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Japan’s tourism is growing relentlessly, especially over the past few years. There’s no surprise there. Japan has always been one of the top destinations in the world, a target for many travelers and a bucket list staple for would-be travelers. But what changes this time around is the aggressive promotional efforts of regional, prefectural, and local tourism boards, coupled with the sophisticated developments in transportation. Airports are becoming more topnotch both in design and attractions, and railway companies come up with more options to make journeys more convenient and seamless.

This is probably most evident in Central Japan. If you’re flying to Nagoya soon, you’ll be greeted by the Chubu Centrair International Airport, one of the most remarkable airports in the country, and to get to the city center, you’ll get to try the many transportation modes built by Meitetsu (Nagoya Railroad), one of the biggest railway companies in Central Japan.

In this post, we’ll share with you how exactly to reach the city center of Nagoya and Gifu from the Chubu Centrair International Airport.

Chubu Centrair International Airport vs Nagoya Airport

Before anything else, note that Chubu Centrair International Airport (aka Central Japan International Airport or simply Centrair) is different from Nagoya Airport. Centrair is now the primary gateway to Nagoya and Central Japan. It is the biggest and busiest airport in the region and the eight busiest in the country, serving over 11 million travelers as of 2017.

Centrair (NGO) lies on a manmade island off the coast of Tokoname City in Aichi Prefecture, 35 km from the center of Nagoya, 28-60+ minutes away, depending on your mode of transportation. If you’re coming from abroad, there’s a big chance that you will be using this airport.

Nagoya Airport (NKM), on the other hand, used to be the main gateway until 2005 when the flights were moved to Centrair. It’s also called Komaki Airport or Nagoya Airfield. It’s closer to Nagoya city center, only 20 minutes away, but only Fuji Dream Airlines uses it commercially.

This article only covers Centrair.

Traveling by Train

The Chubu Centrair International Airport has a train station which is part of the Meitetsu Airport Line. This line connects the airport directly to the city centers of Nagoya, Gifu, and Inuyama.

On Hyperdia, you can find the airport station as “CENTRAL JAPAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”, the Meitetsu Nagoya Station as “MEITETSUNAGOYA”, and the Meitetsu Gifu Station as “MEITETSU GIFU”.

There are three main types of trains operating to and from the airport:

  • Regular Train. This may be local or semi-express train. It will make more stops along the way, which means longer journey. No reservation required.
  • Limited Express Train. This makes fewer stops so the travel time is shorter. Limited Express Trains have both reserved seats and non-reserved seats. If you choose to reserve a seat, you will need to pay an additional ¥360 fee on top of the fare. If you don’t reserve a seat, make sure you board a non-reserved car.
  • μ-SKY (MU SKY) Limited Express Train. Running at 120km/hr, this is the fastest option and can take you to downtown Nagoya for only 28 minutes. It’s a top-quality train that features wheelchair-accessible restrooms with diaper-changing racks onboard and two luggage storage sections in each car, aside from the overhead racks. The seats also recline, making your journey more comfortable. All seats are reserved so an additional ¥360 charge applies on top of the fare.

The train station is connected to the airport terminal building by an area called ACCESS PLAZA on the second floor.

Centrair to Nagoya City Center by Train

  1. At the Arrival Area, walk to the train station. You’ll see plenty of signs so just follow them.
  2. At the station, board the train to Meitetsu Nagoya Station.

It’s that easy. Travel time and fare depends on the type of train:

  • Regular train
    Travel time: 48-60+ minutes
    Fare: ¥870
  • Limited Express train
    Travel time: 37 minutes
    Fare: ¥870 (if you choose to reserve a seat, + ¥360)
  • μ-SKY Limited Express Train
    Travel time: 28 minutes
    Fare: ¥870 + ¥360 reserved seat fee

Centrair to Gifu City by Train

Centrair is also directly connected to Gifu City! If you take the Limited Express or μ-SKY Limited Express, no need to transfer to another train. But if you’re taking the regular train, you need to switch trains.


