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Published: 26 June 2020. For the latest protocol and other updates, visit the official PAL website.

Philippine Airlines has recently published an album enumerating the guidelines that international passengers must follow before flying. This covers international travelers departing from and arriving in the Philippines.

The list is in addition to the previously announced health and safety measures implemented at the airport and inside the aircraft to protect passengers and the crew alike.

The country’s flag carrier resumed international operations this June and continues to serve passengers who are traveling for essential and business purposes. As of this writing, travel for leisure remains prohibited.

International Arrivals in the Philippines

Allowed inbound passengers:

  • Filipino nationals and their spouses and children
  • Diplomats and other officials accredited in the Philippines

This is the new arrival process.

  1. Before your flight, reserve a room at a hotel accredited by the Department of Health (DOH) for your quarantine stay. You need to make and present a confirmed booking. That’s 3 to 5 days for Manila or 1 to 2 days for Cebu. Hotel stay and other expenses must be shouldered by the passenger.
  2. Take the mandatory COVID-19 test upon arrival in the Philippines. Test fees must be shouldered by the traveler, unless the passenger is an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker).
  3. After the test, proceed to the hotel that you reserved. You should stay in the room you booked until the result of your COVID-19 test is released.

For a list of DOH-accredited hotels for quarantine, visit the following:
DOH-inspected hotels in Manila
DOH-inspected hotels in Cebu

International Departures from the Philippines

Allowed outbound passengers:

  • Non-Filipino citizens
  • Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)
  • Students enrolled abroad
  • Participants of exchange programs
  • Permanent residents outside the Philippines

Passengers must bring a valid passport and other documents to prove eligibility for travel. These documents vary depending on your origin and destination, so get in touch with the local government to check for any other requirements or rules that they may have.

Find out and comply with the travel requirements of the country of destination. Different countries have different rules. It is your responsibility to know and follow them.

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Yosh Dimen
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Nylie Grapeza

How about foreign? Me and my fiancee stranded in Thailand for 4 months hoping get back to Philippines sooner really need to go home because I’m 4 months pregnant.


Read up there is a part on the blog about that.


what if you have a connecting flight?

John Gustav Guinto

what if you have a connecting flight?

MONA Calderon

Can husband and wife travellers stay in 1 hotel room to quarantine while awaiting for the test results?


If we would be travelling for vacation, me and my fiance, can we stay in a same room?

Thank you,

Arnel Dela Pena

What about seaman?

Aldren Bandojo

What if i came from kuwait going back to Philippines and my province is in Bacolod. Do i need to stay in manila or in Cebu?

Crescencio Orilla

Can my Philhealth covers my Covid testing upon arrival? I’m travelling fr US to the Phils. Said trip was cancelled last April due to COVID. Thank you

Bautista Amador Jr

how much the cost of covid test in the airport?and how to get a reservation in hotel even where here in abroad?

Mevania Coretana

Please reply we need to know as balikbayan, we are the one who is going to pay all the expenses like hotel, food and swabbing. After the results do we still have to be quarantined at home. I’m 72 and senior. Being a senior what are the requirements?

Terry Farq

Just pay for flight, they will cancel
Stupid if you fly with them

Aziram joy cariaga

What if connecting flight? Dxb to laoag? Thanks

Cherrylyn C. Arai

How about the domestic flight on July,,please post the new guidelines


How much is the covid 19 test fee???


4,500 pesos for non OFW n balikbayan , free for OFW

Lily Thelma C. Poliquit

I arrived Philippines from Las Vegas January 11,2020 . I cancelled my return flight scheduled May 21,2020 due to this pandemic . I ‘ m stranded here in Cebu . Just wanna know if there are available flights from Cebu to Las Vegas . Please help …..

Choza Salinda

Participants of Exchange Visitor Program are now allowed to travel outbound?Is this legit ?

Gary Cansnay

Some accredited hotels in Cubao are just 5 minutes away from our **house/condo.

Can we just stay in our **house?

**Note : the house is empty. The house is locked and nobody leaves there. The house is only use when we’re on vacation.

Gian Reyes

Hotel stay quarantine is to 3-5 days only?
How fast we get the covid test result?
After 5 stays we can leave with or without the test result?

Jeana Liu

As a Taiwanese Citizen, Is there a need to prepare medical certificate and authority to travel from Mandaue to fly from Mactan International Airport to Taipei via Manila? (Mactan International Airport to NAIA T2 then NAI T2 to NAIA T1) Thank you!

Benny Gonfacio

Where’s the link for the official announcement? Please verify.

Jose Nunez

What’s the tulong if you’re a Filipino; but, holding a US passport?

Jose Nunez

I meant what is the ruling for Filipinos holding US passport?

Paulie Grldo

Hi. I’m ofw but my hubby is not. Pauwi kami sa August with my family. Kailangan ko bang mag booked ng hotel for us or owwa will decide kung saan kami dadalin? Please answer.

Curleighn joy Carlos

What the help po kasi po akp Family visa lang na na stuck dito sa Qatar at wala po along sapat na pera para sa expenses ko? Paano po yung gagawin ko?

Reginald Surratt

Hi, I rent a house in the Deca Clark Residences, in thePhilippines, I’ve rented it since Nov 2016. My fiancé is currently in the house, I flew back to the USA in February to see my mother, and haven’t been able to return. How can I get back to the Philippines. I have a copy of my rental agreement.

Joel Malang


Mariln del Castillo

An immigrant friend will be arriving soon , as part of swabing reqs how many days he needs to wait for the results to come out considering he just have 1 month vacation in here.


If im tested positive but have no symptoms where do I go and can I just stay at the credited hotels until Im tested negative ??


Hi! Your page has been so helpful. It wasn’t mentioned or I may have missed it, but how does a non-ofw get transportation from the airport to the isolation facility? If for example I prebooked to a hotel will there be transpo that the government provide or do I have to book one and how? Thanks. All the best!

Roberto Zel

Hi, I m travelling to Albania, my only question is, do I need the RT-CPR test to leave the country? It has to be that one?
Without that one it’s not possible to leave the country? Can it be the antigen swap test that is valid for 72 hrs?
Thank you!