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2020 • 7 • 23

A more updated Manila Airport Arrival Process can be found here:
For Returning Filipinos (OFWs & non-OFWs)
For Eligible Foreigners

Starting 27 July 2020, the Manila International Airport Authority will be implementing a new process for passengers of international flights arriving at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Philippine Airlines, the country’s flag carrier, has created a detailed step-by-step guide to help you prepare and breeze through the process. These new measures are part of the efforts to manage the COVID-19 pandemic at key gateways in the country. If you’re arriving in Cebu instead, we have a separate guide for that here: CEBU AIRPORT ARRIVAL PROCESS!

In PAL’s guide, you’ll find two main classifications of passengers:

  • OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers). In this post, families with at least one OFW traveling with them are considered all OFWs.
  • ROFs (Returning Overseas Filipinos) and non-OFWs, including spouses and children of Filipinos. This also applies to eligible foreign nationals and foreign diplomats.

If you’re flying with PAL to Manila, here’s how to prepare for your flight and what you should expect upon arrival.

1. Before your flight, pre-register online for a COVID-19 swab test.

As early as three days before your departure date, accomplish the Electronic Case Investigation Form (e-CIF). You’ll find the form via these links:

You will be sent a confirmation email and a QR code. Save them because you’ll be using them later on.

2. Register with OASIS or book a hotel.

Depending on whether or not you’re an OFW, this step varies.

  • For land-based OFWs, you need to register with the OFW Assistance Information System (OASIS) of OWWA.
  • For ROFs / non-OFWs, book a room at a hotel accredited by the Department of Health. You can find the list of accredited hotels that are compiled by the Bureau of Quarantine (DOH-BOQ) here: DOH-Inspected Hotels for Quarantine!

Any accredited hotel on the list of DOH-BOQ is allowed. But PAL also created its own list of preferred hotels for that they were able to partner with to get special rates and concessions. You can find the list here.

3. At the airport, sign the Declaration and Waiver Form.

Accomplish and sign the Declaration and Waiver Form, indicating that you are fit to travel, which will be provided by the staff at the check-in counter.

Make sure you also have other documents that are required by both the national government and the local government of your destination. These may change over time so contact the LGU first to make sure you’re updated.

4. Fill out the Electronic Health Locator Form and Arrival Card.

Once you have checked in, it’s time to complete the Electronic Health Locator Form and Arrival Card.

I have tried looking for these forms on the website of the Bureau of Immigration, but I can’t find it so I can’t link to it. But if your phone has a QR scanner, best to just scan the QR code on the image above. You can also download a QR scanner app.

Filling out the Electronic Health Locator Form will generate another QR code, which will be sent to your email. Save this QR code because you will use this code when you arrive in Manila. (This is the second important QR code you need to keep!)

5. Upon arrival, fill out more forms and listen to the briefing.

After deplaning, you need to clear temperature check or thermal scanning. Then, head over to the assigned waiting area where you need to complete these forms:

  • For OFWs, fill out the OWWA Project Care Slip.
  • For ROFs / non-OFWs, fill out the Affidavit of Undertaking.

You will be submitting it later in the process (after the Immigration check).

There will be a short briefing conducted by a personnel from the Philippine Coast Guard.

6. Take the COVID-19 RT-PCR swab test.

After the briefing, head to the verification and barcoding booth. Here, present the first QR code that was sent to you when you pre-registered online (before your flight).

  • For OFWs: They will give you 6 barcode stickers at the barcoding booth. Then walk to the swab test booth, submit 5 stickers to the tester, and get tested. One of the stickers will be affixed to the back of your passport.
  • For ROFs / non-OFWs: Pay for the COVID-19 RT-PCR swab test, which costs P4500. Once paid, you’ll be handed 3 barcode stickers. Walk over to the swab test booth and give all 3 stickers to the tester, who will then conduct the test. Once done, one sticker will be handed back to you, which will be affixed on the back of your passport.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you may approach any of the help desks. If your phone battery goes empty, you may use any of the charging stations so you would be able to present your QR code.

7. Clear immigration check.

Remember the second QR code you saved? The one that was sent to your email when you accomplished the Electronic Health Locator Form before your flight?

Present that QR code at the Immigration.

8. At the Arrival Hall, approach your respective desks.

After going through Immigration check, proceed to your respective desks:

  • Land-based OFWs: Approach the OWWA Desk (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration) for your quarantine hotel assignment. Show them the QR code again and hand over the Project Care Slip that you filled out earlier.
  • Sea-based OFWs: Approach to the MARINA Desk (Maritime Industry Authority) for your quarantine hotel assignment.
  • ROFs / non-OFWs: Approach to the hotel verification desk, where staff will verify your accommodation booking. Present your Affidavit of Undertaking and make sure that they stamp or sign it.

It’s also possible to arrange your hotel transfer here.

9. Pick up your baggage and clear Customs check.

  1. Proceed to your designated carousel to claim your baggage.
  2. Go through Customs inspection.

For ROFs or non-OFWs, make sure you submit the Affidavit of Undertaking before leaving the terminal.

