Located in Barangay San Salvador in Luisiana, Laguna, the massive Hulugan Falls is just three hours away, making it one of the most easily accessible cascades from the metro.

Public transportation is available, but we highly recommend bringing a car because:

  • It will make things much easier for you to explore the area. You can even make side trips to other places nearby without hassle.
  • You have a place to keep your things. Remember, the place isn’t developed yet. You won’t find lockers or baggage counters anywhere. (Which is also why you shouldn’t bring too much or anything that would weigh you down if you’re commuting.)
  • Most importantly, if you’re a group of 3 or more, you will end up spending less because you only need to settle the toll fee and gas.

We went to Hulugan using a car that Chevrolet SAIL let us borrow for the weekend, and we only spent P940 on toll and gas, split into 4. That’s only P235 per person.

By Private Car

  1. Take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and exit in Calamba.
  2. Stay on the national road (highway), passing through several towns including Los Banos, Sta. Cruz, Bay, and Pagsanjan.
  3. Before you reach Cavinti Town Proper, turn right to Cavinti-Luisiana Road.
  4. On Cavinti-Luisiana Road, watch out for a San Salvador/Hulugan Falls signage at a corner TO YOUR RIGHT. It’s very easy to miss, but just be on the lookout for adjacent roads because there are not many. You’ll find the Information Desk at the corner. You will be given a tour guide.
  5. Once you’re assigned a tour guide, drive on that (adjacent) road or follow your guide until you reach the Captain’s House where you will register. You can park on the side of the road in front of that house.

By Public Transportation

  1. Make your way to Cubao or Taft, and ride a bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Fare: P140.
  2. Ride a jeepney going to Lucena or Lucban and alight in San Salvador. It is highly possible that you will miss the right stop so make sure you tell the driver to drop you off in San Salvador. Fare: P30. If you miss it, alight in Luisiana Town Proper and just take a tricycle to San Salvador.
  3. At the corner, you will find an Information Desk at a waiting shed. You will be assigned a tour guide here. He will then take you “sa Bahay ng Kapitan” (Captain’s House), where you will register and pay the Tourism Fee, which is now P20.

Whether you take public or private transportation, the Captain’s House will be your jump-off point. From here you will be taking a tricycle (P10 per person) to the start of the trail. The ride should take a minute or two.


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