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Boracay is served by two airports: Kalibo International Airport and Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, more commonly called Caticlan Airport.

Between the two, Caticlan Airport is much closer and provides a more convenient access to Boracay. In fact, even travelers coming from Kalibo Airport still need to pass through Caticlan because the jetty port, the jump off point to Boracay, is located just a short distance from Caticlan Airport.

However, Caticlan Airport operates fewer flights than Kalibo, especially back in the day when sunset limitation was still a problem and it was not equipped to function at night. Today, there are evening flights, but they’re still very few. Airlines also use smaller aircraft for Caticlan. Hence, Caticlan flights tend to be much, much more expensive than Kalibo flights even if you add the cost of transfers.

But if you’re flying to Caticlan, then you don’t have to worry much about transfers. Getting to Boracay from here is so easy, it can be done in minutes, if you know your way around. If you’re a first timer or you have never been to Boracay since it reopened in 2018, here’s our step-by-step DIY guide!

By the way, this guide is for budget travelers and involves tricycle rides. If, for whatever reason, you want a more comfortable journey to your hotel, a good option is to book Klook’s packaged transfer service. Aside from the air-conditioned van transfer from Caticlan Airport to the jetty port, you will also be assisted through the port processes and the driver can help you with your luggage. The price already includes the van airport transfer, boat crossing, and multi-cab hotel transfer.


Anyway, going back to the budget way, here’s how to get to Boracay from Caticlan Airport DIY-style!

1. At Caticlan Airport, take a tricycle to Caticlan Jetty Port.

Upon arrival at Caticlan Airport, get out of the building and walk past the vans. You’ll find tricycles waiting for passengers. They can take you to Caticlan Jetty Port.

Fare: P75 if you’re alone; P50 per person if you’re a duo. If you’re traveling solo, you can approach other solo travelers, form a group, and split cost.
Travel time: 5-10 minutes.

2. At Caticlan Jetty Port, go through registration and verification processes.

At Caticlan Jetty Port, you’ll find tents and tables set up outside the building. Look for the Registration Area and queue up. You’ll be asked to write down your name (and your companions’) on a logbook. This is used to monitor the number of tourists visiting Boracay.

Afterwards, proceed to the Verification Area. Here, you’ll need to present proof of accommodations. Since Boracay reopened in 2018, it is now mandatory to have hotel booking if you’re spending at least one night in the island. Again, hotel booking is REQUIRED.

3. Pay the fees.

After having your hotel booking verified, proceed to the payment windows.

Snap by Leo Valencia

Oh, wait, before that, decide whether you want to take the cheaper pumpboat or the bigger but pricier Oyster Ferry. There are separate queues for pump boats and oyster ferry, so make up your mind first.

Here are the rates per person:

  • Pump Boat (Day: 5am-5:40pm): P25
  • Pump Boat (Night: 5:40pm-9:45pm): P30
  • Pump Boat (Midnight: 9:45pm-5am): P50
  • Oyster Ferry: P100

Once you’re decided, fall in line. Once you reach the counters, you will also need to settle other fees along with the boat/ferry fare. Here are the other fees:

  • Caticlan Terminal Fee: P100
  • Environmental Fee: P75

If you choose to take a pump boat, prepare a total of P200-225 per passenger.

If you choose the Oyster Ferry, prepare to shell out P275 per passenger. Oyster, shell out, get it? Nevermind. Sorry. Haha.

You’ll settle all these fees at once but you’ll be given separate receipts.

4. Board your boat or ferry.

After payment, enter the port building. You’ll have to go through a security check. Proceed to the Passenger Waiting Area and wait for boarding.

When it’s time to board, find your boat and queue up.

Travel time is 10-15 minutes.

5. Take a tricycle to your hotel.

Boracay has two ports: Cagban Port and Tambisaan Port, both in Barangay Manoc-Manoc.

But you’re most likely going to be headed for Cagban Port. Either way, you will find tricycles waiting for passengers by the gates of the port. They can take you to your hotel or resort in White Beach for P100-P150 per ride.

You can also take the multi-cab for P40 per person.

That’s it! Welcome to Boracay!

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Josef Perez

The tricycle from Caticlan airport to the port now costs 150 pesos. :(


Is this for solo only? Or for the whole cab?


Hi! What if my companion goes first to boracay and the booking hotel receipt is under his name, if i’ll present it, will it be granted by the officers?


Thanks for your blog, it will really help us a lot, since we’re going to boracay by sept 30


Hi, me and a few friends are travelling to Cebu-Borocay-El Nido-Cebu-home.
We have booked our Cebu hostel, and are looking at booking our flight to Caticlan and consequent boat to Borocay. Do we need to book the boat transfer in advance (have been looking on island star express), or do people usually buy the boat tickets at the port/jetty on the day?

sherry ann cipriano dsilva

hello thanks for the informations Do i need to book all this activities online can i just go in their office on the beach TO book on Klook Travel !!Thank u

June Ivy Ang

Hi. I would like to know if an elderly with mobility problems can easily take the ferry to Boracay?

Thank you.

Joiy Ian Ragasa

Hi how much if hotel to caticlan airport transfer?


I wonder if transportation from Caticlan to Boracay is available even during the Easter Weekend (Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday)?


Hello. 24hrs po ba talaga yung boat transfer from caticlan to boracay? May times po ba na tumitigil sila ng gabi pag malakas yung alon? Thanks!


Hi, I will be visiting Boracay this month and this post has been very informational to me.

Thanks, keep writing.


Hi! Have these prices changed since posting this article? Please share/update the new prices, in case any changes. Thank you!


Hello, thank you for this very helpful guide, it gave me the confidence to arrange transfer myself. Some changes I noticed since you posted which may help future travellers:

1) prior to getting processed at the port, we need to generate a qr code. Google “Boracay tourist QR” and fill the form in to get a qr code.
2) go the a verification window at the port first. They check qr code, ID, and hotel booking. They give you slips to take to pay fees
3) go to fees desk. I can’t remember the price breakdown but as foreigners we needed to pay 400php each here.
4) you then leave the port building and there’s a ticket booth for boats. Only one option/price – can’t remember if it was 50 or 100php each.


Prices went up. Environmental fee for foreigners is now 300php + Terminal Fee 150php.

Boat is still 50php and tricycle also 50php per person if you can join someone.


Terminal and environmental fee for foreign nationals now 400pesos. Boat still 50 if you overcome all the obfuscation before

Stephen Westrip

As you have been recently, what constitutes accommodation verification? A booking on Agoda that you show them? Something printed out? I understand it needs to be an accredited hotel but that is all that is explained.

Liezel Alvarez

This is helpful Thank you