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History has repeatedly shown us that the best things always come in threes, from Hollywood blockbusters, stories and heroic teaming. The rule of three usually means things are more inherently humorous, satisfying and effective than any other number.  This is why many locations and tour operators around the world boasts of three stop or triangular tours.

India is no stranger to this with its Golden Triangle Tour being world-famous, taking in most of India’s most popular tourist sites. The trip begins in the heart of Chaotic and bustling Delhi, where one should expect things to be a little topsy-turvy. From there it’s on to one of the most iconic sites in the entire world, the Taj Mahal as you explore the city of Agra. Jaipur the Pink City is the last stop on your journey before your return to Delhi, with its many fascinating buildings ancient sites and modern day luxuries each city is sure to entertain.

Each city being connected by railways and roads when looked at on a map forms the shape of a triangle, with its vast amounts of cultural heritage sites, loaded with history and the seat of India’s power, the route was given the name the golden triangle.


Delhi being the capital of India one would expect lots of people crowded streets and many architectural eyesores. However the city also bleeds out of its urban madness into some sites that shows the heart of India. Start your morning off with a cup of Chai tea the perfect blend of spices and milk. While exploring the city, places like the Jama Masjid Mosque and the Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Old Delhi are not be missed, two places of religious worship beautiful constructed makes for the perfect places to take in the building styles of old India.
For a breath of serenity take a visit to the Humayun’s Garden Tomb, a clean open air space where the incredible fusion of Persian and Nigel architecture makes up the inspiration for the Taj Mahal.


The city of Agra takes center stage of the triangle because what is a trip to India without visiting the Taj Mahal? The traffic has to been to be believed, the streets are sometimes littered herds of goats, a few cows every now and again, scooters, cars and trucks. Over the years we have heard of many lovers doing the unthinkable for their lost love ones, from Cleopatra and Mark Anthony to Romeo and Juliette. But when Shah Jahan lost his wife he commissioned the building of the Taj Mahal as a monument to her beauty and a mausoleum.


The Agra Fort served as a stronghold for many Mughal empires, it even served as a prison for Shah Jahan, who was imprisoned there by his own son for 8 years before his death. Other sites include the Akbar Mausoleum who the father of Shah Jahan and one of India’s greatest rulers.  


Jaipur the flamboyant Pink City was painted pink to welcome the Prince of Wales in 1867, home of the City Palace; the city still hosts its royal descendants today some of home can still be scene at the site. Built with its many honeycomb windows, the place was constructed so that the many royal females could watch the city’s festivities from above without having to mingle.

The Amber fort with its sun kissed brown color in Rajasthan former home of the once rulers of India the Maharajas, the fort takes you back in time and leaves you there as you overlook the beautiful body of water next to the fort. Rajasthan former palaces have been transformed for many purposes, some of which being hotels and restaurants which provide all the flavors of India. With each region known for their own variants of dishes, all descending from the people that brought them from their home countries, such as the Mughals and their meat dishes and the Portuguese and their red chilies. Making India food one of the most assimilated around the world.  
After Jaipur you return to Delhi bringing your tour to an end with lots of new memories and possibly some wonderful trinkets to take back with you. Memphis Tours specializes in taking you to the best there is to offer without the hassle of having to plan it yourself so come and explore India.

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