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Flight cancellations and rescheduling are normal parts of airline and airport operations around the world. They happen due to one or a variety of factors ranging from safety to economic to operational reasons.

I have my share of canceled and rescheduled flights. Just a few months ago, I was supposed to fly with Cebu Pacific to Seoul, but there were changes in the flight schedule that were not favorable for us, so we had to just cancel our trip. It’s totally fine because we were notified of the rescheduling months in advance and we were yet to book tours, so we still had plenty of time to rework our travel plans. We were given options on how to move forward, and I chose to request a full refund.

Then last month, our AirAsia flights from Taiwan to Manila were canceled due to the coronavirus-related travel ban that the government imposed at the time.

Both times, I documented my experience so I could share with you the refund process. In this post, we’ll focus on Cebu Pacific. (If your canceled flight is with AirAsia, read this instead: HOW TO GET A REFUND FROM AIRASIA!)

If your flight with Cebu Pacific gets canceled or rescheduled and you wish to request a refund, this post might help.

Who can get a refund?

Before we discuss that, let us emphasize that NOT all flight bookings are refundable. If you got your ticket from a piso sale or another seat sale, there is a big chance that your fare is not refundable unless it is the airline itself that canceled or rescheduled the flight.

Here are the instances wherein you can file a refund request.

  1. Flight cancellation, when Cebu Pacific cancels your flight
  2. Flight rescheduling, when Cebu Pacific moves your flight with at least a 1-hour difference. If the difference is less than 1 hour, you will noy be entitled to a refund.
  3. Double payment, when you are charged twice for the same booking (with the same booking number)
  4. Duplicate booking, when you booked twice the same flight (with the same flight number, guests, and travel dates)
  5. Death of passengers
  6. Some medical cases, but a valid medical certificate and other pertinent documents need to be submitted
  7. Cases where refunds are mandated by local laws

In this post, we’ll focus on the first two items above, flight cancellation and rescheduling.

If your Cebu Pacific flight is canceled or rescheduled (with at least an hour difference), you will be given three options:

  1. Rebook or reroute to an alternate airport up to 30 days from original flight schedule without charges
  2. Move to travel fund which can be used up to 90 days from the date of creation.
  3. Request for a full refund. What I like about this is I can get what I paid in full. The downside is, it can take a long time to receive it or reflect on your account.

If you choose to file a refund request, read on!

How to request a refund online

You can do so by calling the hotline, but the easiest way is to do it online. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Visit the Cebu Pacific website: Click on MANAGE BOOKING.
  2. Enter your flight details: booking code and last name of any passenger. If you have a GetGo account, you can also simply sign in.
  3. On the dashboard, find the flight that you want a refund for. Click the MANAGE button next to it.
  4. On the next page, you will find four icons. Choose the one label REQUEST REFUND / CHECK REFUND STATUS.
  5. Choose the passengers for whom you want a refund. You may be asked to enter some details for confirmation.
  6. Confirm the refund request.

Once done, you will see the status of your refund on the dashboard. Initially, it will display RECEIVED. But it can change over time.

If you paid using a credit card, the refunded amount will be credited back to your account.

If you paid via an offline channel (7 Eleven, Cebuana Lhuillier, etc), you might need to visit a Cebu Pacific ticketing office to receive the refund. You will be informed about it when you complete the request. Here’s the list of CEB’s ticket offices.

How long before you receive it depends on a lot of factors, some of which may depend on the bank or your card’s billing cycle. I got mine in less than 3 weeks.

How to refund airport tax or terminal fee

For refunds due to flight cancelation or rescheduling by Cebu Pacific, double payment or duplicate booking, the terminal fee or airport tax will be refunded to you together with the fare and other charges.

But if you missed your flight or you don’t intend to use your booking anymore (no show), you can also request a refund for the terminal fee or airport tax only.

We have a separate post for it here: HOW TO GET A TERMINAL FEE REFUND


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Hi. How about if you paid using debit card?



Jomar villamaor

Paano bah makuha refund Cebu Pacific


How po


There’s no option to request a refund/travel fund for the connecting flight that got cancelled thru Manage Booking tab. Any idea if we can have it requested online or there’s a need for us to visit their ticketing office instead?


Same here



I purchased a two way ticket for Manila to Melbourne and Sydney to Manila. I have used my Manila to Melbourne ticket by My flight back to Manila from Sydney was cancelled by Cebu Pacific due to Covid19. Can I have a refund for that cancelled flight? Appreciate your feedback. Thanks

Richelle Bisnar

Mam /sir can I get a full refund. There is my booking period March 19 to 27. The problem is I can’t processed for refund to online.Not accessed.
Kindly reply or email me if what I’m doing well .please.
Thank you

Ray Morales

Hello! Instead of a refund, it was moved to travel fund. How can i refund if it was already moved to travel fund considering that all flights are cancelled and there is no more possibility that i can use the travel fund? I do not want to travel anymore considering that the travel fund should be utilized within 90 days. Because of the covid 19, i dont think so i can use my travel fund anymore.
i now prefer to refund my payment moved to travel fund. How? Thanks!

Richelle Felizardo

Hi can i ask how could I refund my account from my travel fund. I cancelled and put my fund in my travel fund last may 2020 and I think its impossible for me to use my travel fund since its still covid.


Hi, have you processed your refund from travel fund? thank you. I have the same issue right now.

