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Our new travel season has just began, and to kick it off, we’re on a 60-day non-stop trip, stopping at multiple countries. Planning this multi-city trip took several weeks, from applying to a visa to searching for affordable flights. But you know what takes the bulk of our budget? Accommodations.

When we were new to the travel scene, we always went for the cheapest accommodations. A bed in a dormitory of a hostel was good enough for us. But as time passed and as we gained experiences along the way, we have learned that the cheapest isn’t always the best option. (That and because I started snoring, which is quite embarrassing when I share the room with strangers.) Today, when it comes to accommodations, we no longer go for the cheapest but instead choose the one that gives us the most value for money. And by value, we mean comfort, location, and service.

But what if you could get them for FREE?

How would you like 66 FREE hotel nights? Intriguing, right?

Wyndham Hotel has just launched a new promo where they are giving away 1 MILLION Wyndham Reward Points. And it’s perfect for you if (1) you frequently go on a holiday, or (2) you like traveling for an extended period of time.

You might be thinking, “1 Million Reward Points” is good to the ears, The Poor Traveler, but we don’t really know the value of these reward points. Let me explain it in detail.

1 Million Wyndham Reward Points = 66 FREE Hotel Nights

The Wyndham Group is one of the world’s largest hotel companies with around 8000 properties in 73 countries which include Wyndham Hotels, Microtel, Days Hotel, and Ramada, all of which are known not only for their comfortable rooms, topnotch amenities, and excellent service. They also have a compelling Reward Program that is great for their regular guests. In a nutshell, every time you stay at any Wyndham hotel, you earn reward points, which you can redeem later on.

Every 15,000 points can be converted into 1 FREE night stay at any of their hotels. That means that if you win 1 MILLION Reward Points, you are entitled to stay at their hotels for 66 nights for FREE! 66 NIGHTS. That’s enough to cover a 2-month backpacking trip around Southeast Asia or the South Pacific, or all your weekend overnight getaways for one year!

How to join

It’s actually quite easy. You only need to do 2 things:

  1. Like Wyndham Rewards SEAPR on Facebook or follow them on Instagram @WyndhamRewardsSEAPR or Twitter @WynRewardsSEAPR.
  2. Post a photo, video, or comment telling us how you plan to spend the 1 MILLION Wyndham Rewards Points! Use hashtag #tourwithWyndham.

That’s it! Piece of cake, right?

Wyndham Hotels Promo
Wyndham Hotels Promo

As for me, I would definitely go on another 60-day trip possibly in the South Pacific Region, something I’ve always dreamed of doing since I started traveling.

BONUS: Daily Free Hotel Nights

That’s not all. You also stand a chance to win MORE free hotel nights if you comment on their daily posts. Basically, their FB/IG/TW page will publish a post featuring one of their hotels and if you comment on it, you get a chance to win free stay at that hotel.

A lot of people have already won and more winners will be announced soon. Still need more info? Head over to this page for more details.


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