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Planning a trip to TAIPEI, TAIWAN? Here’s a list of the best things to do and places to visit in and around the Taipei metropolitan area! You’ll also find the opening and closing times, the nearest MRT stations, and entrance fees. We also included a sample TAIPEI ITINERARY that you can use as model for building your own. Happy travel planning!

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is an iconic part of the city’s skyline. Measuring at around 509m, this skyscraper in Xinyi District used to hold the title as the tallest building from 2004 to 2010. Its elevators are also some of the worlds’ fastest. It can get passengers from the 5th floor to the 89th floor in less than 40 seconds. You’ll often see this architectural wonder featured on TV, magazines and promotional materials about Taiwan. It combines Asian aesthetics with modern design. The Observation Deck provides visitors with stunning 360 views of the city below.

Nearest MRT Station: Taipei 101 station (Red Line 2)
Hours open: Daily 9am-10pm
Entrance Fee: NT$600

Get a discount and skip the queue by booking in advance via Klook.


National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum is home to hundreds of thousands (roughly 700,000) of artifacts that date back centuries. The sprawling complex has different exhibits and displays that showcase Chinese culture and history. If you are interested in both, you will spend hours inside to see everything. Inside you will see thousands of collections such as ceramics, jades, carvings, bronzes and coins just to name some.

Nearest MRT Station: Shilin station (Red Line – 2), then take Bus R30 (NT$15)
Hours Open: Daily 8:30am-6:30pm
Entrance Fee: NT$350

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Taipei City Tour

Image provided by Klook

Taipei is full of historical shrines and other places of interest. Here are some to consider visiting:
Taipei 101 – used to hold the title as the tallest building in the world. This iconic skyscraper mixes Asian and modern design. It has an observation deck that provides visitors with beautiful views of the surroundings.

  • National Palace Museum – this museum holds hundreds of thousands of relics and artwork. History buffs will love exploring this complex to learn more about Chinese art and culture. There are plenty of exhibits and displays that provide information about the artifacts you will find inside.
  • Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall – this attraction is one of the most popular in Taipei. It was built to commemorate Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. You can find the memorial hall in Zhongzheng District. The Liberty Square, National Concert Hall and the National Theater are the notable attractions within the complex.
  • Martyrs’ Shrine – this attraction was constructed to honor the sacrifice and heroism of Kuomintang soldiers that fought in the Chinese Civil War. As you explore you will see thousands of spirit tablets. You can also watch the changing of the guard during your visit.

You can explore the city in various ways: DIY, on a double-decker bus, or by guided tour.

  • DIY Tour. Most of the places of interest are near an MRT Station so it will be easy to explore on your own. If you want to see the sites of Taipei without booking a tour, go to the Places to Visit section below. I mentioned the closest stations, entrance fees, opening times, and Chinese translations.
  • By Double-Decker Bus. This option stops at many major attractions in Taipei. This is an ideal option for those traveling with elderly parents or grandparents and children. The bus also has FREE wifi and a headset that provides commentary for some spots during the trip.
  • By Guided Tour. This is the ideal option for those who want detailed information and insights about the attractions they will visit. The tour guide will provide in-depth anecdotes and answer questions. Most trips like this take half-a-day.



Jiufen, Shifen and Yehliu Geopark Tour

Image by Klook

This is one of Klook’s top selling tours. This isn’t a guided tour but a shuttle service that follows a whole day Taipei itinerary. It will take you to some of the best day excursions from Taipei which includes:

  • Yehliu Geopark – this geopark is a famous destination because of its unique landscape. You will see various formations such as the famous Queen’s Head, Kissing Rock, Elephant Rock, Ice Cream Rock and Sea Candles just to name some.
  • Ying Yang Sea – this natural attraction embodies the ancient Chinese principle of balance and duality or more famously known as yin yang. You’ll see the stunning view of the blue and yellow hues during your visit.
  • 13 Layer Remains – the ruined buildings you will see here will elicit a feeling of nostalgia. The abandoned mines carry a certain type of beauty for those who love ruins.
  • Golden Waterfall – this picturesque attraction in Jinguashi has a distinctly golden hue because of the high mineral deposit in the area. The waterfall may look beautiful from a distance, but is unsafe for swimming or touching because of its high toxicity level. Take plenty of photos before moving on.
  • Jiufen – this destination used to be a booming mining town because of its rich gold deposits. Fast forward to today, it is now a popular tourist attraction. Its serpentine and narrow lanes lead to various cafes, shops and food stalls. You’ll see glimpses of Japanese influence in the architecture of the buildings in town.
  • Shifen – the old streets of this area has quaint alleys and lanes where you will find shops, cafes and restaurants. During Japanese times, the railway that cuts through the village was a vital route for the transportation of coal. Shifen Waterfall is a noteworthy attraction you can visit during your stay here.

The meeting place for tours are at Ximen Station (often at GaKuDen Bakery near Exit 4, but always confirm before going).


