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2011 • 5 • 23

Before this Davao City tour, I had never tried any zip line. I guess I was chicken like that. After all, I am the Poor Traveler, not the Brave Traveler.

But since Zip City is part of Airphil Express Davao Highland Adventure and since we were already there, it would really be a shame to not push through with it. So I mustered all the courage I had and gasped, “Suck it up and just do it.”

Located at Hilltop, Barangay Langub, Davao City, ZIP CITY offers a nice view of Davao Gulf and Mt. Apo. Their zip line is considerably shorter than others, which makes it perfect for younger thrill-seekers and first-timers.

After a few minutes of gearing up, the first five from the group climbed the tower and once we were there, the first thing we noticed was that the view was fantastic. Davao Gulf and Mount Apo were lovelier from the top of the Zip City tower.

But of course, that awesome feeling went away easily when I realized I was next.

It seemed like “Oh My God” was on loop in my head as the staff was busy making sure I was completely ready for it. And when they let go, it began. Despite my fear, I made sure I was holding my camera and put it on video mode so I could document the experience. It was really scary at first but after a few seconds, the fear was replaced by, ah, I dunno. It was FUUUUUN!!!

Final check before flying! Photo by Boom Boncan.
Final check before flying! Photo by Boom Boncan.
Zooooom! Photo by Boom Boncan.
Zooooom! Photo by Boom Boncan.
My friend Andre, ready to go. Photo by Boom Boncan.
My friend Andre, ready to go. Photo by Boom Boncan.

When it was over, I was actually pretty disappointed. I wanted more. Lol. I wanted to do it again but I didn’t want to fall in line again so I easily dismissed the idea. I guess it was really meant for first-timers like me. One day, I’ll try a much longer zip line!

Oh, by the way, “ZIP CITY is using the standard equipments approved by UIAA (Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme) International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.” That’s according to their website. :D

More Tips on YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Yosh Dimen
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Angeli Festin

my friends did…they had fun and we had fun watching them. I got scared that’s why I didn’t even try. Maybe next time!


u should..:)

The Poor Traveler

You should’ve tried it! It was fun. Medyo maigsi nga lang. lol

Joan Cabagunay

yes i was there b4 @ Mt.apo so very exciting place nd adventorous moment just in my dream hahahahaha!!!!but really im cme from davao so i love those beautiful places for adventures nd some beaches also..Mabuhay ang taga Davao

Helenita Legaspi

there are 2 ziplines here in davao~~~ Outland Adventure in diversion road, ma-a.. the other one is located at Hilltop where they have night zip. The very first zipline is in kapatagan, davao del sur, this is near Mt.apo… just recently the Yellow gate located in Buda. Itong sa kapatagan, sila din ung zipline sa tagaytay–magkapatid.

Brian Dela Masa

The zip line needs more zip.

King Mark Alan

princess gwapa and i have not tried this one yet … last week we went to lake sebu to try the zip line there but it was closed for some strange reason

Minchu Ramos

have tried to zip at camp sabros kapatagan davao del sur,very fast..first zipline in davao..

Hazel Anne Adonis

I did! 1st zipline xperience ever q s zip city! Ung pagpanik s stairs scary kc mahangin! But d view was majestic! It was a very fulfilling experience! Jump at ur own risk nd take ur tym dun.. Very acc0m0dating din mga staff.. Then nglunch s denci0s after kc c0nsumable ung 100php dun s 300php n byad! A perfect treat after all the butterfly in ur st0mach has flew out of u! Hahaha! Ü

Hazel Anne Adonis

I remember may aratilis tree din dun..We pick s0me nd ate s0me b4 we g0 ziplining.. Hahaha! =p

Cher Gaurino

yap. i tried the zipline in outland adventure, and it was so exhilarating and there’s also in eden garden at toril. it was my first zipline experienced..

Hazel Lyn

My dad,a 70 yrs of age tried it!’s awesome!


nice post! i am a poor traveler too. =) and u’re right you don’t have to be filthy rich to go places. =)


There’s a zipline in outland adventure, davao. It’s a little more than 1km :)) Fun, scary when you’re about to be let go but it becomes better after a second or two :))