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2019 • 12 • 10

As someone who lives in Cavite, I am fortunate to find a home-based job that allows me to work without having to brave the dismal traffic to and from Manila. That said, I am one of the countless people who have been hoping for promising, more comfortable alternatives to spending hours on the bus. After all, I still find myself needing to be in Metro Manila every now and then.

But here’s the good news. Very recently, two new ferry routes connecting Cavite City and Manila have been launched. These are point-to-point services and do not have any other stops in between. Both employ so-called water jeepneys.

  • Cavite City-CCP and back. MB Seaborne Mercury.
  • Cavite City-Lawton and back. MV Island Sabtang.

I got too excited so I immediately gave it a try. It was fast and comfortable, and will benefit those living in Cavite City and surrounding areas who want a quicker way to reach Manila. I feel like the regular fare is too high for ordinary commuters, but this is still a step in the right direction.

For now, you can ride it FREE OF CHARGE until January 9, 2020!

Anyway, I documented my trip so I could share more info with you. Here we go.

Cavite City-CCP: MB Seaborne Mercury

Artwork courtesy of MARINA


  • Name of boat – MB Seaborne Mercury
  • Seating capacity – 28 pax
  • Air-conditioned

Travel time:

  • 20 minutes


  • Cavite City Port Terminal, at the back of the Cavite City Hall
  • CCP Bay Terminal, Manila


  • Regular – P200
  • Student – P160
  • Senior Citizen – P143
  • Child (4-11 years old) – P125
  • Child (0-3 years old) – FREE

The fares above will be implemented starting January 10, 2020.
From now until January 9, you can enjoy the ride for FREE.

Cavite City-Lawton: MV Island Sabtang

Artwork courtesy of MARINA


  • Name of boat – MV Island Sabtang
  • Seating capacity – 57 pax
  • Air-conditioned


  • Cavite City Port Terminal, at the back of the Cavite City Hall
  • Lawton Pasig River Ferry Station (Quezon Bridge) near Liwasang Bonifacio


  • Regular – P160
  • Student – P128
  • Senior Citizen – P114
  • Child (4-11 years old) – P80
  • Child (0-3 years old) – FREE

The fares above will be implemented starting February 1, 2020.
From now until January 31, you can enjoy the ride for FREE.

Some Tips Based on Experience

  • Bring an ID. You will need to register on the manifesto and check your ID.
  • Go straight to the dock. While the ferry ride is free, you can go straight to where the ferry is docked. When the FREE period is over, passengers will need to buy tickets from the booth at the terminal first before boarding.
  • Always remember where the life vests are. On MV Island Sabtang, they’re on the overhead ledge. On MB Seaborne Mercury, they are under the seats.
  • The ride is a bit bumpy because these boats are fast. If you’re the type who gets sea sick easily, bring a barf bag just in case.
  • First come first served. Both MV Island Sabtang and MB Seaborne Mercury are small and can only accommodate 57 and 28 passengers respectively. It can get full easily if more people start using it.

In our experience, the boarding process was quick because there weren’t a lot of passengers. Not many people are aware that these services are now operational. I shared the boat with only a few others. The situation might change as more people decide to use these boats, so we highly encourage to be at the terminal early, just in case.

Overall, it was a fast, comfortable journey. It’ll be very beneficial for those living in Cavite City and surrounding areas. I can also see tourists using this service. But I feel like the fare is too high for ordinary commuters. I hope the price will improve in the future. But for me, it’s a good development. Baby steps, yes, but still a move forward.

More Tips on YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Mariah Cruz
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PIO dineros

The fare is affordable. It might be slightly higher vs bus or jeepney ride but the time save vs regular ride is compensable. Operation must be able to sustain expenses to continue the service. The time save & less stress will add to someone time life.

Papa jack

Hindi kaya ng ordinary passenger ang fare, sana bigyan ng pang masa pasahe ang mamayan.ung abot kaya ba.


Kung ang punta ko dasmarinas cavite pwede ba dyn sakay ko?thank you!

Yosh Dimen

Hi Nida, parang malayo pa from Cavite City yung Dasma.

Amormio Duclayna

Sobrang mahal ang pasahe kung pwede ibaba nyo naman tsaka bakit hanggang alas 9 lang ang ride dto sa Cavite City papuntang Lawton at ang susunod ay 4:30 na ng hapon? Bakit walang tanghaling biyahe from Cavite City to Lawton?


I understand that this is primarily for employees and students commuting to Manila. I just hope they have weekend schedules.

Mel Antipolo

So what happened with this service 2 years after it was launched? i can’t find any reliable source to get accurate information on this ferry routes.


Is this Ferry still operating as of today 2.22.2022 ?
I’m planning a trip to Manila in April and want to plan ahead to what hotel is close to the Ferry Terminal.

Yosh Dimen

Hi MM, di ko po sure ngayong nag-pandemic pero parang hindi na po yata.


Thank you. I hope maibalik nila. Maasign kasi ako sa Dalahican at based sa naresearch ko. sobrang tagal pag land travel at di pa din ako sure actually kung saan yung Dalahican. I’m totally clueless kasi haggang Cubao, North SM lang ako. Thank you.


Is this still operational ngayong 2022? Thanks.

Yosh Dimen

Hi Bro. Di na po yata. Tried messaging MARINA to confirm. Balikan kita pag nagreply po.


Hi is this still operational?