Yangmingshan National Park

If you’re a nature lover, a trip to Yangmingshan is a must! It’s accessibility from the city makes it a convenient destination for those who want to get away from the concrete jungle. The park has different sections and trails that lead to peaks of varying height. You’ll also find hot springs, and various flora and fauna. Some places to visit while exploring the park include Yangming Park, Flower Clock, Qingtiangang Grassland Trails, Xiaoyoukeng, Menghuan Pond and the Liuhuanggu Sulfur Lake.

How to get there: From Jiantan Station (Red Line 2), board City Bus R5 or small bus S15 or S17 to Yangmingshan station. Fare: NT$15
Entrance Fee: FREE

If you don’t want the hassle of taking public transportation, book a tour online. The package comes with coach transportation and round trip hotel transfers, and a stop at the hot springs!


Jiufen Village and Northeast Coast

Jiufen will take you back in time with its traditional style buildings, quaint shops and cafes, and food stalls. It is also the inspiration for one of the locations in the hit animated movie “Spirited Away.” This town has narrow lanes and alleys you can get lost in and discover local life.

Klook’s tour lets you see the following sites. Round trip transportation and hotel transfers are included in the package:

  • Jiufen Town to experience the unique teahouse culture
  • Pitou Cape and its caves and sea cliffs to see stunning vistas
  • Rock formations at Nanya to admire the beautiful landscape


Wulai Atayal Aboriginal Village and Hot Springs

This aboriginal village is close to Taipei and is a popular day trip destination for those who want to leave the city. Here you will find hot springs and the indigenous Atayal Tribe. Han Chinese is the dominant group in Taiwan, but the original inhabitants are the aboriginals or also known as Yuanzhumin. They have their own language, culture and history. A trip to this destination lets you learn more about aboriginal tribes.

How to get there: Go to Xindian Station (Green Line 3), then make your way to Bus Stop B along Beiyi Road, and board Bus route 849 traveling to Wulai. Get off the last station. Fare: NT$15

Beitou Hot Springs (Xinbeitou)

The Japanese developed Beitou into a hot spring destination during their occupation of Taiwan. Fast forward to today, it is now a tourist hotspot for both locals and foreigners. There are many private and public baths to choose from, book early to get a room.

How to get there: From Beitou Station (Red Line 2), transfer to a train bound for Xinbeitou.

Fulong Beach

You’ll find this beautiful beach near Fulong Village in Gongliao District. This attraction is a popular spot for locals who want to get their dose of vitamin sea during the summer months. The beautiful golden sand and fresh sea breeze are a perfect combination for a relaxing day out. There are also sand sculpture festivals during the start of summer.

How to Get There: Go to Taipei Main Station, Nangang Station (MRT Blue Line 5), or Songshan Station (MRT Green Line 3). Then, board a train to Fulong Station.

Martyrs’ Shrine

The changing of the guards begins!

This shrine commemorates fallen soldiers during the Chinese Civil War. You’ll see spirit tables and exhibitions that provide information while you explore. Admire the beautiful Chinese architecture of the buildings after watching the guard changing. Watch the changing of the guards happening hourly from 9am to 4pm and at 4:45pm.

How to get there: From Jiantan Station (Red Line 2), take Bus 267, 556, or 902.
Hours open: Daily 9am-5pm
Entrance Fee: FREE

Elephant Mountain

This mountain provides some of the best overlooking views of the city. The trail is straightforward and relatively easy. Take the leisurely hike up after exploring Taipei’s top attractions. The ideal times to go are just before sunset and at night.

Nearest MRT Station: Xiàngshān station (Red Line 2)
Entrance Fee: FREE

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial

This iconic memorial hall is home to a huge statue of Chiang Kai-shek. There are parks and beautiful buildings in the complex. Go for a stroll and take plenty of pictures during your visit.

Nearest MRT Station: Chiang Kai-shek (CKS) Memorial Hall (Red Line 2 or Green Line 3)
Open: Daily 9am-6pm
Entrance Fee: FREE

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

This is another monument to a great man Dr. Sun Yat-sen. The hall has exhibits of Sun Yat-sen’s achievements; this is the perfect place to learn more about this man and his place in history. The construction of the hall started in 1965 and finished in the 1970s. The hall is also a venue for exhibitions and performances.

Nearest MRT Station: Sun Yat-sen (SYS) Memorial Hall Station (Blue Line 5)
Open: Daily 9am-6pm< Entrance Fee: FREE

Dalongdong Baoan Temple

Baoan Temple

This folk religion temple was built in the 1740s and was initially a wooden shrine. As the centuries came and went, the temple underwent numerous renovations and reconstructions. This attraction is dedicated to Baosheng Dadi, a Taoist saint. It is 900 sq meters large and follows Feng-Shui design. Visitors will see carvings, stone lions and stone bamboo windows. If you visit at the right time, you might see the festivities of the Baosheng Cultural Festival. Some of its activities include fire walking and a parade.

