Traveling to Davao soon? Make sure you have all the required travel and health documents, so you won’t encounter any trouble on your journey.

Philippines AirAsia and Philippine Airlines released advisories summarizing the requirements for passengers flying to Davao International Airport (DVO). This is in compliance with the regulations of the civil aviation authorities and the local government of Davao.

Below is AirAsia’s infographic, published on their official Facebook page.

Requirements when Traveling to Davao

  • RT-PCR swab test with negative result. The test must be done within 48 hours from date of departure. You won’t be allowed to board without this as it is required by the Davao City local government. It takes effect on July 20, 2020.
  • Travel authority from the Joint Task Force COVID Shield (JTF-CV) of the Philippine National Police (PNP).
  • City or CAAP Locator Form. You can find it at the check-in counter at the airport.

Procedure Upon Arrival in Davao

Here’s what to expect when you arrive at Davao Airport:

  • Your body temperature will be checked.
  • Your accomplished locator form will be collected.
  • RT-PCR test result screening by City Health Office.

Passengers without RT-PCR test result will be tested upon arrival.

On top of these, we highly encourage that you contact the local government of Davao, your final destination and your origin to check for additional requirements or changes in the policies. These are extraordinary times, and regulations can change fast.

You should also check the inbox of the email address you used to book your flight regularly. Airlines will be sending you updates on your flight and/or changes in the requirements.

Important Reminders

  • Before your flight, contact the local government of your origin and destination to check for possible additional requirements or updates in policy. We mentioned it before, but this is very important so we just have to reiterate.
  • Passengers are required to wear face mask at all times when at the airport or inside the aircraft.
  • For more information about traveling with AirAsia, visit their FAQs page: AirAsia Frequently Asked Questions!

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Yoshke Dimen
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Ana Arriola

Hi why is that necessary that the swab test must be done within 48hrs or 2days? usually swab test done 3-5 days.. How about the LSI? it’s kinda difficult for me.. please reply thanks I am an Lsi and not an OFW

Nichol Vince Jason Martinez

I have a friend that wants to go home in davao, but the problem is she doesn’t have the financial to get a swab test, is it okay if it’s a rapid test?
She’s in Cebu right now


My husband will come home this coming December since he didn’t make it last June and he is an American working under American Government that’s based in Bahrain,what are the requirements so he can get through the airport? He won’t gonna stay in Davao since our home is here in Digos City and a hired driver will just gonna pick him up at the airport. I hope I can get an answer from you sooner. Thank you!

Jaybee Jungco

what is the latest travel requirements of Davao Airport if i will travel from Davao- Manila?


Greetings from Canada! 

My wife and I will be travelling soon to Manila. We will wait for negative swab test results then she plans to use the results from the test to travel Domestic to Davao within the 48 hour limit.

Her 8 year old son from Bansalan has just received his CoPR (Condition of Permanent Residence) in Canada.

Is it possible for her to come into the city, get her son (who will be waiting outside the airport with family) and leave within 24 hours without having to isolate in Davao City for 14 days?



is it free?? the swab test in davao???