Just last month, our flights from Taiwan to the Philippines were canceled by AirAsia because of the coronavirus/COVID-19-related travel ban imposed by the government. We were given options and we chose a full refund.

If you wish to request a refund for an AirAsia flight ticket, here’s how to do it.

Who can get a refund?

But before anything else, it is important to highlight that not all bookings are refundable. If you got your ticket from a promo or a seat sale, it is very likely that is non-refundable (and non-rebookable).

However, there are instances when you will be able to get a refund. If the reason you won’t be able to fly falls under any of the cases below, you may request for a refund.

  1. Flight cancellation, when AirAsia cancels your flight
  2. Flight rescheduling, when AirAsia moves your flight with at least a 3-hour difference
  3. Double payment, when you are charged twice for the same booking (with the same booking number)
  4. Duplicate booking, when you booked twice the same flight (with the same flight number, guests, and travel dates)
  5. Medical cases, wherein you are unfit to travel due to serious injury, serious illness, or pregnancy of more than 35 weeks.
  6. Death of a guest or immediate family member of the guest.

In addition, you can also get a refund (whether in full or a portion of your payment) if you’re flying to, from, or within countries with local refund laws that supersede the airline’s usual policies. Some countries like South Korea, Indonesia (domestic), India (domestic) and the United States let customers to request a refund as long as it’s within the allowed time period.

In this post, we’ll focus on the first four items above (1-4) because these are what we have personally experienced before.

How to request a refund online

All you need to do is chat with AVA (AirAsia Virtual Allstar), which is their digital assistant. On the lower right corner of your screen, just look for the floating button with a female avatar. On desktop, you can see AVA right away. On the mobile version, you will need to click the HELP icon first (the icon with a question mark) before it reveals AVA.

Based on experience, AVA makes the transaction much easier. Just follow her every step of the way. Here’s how.

  1. Visit www.airasia.com.
  2. Tap on the floating AVA button on the lower right corner of your screen.
  3. A chat box will appear. AVA will greet you and present a menu. Ignore it. Instead, type REFUND.
  4. On the next menu, choose AIRASIA NEW REFUND REQUEST. A new menu will appear.
  6. Read the reminders that AVA will share. You’ll be asked if you would like to proceed. Choose YES if everything looks good for you.
  7. Enter the booking code. It’s the code with 6 letters. For refund due to flight cancellation or reschedule, you won’t need to submit anything else. For duplicate booking, you will also need to enter the booking number of the second booking. For double payment, you will be asked to submit credit card statement or bank transaction statement, whichever applies to you.
  8. Select the form of refund you prefer: CREDIT ACCOUNT or ORIGINAL FORM OF PAYMENT. I always choose the original form of payment.
  9. Follow AVA’s next instructions. You may be asked your contact information and other details.

That’s about it! Easy, right?

The fare, surcharges, taxes, and terminal fees will be refunded to you. If you booked using a credit card, the refunded amount may take days to weeks to reflect on your bill, as it depends on a lot of factors.

How to refund airport tax or terminal fee

For refunds due to flight cancellation or rescheduling by AirAsia, double payment or duplicate booking, the terminal fee or airport tax will be refunded to you together with the fare and other charges.

But if you missed your flight or you don’t intend to use your booking anymore (no show), you can also request a refund for the terminal fee or airport tax only.

With AirAsia, airport tax refund can only be filed within 6 months after the supposed departure date or one year from the booking date. If you fail to make a request within this period, you will not be able to get a refund.

We have a separate post for it here: HOW TO GET A TERMINAL FEE REFUND

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Yoshke Dimen


  1. JP says:

    Hi! my roundtrip flight was rescheduled, pwede kayang i- refund yung isang flight lang? thanks in adv.!

  2. Saturnino A. Digal, Jr says:

    Hi, my flight is on march 23 etd 00:30 mnl -dvo. . Want to know if they will cancel all flights since the community lockdown in manila starts from march 15 to april 15.. Is there any chances to rebook since i avail a promo ticket? I need to know ASAP. Will appreciate your reply. Tnx.

  3. 1234 says:

    You rebook your flight wihout additional charges. My flight was cancel also.

  4. Crizalda anog says:

    Hi, i already requested the full refund last month. how many days before i get the refund? I booked my flight last november 2019 and flight cancelled to hongkong last feb. 2020

    • Dartz says:

      Hi! How long before you will get the full refund? I have been checking my case and the status is just IN PROGRESS. I submitted my request last March 3,2020. Thanks!

  5. Jack says:

    Horrible. Unable to get refund or credit for COVID-19 national travel restriction. Wastes time in providing details to end up with a generic “Bummer! Your session has expired, please type in “Main Menu” to try again” message. Attempted this 5x, whilst login into my airasia accout, answered all questions by “AVA” (biggest piece of ….) within 2mins and still get this Bummer message. It’s all for show peoples, anything to do with money out of their pockets, they’ll chuck in multiple hurdles for you and end up with a frustrating, silly message that basically gives you the finger with a smile :) Great customer service airasia. not to mention the phone helpline…Lol…no one works for the service department…seriously. I shall end my rant here.. really disappointed and felt cheated.

  6. MAAN SINGH says:


  7. Rose Marie Delda says:

    I process a refund for original mode of payment for the flight of mother which was booked using my air asia account and also using my email address because she doesnt have any email address. To make it sure i put my self as emergency contact person. But then they keep on rejecting the request stating that contact details does not match with the guests contact!!
    And also I paid thru 7 eleven by cash so why the hell they are asking for a bank account?? Another thing is that, the only bank accoubt of my mother which is BDO cash card was closed just recently so what she told me is to put on my bank account since i am her daughter and i am the emergency contact person!!

    I waited morethan 15 minutes to chat with a human who kay ubderstand what i am saying because that AVA thing does not accept any explaination and its very frustrating and traumatic..

    I must say AIR ASIA is the worst airline!! I will never book any flight with them anymore. My account with them is just useless!!

    I tried to contact them with their available email addressess but none of them were able to sent since it says email address not found!!

  8. Janette Ibalan says:

    This is too stressful. Times like this, i wish i had booked through Cebpac instead. Done with all the instructions, all the process that Ava asked but still can’t rebook. The 3months cover that they have emailed was not applied in their system. Also, if you wish to go to live chat, you’ll be waiting forever. I just tried 4hrs yesterday. Even left my celfone overnight with that live chat. So frustrating. Pls help kabayan, baka you have contact.

  9. alex says:

    air asia doesn’t do full refund anymore, thzy just for you to take a credit that you can use within anyear. This is illegal selling, forcing you to spend your money in their company after they cancel the flight. Don’t use airasia ever, they are stealers!!!

  10. Franco rullo says:

    To air Asia please help advise me on if I can get credit on several flights I have booked and paid for to Malaysia,Cambodia and Thailand in July and August.as the Australian government is restricting all flights out of Australia I defiantly I can not fly
    So can I put all my flights on hold for credit .adise on procedure to do this appreciated.

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