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They say that the people who live in Vanuatu, a small country located east of Australia, are the happiest in the world. It receives quite a lot of tourists especially from nearby countries despite the fact that it is inhabited by tribal people dressed in tree-bark clothing and grass skirts. Perhaps this is the very thing that makes the country more interesting for travelers.

To travel to Vanuatu, you will have to travel by air either to its capital, Port Vila, or to Luganville. Airlines that fly to the country include Air Vanuatu, Qantas, Aiscalin, Pacific Blue and Flysolomons. However, the biggest airline with the most number of flights to Vanuatu is Air Vanuatu.

Air Vanuatu has played a major role in the tourism industry of the country in the last two decades. It is the flag carrier of Vanuatu with its headquarters located at the Bauerfield International Airport in Port Vila. The airline was established in 1981 shortly after Vanuatu became an independent country.


Air Vanuatu operates a wide selection of domestic destinations in the country including:

Malampa: Ulei (Ulei Airport), South West Bay (South West Bay Airport), Paama (Paama Airport), Norsup (Norsup Airport), Lamap (Malekoula Island Airport), and Craig Cove (Craig Cove Airport).

Penama: Walaha (Walaha Airport), Sara (Sara Airport), Longana (Longana Airport), Lonorore (Lonorore Airport), Redcliffe, (Redcliffe Airport), and Naone (Maewo-Naone Airport).

Shefa: Valesdir (Valesdir Airport), Tongoa (Tongoa Airport), Lamen Bay (Lamen Bay Airport), and Émaé (Siwo Airport).

Tafea: Tanna (White Grass Airport), Ipota (Ipota Airport), Futuna Island (Futuna Airport), Dillon’s Bay (Dillon’s Bay Airport), Aniwa (Aniwa Airport), and Anatom (Anatom Airport).

Torba: Torres Islands (Torres Airport), Sola (Vanua Lava Airport), Mota Lava (Mota Lava Airport), and Gaua (Gaua Airport).

It has a total of 29 domestic destinations. Internationally, it flies to six different routes including New Caledona, New Zealand, and Australia.

In-Flight Entertainment

On international flights, the airline provides travelers with audio entertainment channels with occasional advertorials about places to visit and see in Vanuatu, which gives refreshing ideas on how to enjoy your holidays.

Traveling with Children

If traveling with children, Air Vanuatu provides in-flight entertainment for young ones, too. They keep young travelers occupied, which allows parents to enjoy the flight with their children.

Regular Travelers

International travelers are offered with full meal and beverage services while light meals are offered to domestic travelers. Alcoholic drinks are not served, and no pillows, blankets or amenity kits are provided. The seat pitch is at 30 to 31 inches. A baggage allowance of 23 kilograms is offered to every passenger.

Business Class

As for in-flight hospitality, there’s nothing special about their crew services. However, they are able to maintain friendly hospitality towards travelers. For those who wish to have a more comfortable flight with a bigger legroom and extra services, the airline provides an 8-seat business class section in each of their aircrafts. Business class travelers receive complementary beverages, snacks and complete five course meals served with wine or champagne. Pillows and blankets are provided and the seat pitch is at 39 inches. Business class travelers are also offered with a baggage allowance of 30 kilograms.

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