10. Transfer to your hotel.

  • OFWs: Wait for your shuttle or bus service outside the terminal. This will take you to the hotel assigned to you.
  • ROFs / non-OFWs: Make your way to the hotel you booked.

11. At the hotel, wait for the result of your swab test.

  1. Upon Arrival at the hotel, check in. Note that hotels have their own safety measures that you need to follow. You may need to step on sanitizing mats or have your temperature taken too.
  2. Wait for the result of your COVID-19 swab test. How long it takes varies. But usually, results are released after 3-5 days for OFWs or 24-48 hours for ROFs / non-OFWs.
  3. If the test is positive, the BOQ will transfer you to a hospital. If negative, you can secure a copy of a medical certificate via the BOQ quarantine certificate website.

For OFWs, your accommodation and food will be shouldered by the government.
For ROFs / non-OFWs, you should pay for all your accommodation, meal expenses and extensions (if applicable).

12. Proceed to your destination.

If your result is negative, you may now go home.

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Yosh Dimen
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Kadami namang requirements yan. Uuwi ka na nga lang sa sarili mong bansa, papahirapan ka pa. Samantalang yong mga tao jan sa pilipinas d nyo naman kayang disiplinahin. Ok na ako dito, kahit dko masilayan ang sarili kong bansa.


Ubos pera mo sa hotel quarantine lol di mo pa nakita family mo kasi na stock kana sa hotel walang hiya

Tzedek Ben Israel

Correct ka. Why complicate matters diba?. . Quarantine is good but it should be for the sick only and not to the well, strong and healthy.


Hello, Sir! Ask ko lang po kung ano ang magiging process ngayong pandemic kapag domestic flight? Cagayan de Oro to Manila po?


Paano po ang mga uuwing d pinalad magka work kagaya ko po…? OFW din po ako pero nagpunta lang ako adito sa Dubai para maghanap ulit ng work after matapos contract ko sa HK…saan po ako kukuha ng gagastusin ko sa swab test na yan, d nga po ako nakapagwork?saan at kanino po kaya puedeng makahingi ng tulong, d lang siguro ako ang may ganitong sitwasyon?


Paano kapag 2 years old, iswab pa din ba?


Na terminate ako at kailangan kong umuwi ng pinas dahil ubos na ang pera ko. Di ako nakapag register sa owwa gawa ng 4 months pa lng ako nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa, 1st time ko. Tapos magbabayad ako ng swab test at hotel? So what if wala akong pambayad? Anong mangyayari?


Na terminate ako at kailangan kong umuwi ng pinas dahil ubos na ang pera ko. Di ako nakapag register sa owwa gawa ng 4 months pa lng ako nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa, 1st time ko. Tapos magbabayad ako ng swab test at hotel? So what if wala akong pambayad? Anong mangyayari?

Ben G

You posted a list of accredited hotels from DOH a month ago. Does that mean those hotels are no longer valid for 2 day quarantine?

Zita Batt

A bit too much

Josephine Forte

For non-OFWs: – is this only applicable for PAL flights?
How come no option to select Singapore? I am flying on back to Manila from Singapore on the 9th August and want to ensure to fill out all required forms to avoid hassle…


Senior citizens kami at me philhealth coverage magbabayad pa din ba kami ng swab test?


Di ko pa nga nakukuha refund ko from a flight booking site. I spent another booking cause gusto ko na makauwi. I’m a stranded tourist and now so low of budget. Disappointed with all the expenses i have to face..


Cannot access the BOI Electronic Health Locator Form and Arrival Card website mentioned in this article. Is there another weblink for this? Or what are the other options to do this?


good day po!! ask ko lang po if saan category magFall ang STUDENT VISA (from Australia) OFW or ROF?


Tanong ko lang po, after mo mag swab test, then negative ang results, need pa din ba talaga mag self quarantine for 14 days? Uuwi po ako sa pilipinas to see my family, pero for short period of time nga lang, so kung mag seself quarantine ako, masasayang lang vacation ko kasi 2 weeks lang vacation ko sa Pilipinas. Kaylangan pa ba talaga gawin yun?


May bayad ba senior citizen para sa swab test? Sabe ng iba free kasi basta senior at philhealth member


What about non-PAL travelers?


Hello po yong flight number po wala don yong qatar airways choices what to do po?


Brazilian here. Agency said I wont have any issues to enter the country, as long as I have proof of the departure ticket plane+14days booked in one of the accredited hotels, but Im not sure anymore after reading your blog. Do you have any information for foreigners vacation traveling?


Hello po! Do you have an idea gaano katagal kaya itong process na ito upon arrival? From deplaning hanggang pwede nang mag-exit sa airport for quarantine? Will it take an hour po kaya?


As an OFW, do we have the option to pay for the private laboratory test which has faster result and at the same time avail for the free hotel provided by OWWA?

EJ Labis

Would this process be the same as other airlines?