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You are all set for your next trip, but then something happens and you need to reschedule. What do you do? Rebook!

Rebooking is the act of changing the date of your flight. Only the date will change, nothing else. As far as local low-cost carriers are concerned, rebooking doesn’t cover reassigning the ticket to another passenger (transfering or name change) or changing the origin or destination (rerouting). By rebooking, the same guest will be traveling on the same route. In case of route suspension, you may be offered a rerouting option.

If Cebu Pacific canceled or rescheduled your flight

If it’s the airline who canceled your flight or moved the schedule to a time that doesn’t work for you, you may opt to rebook FREE of charge, but you can only do it once. Note that for airline-initiated reschedules, this option is only offered when there is at least 1-hour difference between the original and the new times.

In case of flight cancellations, route suspensions, flight delays or postponements of more than one hour after the scheduled departure time, the airline will not charge the fare difference (the difference between the amount you paid when you booked the original flight and the cost of the new flight) if the rebooked flight is within thirty (30) days from the original ETD.

For Passengers Affected by Covid-19-Related Flight Cancellations! Cebu Pacific canceled ALL domestic and international flights from March 19 until April 14, 2020 (in addition to the earlier cancellation of all domestic flights to and from Manila from March 15). If you’re one of the affected passengers, you can rebook for FREE. The airline has waived the change fees and fare difference. The new travel date must be before June 30 only.

Note, however, that rebooking isn’t your only option. You can also request a refund or transfer the cost of your ticket to a travel fund.

If you want to rebook voluntarily

If you want to rebook your flight because your plans have changed and the airline has nothing to do with it, you may also rebook voluntarily provided that:

  • your fare type is rebookable
  • your rebooking request is done at least four (4) hours before the scheduled time of departure

However, voluntary rebooking entails paying these additional fees:

  • Change fees, which is paid per sector per person. For example, if there are two passengers on a roundtrip booking, you will need to pay the rebooking fee four times (4X). The cost varies depending on the route and fare type.
  • Fare difference, the difference between the amount you paid when you booked the original flight and the cost of the new flight

Sometimes, the cost of rebooking is higher than the cost of booking a new flight, so some people simply pull a no-show and start anew.

How to rebook your flight

  1. Visit the Cebu Pacific website: Click on MANAGE BOOKING.
  2. Enter your flight details: booking code and last name of any passenger. If you have a GetGo account, you can also simply sign in.
  3. On the dashboard, find the flight that you want to change. Click the MANAGE button next to it.
  4. On the next page, you will find four icons. Choose CHANGE FLIGHT.
  5. Choose your preferred new date or flight schedule.
  6. Confirm the changes.

If you have a GetGo account, you can also use the mobile app. Simply log in and see your bookings under MY BOOKINGS.

This infographic summarizes the rebooking process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Cebu Pacific rebooking fee?

That depends on the route and the fare type.

For domestic flights, it’s P1200 for a GO fare or P1500 for regular year-round fare, as of March 2020. International fees are higher. To check the latest rebooking fees, visit this page!

Note that change fees (rebooking fees) are paid per sector per person. For example, if there is only one passenger on a ROUNDTRIP booking, you will need to pay the change fee twice. Likewise, if there are two passengers on a ROUNDTRIP booking, you will be charged four times (4X).

On top of the fees, you will also need to settle the Fare Difference, which is the difference between the cost of the original flight and the cost of the new flight your want to book.

Sometimes, the total cost of changing is higher than the cost of booking a new flight, so some travelers choose to simply ignore the old reservation and book a completely new flight.

My flight has been rescheduled, can I rebook for free?

Only when there is a 1-hour difference between the original schedule and the new schedule.

Otherwise, you will be charged the Change Fee and Fare Difference.

If I rebooked but then I changed my mind, could I revert to the original booking?

Here’s what Cebu Pacific’s Terms has to say about that:

For voluntary rebooking and when changes are done, “(you) can no longer revert to the original itinerary. Further, the Passenger can only be accepted to the preferred or changed flight itinerary after payment of the applicable fees and penalties.”

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Marithel vertulfo

How I can Rebook my flights if I cannot log in to my get-go account and it’s seems it’s already block I don’t know what happened. But o trying to log in and I cannot access to my account.. Is any other way to Rebook even I not use my get-go account. And I need to Rebook my flight urgent.. Please any help.

Saudin Lindayao

Me, too. I can’t access to my account, and I can’t find any ways to rebook my flight because all airline outlet are close. I need to rebook my flight, is there any solution for this?

Darlene Osmena

I want to rebook my flight because the airline cancelled it then we change the schedule of our flight but the news regarding to our president that its already GCQ to Cebu where we destinationand other passenger was not cancelled there schedule of their booking flights .

jose batuan

its hard to rebooking my flight, I contact costumer service of cebu pacific but only recorded i heard to talk about rebooking,i want to contact the person in costumer care who can explain me clearly about my flight rebooking. not voice recorded talk repeated. my flight is 3 days from now how can i rebook my flight? i dont know where i can get advice. please cebu pacific be responsible of all your costumers this time pandemic more people need to go back in their province, i am so disappointed about cebu pacific services.

Margie Demillo

My ticket is accidentally pointed to travel fund, can I rebook for free.?


HOw to pay the rebooked flight?

Marifi Dacayo

how to change the return date of booking fling I cannot change I did everything to change the date but it not working they have always feedback to choose new seat/s for this new flight I don’t know what is wrong with that even I change it several times it doesn’t work please anyone can help urgently?


How can we contact customer service?

Odessa mohamad

If the cost of my ticket is around 1,569 php how much it will cost when I rebook my flight


Hello everyone my flight was cancelled we are 4 passengers and going to tacloban how to rebooking and how much i pay for it.

aileen marie flores

Hello,my friend already booked my ticket in CEBU PACIFIC airlines last January 2020.Since it was pandemic,my flight was not push through.So I am planning to rebook it for one of this April’s flights .I visited the CEBU PACIFIC website,I already provided the booking reference number and my surname,but it stated there that there was no matched details as same as mine.So can you help what to do,and is it possible to use it even two years already have passed?


same problem with me. how did you resolved it?




we have a group flight of 6… but can i rebook the 2 person even i bought a group flight? how? if i manage booking all of us will rebook….


How can i rebook our flight?


Pls help us,on how to rebook oir fligt


My flight was cancelled and I tried to rebook it then an updated flight details was given by Cebu pacific. Do I just follow the new sched? or is there no anything to press like “ok” button to accept the new flight schedule?


Same with me. They rescheduled my flight, with given dates and time but, how can we proceed with it. Is the email we can present at the airport? Please somebody from Cebu pacific can enlighten us about this issue. This is the first time I experienced this.


Cebu Pacific must be the worst airline to deal with , no body knows anything, cant get answers to unusual important questions. You do all the work to rebook a flight and these bastards want to rip u off with a big rebooking fee.