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Do you miss going to theme parks?

Now that most cities in the Philippines are under General Community Quarantine, more establishments are starting to open including malls, restaurants, and workplaces. But since traveling for leisure is still prohibited, amusement parks are among those that can’t re-open yet.

Thankfully, Enchanted Kingdom is bringing their thrilling rides to your home. You can now get that adrenaline-pumping experience right on the comfort of your couches through their virtual rides and attractions. Yes, these videos are just on YouTube. And of course, nothing can match the real thing. But it can still give you a teensy bit of that fluttery feeling in the stomach, especially if you view them on a big screen!

Space Shuttle

A roller coaster ride inspired by sci-fi films and the NASA space programs of the 1960s, the space shuttle lifts riders at 35.5 meters high. It then releases into the loops which will turn you upside down 6 times. The entire ride is about 2 minutes long, and this virtual ride will give you the adrenaline rush as you watch it skyrocket, plunge and twist along the way.

Jungle Log Jam

Jungle Log Jam is a water ride inspired by the Amazon. On this ride, you’d feel as though you’re seated on a hollow log as it floats up and plummets down the slopes. Normally, you’d be bombarded by splashes of water by the end of the ride. But since it’s virtual, you don’t need to worry about the mess this time.


On this virtual ride, it would feel like you’re seated facing outward as the disc-shaped platform spins and moves back and forth. In real life, at its highest point, this ride could give you a full view of the entire park!

Aside from the virtual rides, Enchanted Kingdom is also showing excerpts from the Enchanted Kingdom Story Musical. The videos feature songs sang by Princess Victoria and Princess Madeline like You Are My Dream and I Can.

You can try these virtual rides and attractions on Enchanted Kingdom’s Facebook page. Just visit their official page here:

2020 • 6 • 23

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