Nearest MRT Station: Yuanshan Station (Red Line – 2)
Open: Daily 6:30am-10:30pm
Entrance Fee: FREE

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market: Food Court

Taipei is a bustling city with a vibrant night life, one of the go-to places for tourists is Shilin Night Market. This area is home to many shops, restaurants and food stalls. Eat till your heart’s content and try the many types of street food available. This destination is easy to reach because it is only approximately 70m away from the metro station.

Nearest MRT Station: Jiantan Station (Red Line – 2)
Best Time to Visit: 5pm-1am
Entrance Fee: FREE

Presidential Office Building

During Japanese occupation, this building served as the Office of the Governor-General of Taiwan. It then became the Presidential Office Building of the Kuomintang. This attraction provides a glimpse of Taiwan’s colonial history and its political development over the decades.

Nearest MRT Station: NTU Hospital Station (Red Line 2)
Open: Daily, 9am-11:30am
Entrance Fee: FREE (with passport)

Longshan Temple

This temple dates back to the 1730s. It was built by settlers from Fujian, China. Situated in Wanhua District, Longshan has survived for more than a century and the ravages of war and natural calamities. It is a house of worship for Buddhists and Taoists. If you have time visit the nearby night markets of Huaxi and Guangzhou.

Nearest MRT Station: Longshan Temple Station (Blue Line 5)
Open: Daily, 6am-10pm
Entrance Fee: FREE

Ximending Youth Shopping District

This area is a popular entertainment, dining and shopping district reminiscent of Tokyo’s Harajuku. You’ll find shops of global brands, bars and clubs. Ximending is a great place to cap off your night after exploring the top attractions of Taipei.

Nearest Station: Ximen (Blue Line 5 or Green Line 3)
Entrance Fee: FREE

Shida Night Market

This market in a university district is a hit with the local youth with many bars, restaurants and cafes within its confines. It is also a good place to shop for trendy clothes operated by budding entrepreneurs.

Nearest Station: Taipower Building Station (Green Line 3)
Open: 12pm-12am
Entrance Fee: FREE

Raohe St. Night Market

This night market is one of the oldest in the city. Located in Songshan District, you’ll find stalls, shops and even carnival games during your visit. Explore the market from end to end to get a local feel.

Nearest Station: Songshan (Green Line 3)
Open: 5pm-11pm
Entrance Fee: FREE

Sample Taipei Itinerary

Here’s a sample 3-day 2-night Taipei itinerary. Note that this assumes you’re staying near Taipei Main Station or Ximen Station. Feel free to tweak to match your preferences and flight schedule.

09:25am – Arrival at the airport
10:25am – MRT to Taipei Main Station, NT$160
11:25am – Walk to Hotel
11:50nn – Hotel check-in or drop bags
12:10pm – Lunch, NT$150
01:00pm – MRT to Shilin Station, NT$25
01:20pm – Bus to National Palace Museum, NT$15
01:40pm – National Palace Museum, NT$350, Book Here!
03:40pm – Bus 213 to Martyr’s Shrine, NT$15
04:00pm – Martyrs’ Shrine
04:45pm – Watch Changing of the Guards
05:10pm – Bus to Shilin Night Market, NT$15
05:50pm – Shilin Night Market, Budget: NT$250
08:00pm – MRT to Taipei Main Station, NT$25
09:30pm – Lights out

05:00am – Wake up call
07:15am – MRT to Ximen Station, NT$20
07:45am – Jiufen-Shifen-Yehliu Tour, NT$680, Discounted Ticket Here!
Plus Lunch, NT$200, and Yehliu Entrance Fee, NT$80
05:00pm – Back to Ximen Station
05:10pm – Explore Ximending
06:30pm – Dinner, NT$150
08:30pm – MRT, NT$20, or walk to hotel
10:00pm – Lights out

08:00am – Wake up call, pack up
09:30am – Early check out, leave bags
10:00am – MRT to NTU Hospital Station, NT$20
10:30am – Presidential Office Building
12:00nn – Lunch, NT$150
01:00pm – Walk to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial
01:30pm – Chiang Kai Shek Memorial
02:30pm – MRT to Sun Yat Sen Station, NT$25
03:00pm – Sun Yat Sen Memorial
04:00pm – Walk to Taipei 101
04:30pm – Taipei 101, NT$510, Get Discounted Ticket Here!
07:00pm – MRT to Main Station, NT$25
07:30pm – Pick up bags
08:00pm – MRT to Airport, NT$160
09:00pm – Flight check in

For more information about traveling in Taipei including budget breakdown of the itinerary above, read this: TAIPEI TRAVEL GUIDE!

Top Budget Hotels in Taipei

Here are the top budget hotels according to Agoda users.

Cho Hotel Taipei
Cho Hotel, Taipei. Image provided by Agoda.

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ • 4️⃣ • 2️⃣8️⃣

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