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Last updated: 15 August 2020. For the latest guidelines and protocol, visit PAL’s official website.

Philippine Airlines has released an image album enumerating the additional health and safety measures that it has been implementing to protect passengers and the crew alike.

Earlier this June, the country’s flag carrier resumed operations of selected domestic and international routes for essential and business purposes, as Metro Manila and much of the Philippines have been put under a more relaxed General Community Quarantine (GCQ).

If you’re flying with Philippine Airlines soon, it is important that you are familiar with the new guidelines that have to be observed at the airport and inside the aircraft. Here’s what to expect!

UPDATE: Effective 15 August 2020, wearing a face shield (together with a face mask) is mandatory. The face shield must be clear and with a snug fit, covering the entire face.

When Booking Flights

  • Thermal scans are done at ticket offices.
  • Social distancing is implemented.
  • Transparent barriers are set up at the counters.
  • Philippine Airlines staff wear face masks.
  • “No mask no entry” policy for all visitors.

Before the Flight

  • Face mask is required for all flights. You must bring surgical, ear-loop or DIY masks, except when flying to or from cities that allow only surgical masks.
  • Only small personal items up to 7kg allowed for carry-on.
  • Please bring your own sanitizers and onboard travel essentials. You may carry on sanitizers, with maximum content of 70% alcohol, up to 10 pieces in 100mL containers as carry-on.
  • Online check-in is encouraged. You can do this on the PAL website before your flight.
  • Please arrive early at the airport.
    – 4 hours prior departure from Manila (International flights)
    – 3 hours prior to departure from Manila (Domestic) and other airports

Upon Airport Check-In

  • Thermal scans are done at airport entrances.
  • Social distancing at check-in counter area.
  • Sanitizers are available at the check-in area.
  • PAL staff members are wearing masks and gloves.
  • Roaming airport staff monitors and ensures that everyone observe social distancing.

At the Mabuhay Lounge

  • Sanitizing floor mat is installed at the entrance to the lounge.
  • Social distancing is imposed at lounge seating areas.
  • Sanitizers are available around the lounge.
  • Staff members are wearing protection gear.
  • Meals are served in sealed packaging.
  • Beverage is served on demand.

Pre-Departure and Boarding

  • Social distancing at boarding gates and onboard shuttles.
  • Sanitizers are available.
  • PAL staff members are wearing masks and gloves.
  • Roaming airport staff to monitor social distancing compliance.
  • Sanitizing floor mat is placed before the aircraft door (at key airports).

Inside the Cabin & During the Flight

  • Before the flight, rigorous cabin cleaning and disinfection are done.
  • Cabin crew are in full Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Simplified meal or snack is served.
  • HEPA Filters and fresh cabin air to protect against viruses

Arrival at the Airport

  • Face masks are required for all passengers.
  • Sanitizing floor mat is set up upon deplaning (at key airports).
  • Health locator forms and other government-required documents are given to all passengers. These vary from country to country.
  • Sanitizers are available.
  • Baggage pushcart handles are disinfected periodically.
  • Roaming airports staff monitors and enforces social distancing.

Updated Log

2020 May 12 – PAL increased the handcarry allowance from 2kg back to 7kg.

2020 June 27 – Updated the tenses to match the current time.

2020 August 15 – Added mandatory face shield requirement.

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Beverly Evangelista

Just want to ask if there is a flight from General Santos to Clark Pampangga?
We will just wait after May 15 for the rebooking or Reroute flight?

Earl Mark Tan

PAL make sure first about your flight status on May 16. You are just making excuses for so many reasons about all your flight cancellations. What you did to all your passengers from March 26 to May 15, 2020 will take effect once you resume flying. Please bear in mind that your passengers will remember what things you have and you had done for the last two months. PAL should now carefully consider the negatives effects of totally cancelling your international flights. Lastly, you did not listen to your passengers comments and requests. Rather, you made special and repatriation flights which are damn expensive and economically impractical.

Alejandro Villanueva

Are returning non-OFW Filipinos be quarantined in quarantine areas designated by the government? Or are the allowed to go home to their respective residence and self-quarantine for 14 days?


I wish to know also as we are travelling to Philippines in June

Rogelio v peralta

Did not mention what to do before and after using toilet specially inside the planes toilet.

Juan de la Cruz

How will protocols be followed inside the cabin regarding social distancing?


Please help stranded senior citizens on daily medication go home to their country. We are running low on medications. Our flight was already cancelled twice. This is putting us in a very critical condition.

PAL, please have a heart.


We are planning a trip to Cebu in beginning of November. My partner is a PH-citizen but I am not. What are the possibilities that the requirements and quarantine restrictions has eased a little by Novemeber?. Or should we just assume Cebu will not allow international flights even in November and just postpone our vacation?

Alfredo D. De la Pena

We have flight to Toronto, Canada on July 22,2020.




Please enumerate also if the kids below 6yrs old are required swabtest? Thank you