made up for it


no question about food and ambiance… there were too many mosquitoes!


just been there last week and we enjoyed the food they served with a special twist at the end that the waiter purposely served for all four girls.nice restaurant.really reservation is a must.delicious seafood sisig and the cost is quite reasonable.nice for them to offer calamansi juice with ginger given my flu at that time…