Ireland is spoilt for choice when it comes to castles and for visitors and locals alike, it can be hard to decipher which are worth a visit. Our infographic reveals the very top castles in Ireland and provides you with all the information you may need if you’re planning a visit. Each castle in Ireland has something unique to offer, whether it be its history or architecture, and we highlight these important key features in our infographic too.

Top Castles In Ireland

Best Castles in Ireland

Castles to See in Ireland

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  1. Alexis Kensey says:

    Wow I need to get back to Ireland. Castles are a true favorite for me! I love the history you get from the castles.

  2. Renuka Singh says:

    Love this infographic on Ireland’s castles! Ross Castle looks quite enchanting!

  3. The Guy says:

    Great selection of castles from the home of my parents birth. Ireland is an amazing place. I’ve seen the wonderful Kilkenny and Dublin castles plus I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone :-) Still waiting for the gift of the gab but I live in hope :-)

  4. MO the traveller says:

    I really love and been dreaming to go to europe as my dream countries. I love to travel as well and I just got a chance to check this blog when I am checking some destination I want to go to. I wish I am in those places NOW!

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