Last updated: MARCH 24, 2020

After canceling ALL flights until April 14, Cebu Pacific has also announced earlier tonight that they are allowing passengers scheduled to fly from April 15 to June 30 to rebook their flight or transfer the cost to a travel fund.

To clarify, flights scheduled within this period are not canceled, so any change you make to your flight is considered voluntary.

To summarize the flight status and available options:

  • March 15 to April 14: ALL flights are canceled. Your options: FREE REBOOKING (with fare difference waived), TRANSFER TO TRAVEL FUND, or FULL REFUND.
  • April 15 to June 30: Flights are NOT canceled, but you may already avail of REBOOKING (but the fare difference applies) or TRANSFER TO TRAVEL FUND. Refund is not an option here.

Here’s an infographic to better illustrate it:

Just to reiterate: For flights between Aril 15 and June 30, full refund is not available. For rebooking, although the change fee is waived, the fare difference still applies.

The move is in line with the government’s directive placing Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon under community quarantine in an effort to stop the further spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus disease).

To double check, you can see your flight’s status on this page.

How to Rebook

If you already have a new target travel date in mind, you can rebook your flight.

For passengers who are supposed to fly between March 15 and April 14, you can rebook for FREE. Cebu Pacific has waived the change fees and fare difference for affected passengers. You can only rebook once, and the new date has to be before June 30.

For passengers who are scheduled to fly between April 15 and June 30, only the change fee is waived. The fare difference still applies.

Here’s how to rebook.

  1. Visit the Cebu Pacific website: Click on MANAGE BOOKING.
  2. Enter your flight details: booking code and last name of any passenger. If you have a GetGo account, you can also simply sign in.
  3. On the dashboard, find the flight that you want to change. Click the MANAGE button next to it.
  4. On the next page, you will find four icons. Choose CHANGE FLIGHT.
  5. Choose your preferred new date or flight schedule.
  6. Confirm the changes.

If you have a GetGo account, you can also use the mobile app. Simply log in and see your bookings under MY BOOKINGS.

This infographic summarizes the rebooking process.

How to Transfer to Travel Fund

Travel Fund is Cebu Pacific’s virtual wallet, where you can temporarily store the cost of the ticket. By choosing the travel fund, you can easily use the amount when you decide to book another flight with Cebu Pacific. However, the amount to be transferred excludes insurance add-ons, and other service fees, if any.

The travel tax will not be included in the converted amount at first, but it will be added within 15 days after completing your booking conversion to Travel Fund. Travel taxes are processed separately and entail coordination with other agencies, but it will be added eventually.

In the future, if you want to book another flight with Cebu Pacific, you could use this fund to settle the payment for that flight.

Note that you can only keep that amount for 180 days, which starts on the day of conversion. But you can use it to pay bookings up to 12 months out. Here’s an example from the CEB website:

Here’s how to use the Travel Fund.

  1. Visit the Cebu Pacific website: Click on MANAGE BOOKING.
  2. If you have a GetGo account, you can simply sign in.
  3. On the dashboard, find your flight. Click the MANAGE button next to it.
  4. On the next page, you will find icons. If your flight has been canceled by Cebu Pacific, you will find a TRAVEL FUND option. If your flight isn’t canceled, choose CANCEL FLIGHT.
  5. Enter the information asked on the next page.
  6. Confirm transfer to Travel Fund.

When it’s done, you should receive an email from Cebu Pacific stating that the price of the ticket has been converted into Travel Fund credits.

Here’s a quick infographic summing up the process:

When you decide to use Travel Fund credits to purchase another ticket, simply book a flight on the website or app as you normally would. The difference is: on the PAYMENT page, when asked how you want to pay, choose the TRAVEL FUND option.

How to Get a Refund

This option is offered only to passengers whose flight schedule is between March 15 and April 14. If your flight is between April 15 and June 30, you can’t file a refund request (at least, not yet).

Here’s how to do it: HOW TO GET A REFUND!

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