  1. At the Arrival Area, walk to the train station.
  2. Take the Meitetsu Tokoname/Airport Line bound for Shinkani.
  3. Alight at Jingumae Station.
  4. Transfer to Meitetsu Nagoya Line bound for Gifu.
  5. Alight at Meitetsu Gifu Station.


  1. At the Arrival Area, walk to the train station.
  2. Board the μ-SKY or Limited Express train to Meitetsu Gifu Station.

Travel time and fare depends on the type of train:

  • Limited Express train
    Travel time: 66 minutes
    Fare: ¥1340 (if you choose to reserve a seat, + ¥360)
  • μ-SKY Limited Express Train
    Travel time: 58 minutes
    Fare: ¥1340 + ¥360 reserved seat fee

Traveling by Bus

Centrair to Nagoya City Center by Bus

Aside from the train, you can also take the Meitetsu Airport Limousine Bus to get to several parts of the city. The bus leaves Platform #6 of the Centrair Bus Terminal and makes stops at a few areas in the city including Sakae and Fushimi-cho before terminating at Meitetsu Bus Center at the Meitetsu Nagoya Station.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Walk to Platform #6 of the Centrair Bus Terminal and wait for your bus.
  2. Board the bus and get a numbered ticket on your way in. There is a ticket machine inside, by the door, on your right side.
  3. Before alighting at your destination stop, drop the numbered ticket and coins into the designated slots. If you’re paying with a ¥1000 bill, you can insert it in a separate designated slot.

You can also pay using Manaca, Meitetsu’s IC card, which will allow you to conveniently ride the buses and trains without having to pay in cash or purchase a ticket before each ride. If you have this card, you simply need to hover the card above the sensor. ICOCA, Pasmo, and Suica cards work fine too.

Travel time: 50 minutes to Sakae and 78 minutes to Meitetsu Nagoya Station.

Fare: ¥1200 (adult), ¥600 (child)

There’s a bus every hour from 08:15 am to 10:15 pm. Here’s the latest schedule.

Central Japan Pass to Consider: Shoryudo Bus Pass

If you’ll be visiting multiple destinations across Central Japan, consider getting a SHORYUDO BUS PASS, which can get you a lot of savings!

Meitetsu offers various Shoryudo bus passes that allow unlimited travel to and from many of the region’s key destinations, including access to the Chubu Centrair International Airport. This means that if you have this pass, you can use it immediately upon your arrival at the airport.

There are three courses available. Choose one that best fits your itinerary!

Klook offers discounted rates for these bus passes!


3 Day Pass: Takayama-Shirakawago-Kanazawa Course

Price: ¥7500.

This bus pass enables unlimited travel on highway buses to and from Chubu Centrair Airport, Nagoya, Gifu City, Takayama City, Shirakawa-go and even as far as Kanazawa and Toyama.

3 Day Pass: Matsumoto-Magome-Komagane Course

Price: ¥7000.

This bus pass enables unlimited travel on highway buses to and from Chubu Centrair Airport, Nagoya, Magome, Matsumoto, Komagane, and Nagano.

5 Day Pass: Wide Course

Price: ¥13000.

This ticket gives you unlimited access to both highway buses and route buses to and from major attractions like the Central Japan Airport, Gifu City, Gero City, Takayama, Gokayama, Shirakawago, and Shinhotaka. Aside from these, Toyama, Kanazawa, Matsumoto, and Takaoka are also covered.

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Joey Witter

Hi, what pass should I get if my Itinerary would be Day 1: Chubu Airport to Takayama (city tour); Day 2: Takayama to Shirakawago; Day 3: Takayama to Shinhotaka Ropeway? Does the 3 DAY PASS: TAKAYAMA-SHIRAKAWAGO-KANAZAWA COURSE would suffice? Can I use the pass within the city buses of Takayama? Thank you and I am looking forward to your reply! :)

Regina Ng

Hi Yoshke Dimen,

Thank you for sharing this itinerary and travel guide.
I have a question to enquire regarding the Shoryudo bus pass and hope you are able to advise me.

I am planning to purchase the 5 days Takayama pass and I realized that there are some stops that require to make reservation. eg. Meitetsu Bus Center > Takayama Nohi Bus Center. Can I ask if I need to pay additional for making reservation?

Thank you