Mariz Taylaran Ombajin

me too



My March 14 flight was cancelled due to covid. I clicked the managed booking for a full refund and it was successful, I received a mesaage the amount will be refunded after 10 business days but it’s still not in my account. Is this normal?

jim Fraginal



My flight got cancelled as well and I had the option for a full refund which I requested. It has been three weeks since and I am still waiting for it to appear on my credit card…


Hi have you received the full refund?

Germamincler Abing Sobrecarey

Hi can you please help me i cancelled my flight, last March and when I tried to confirm it via website by adding the booking # and the surname the system keep saying, “no information” and aside from that I have no idea how to get my refund.


Any Update? how long did you received the refund? did they give you a reference that you cancelled and asked for a refund for you flight? please let me know! Thank you


Hello, hope you can help me. I dont seem to have the same options as you did regarding getting a refund. All I am prompted to is for the money to go straight to the Travel Fund, which sucks big time. How do you think this will go?

eda cordon

Hi. I have a two way flight from Manila to Bacolod. The other flight was already cancelled by cebu pac, however, the return flight which is scheduled on May 3 has not been cancelled. We paid the ticket through credit card. How can I get a refund for the return flight?

Mrieta Antonio

I want to refund my ticket

Ryan Abad Tenepere

When open the flight of Cebu Pacific?


My flight is April 18 but it was cancelled by Cebu Pacific due to covid19,,I want to refund my ticket but I can’t access,,how can u help me please.


Hi, my flight for this June 4 got cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak and I want to rebook my flight to another time around late November. But the options would not allow me to rebook to my desired flight. How can I work this out?

patrick wagan


Cebu Pacific cancelled my flights dated June 9, 2020 so I have decided to rebook it June 15 but something came up that I can’t leave on June 15th. Is it possible to just MAKE A REFUND instead?

mark anthony p. reyes

how can i refund my ticket manila to dubai…??

JennyRose Torrejos

Good day,

May I know in what month do you prefer to transfer it to my account. since I already contact my issuing bank. Regarding to them, there are no reversal has been made on my account. coordinate with the merchant of Cebu pacific.

i hope for your response.

Thank you.

Remy S. Ramos Jr

I buy a ticket last december but they cancelled untill now i didn’t received my refund payment i hope you can help me

Jomar villamaor

Paano bah makuha refund Cebu Pacific


Question.I already filed a travel full cash refund last May 20,2020 due to flight cancellation. Up until now I have’nt received my refund yet credited back to my account.
Does it take that long ?

Thank you


Hi, nagrerequest ako ng refund pero ito lang lagi nalabas “The booking that you are trying to retrieve does not exist. Pls help me with this.


Hi po, followed the procedure and was told to wait for 4 billing cycles but then still not reflected on my app, even called my bank and was told to follow up on it with Cebu pac. Good for you sir it came back in just 3 weeks.


Hi, pag full refund option kinuha po? ilan percent pa mababalik sayo?
thanks for the info.

Rhine Soriano

I want to ask, do I need to rebook the whole flight even the cancelled flight is just for the return?

Judy ann

My flight is on March 25 2020 .but the flight is cancelled ..then thats ok i get my refund is November

Ronelyn Bitar

Hillo.i have a flight on March 27 go to iloilo from Cagayan de oro because of the covid my flight has cancelled so I ask the outlet to refund my tickets so until now my tickets can’t refund

Norelie ariston

Ask ko lang ang flight namin is march 23 manila to Zamboanga..tapos cancelled rebooking ulit..march 29 2021 sabi ng agent namin expired na ticket scam yata kami..or lalapit ko ni sir raffy tulfo? para malinawan na kami..mag bayad daw ko ulit para mabuhay daw teckit namin..


Hi .ngrequet po ako ng round trip refund last april 28 2020 because of cancellation of my flight hnggang ngayon di p nkuha nmin hoping mtulungan nyo kami.. May 12 2020 po ang pauwi nmin ..

Carmelita Ruiz

This is so frustrating,I’ve been trying to email Cebu pacific months ago for a request of a refund,but until now I haven’t heard any response from them.I tried calling customer service,I waited for several minutes but nothing happens.It only made me upset because I was calling from the US and it cost me half of the amount I paid for a two way trip from Davao to manila and Vice versa for my sister.

Guia Suerte

Please help me out with refund or rebooking.

Irene aboy

How to use the travel fund? Can it still be extended?


Paano maka refund po walang covid 19 lockdown sa mga reasons?

Carmelita Gapas

Pano po makuha yung refund q


Hi. Our flight (ilo-ilo to MnL) 6am was canceled by the airline, they have given us time options, but we are kindda hesitant of the time, kasi we have a flight pa the same day (internationAl). So we wish to change the origin. So we have find a 6am flight, but frm Kalibo. Is it possible to change the origin without causing us a dime? Thank you!

Claudia briones

Hello po ako po c claudia briones meron po akong boo last feb 10 2020 from macau to manila @ manila to macau,paano ko po marerefund ung binayad ko sa ticket ko hnd ko po un nagamit dahil sa covid 19


Hi, In an event that cebu pacific gets delayed and you miss your next flight which is also a cebu pacific flight will they allow a rebooking since its their fault that you missed your next flight because of their delays?

jeyrdnald lee espina

gud pm.can i request for re schedule flight

Susan Soria Jurado

Can we get our refund because we did not make our flight today due to COVID issue. I was test + before the day of my flight. So me and my niece cannot be able to ride and airplane.

Brosas, Roxie E.

I need to get a refund for my fare last March


I refund my payment