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Last updated: 2022 • 10 • 10

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, travel has been a big question mark. A lot of us have not been able to travel to explore new destinations during the past year or even visit family or friends. Making plans became difficult too because it’s impossible to predict what the situation would be and what travel restrictions would be in place. To offer more flexibility to travelers, Cebu Pacific Air released a treat that could help you with your travel plans even if you don’t have much plans yet.

Cebu Pacific Air’s CEB Super Pass voucher allows you to buy a ticket now and decide when and where you’re flying to later. This is a limited-time pre-Christmas treat. The CEB Super Pass is up for grabs from October 10-13, 2022.

The one-way voucher costs only P99 (base fare) and can be used for flights to ANY Philippine destination. This does not cover the government taxes and terminal fees.

Sale period: 10-13 October 2022
Redemption period: 10 October 2022 to 23 November 2023
Travel period: 17 October 2022 to 30 November 2023

CEB Super Pass 2022-23 Travel

How to Purchase CEB Super Pass

1. Visit the official CEB Super Pass page.

CEB Super Pass Purchase 1

Go to the CEB Super Pass page of the Cebu Pacific website.


2. Enter the number of passes you want to purchase.

CEB Super Pass Purchase 2

You can purchase up to 10 passes per transaction. Aside from yourself, you can also book for other people. However, remember that once the booking is finalized, you won’t be able to change it or transfer it to anyone else.

Then click BUY NOW!

3. Type the passenger names.

CEB Super Pass Purchase 3

Make sure to enter the correct details and that it matches the details on your government-issued IDs.

You can also buy passes for your loved ones. You simply have to indicate their passenger details during purchase. That said, the CEB Super Pass is NON-transferable.

4. Pay for your passes.

The payment options available are credit card, PayPal, and Travel Fund. Once successful, your CEB Super Pass will be sent to your email.

How to Redeem CEB Super Pass

You can book a flight using your CEB Super Pass as early as 30 days before your chosen travel date or until 7 days before the flight’s departure, as long as there are available seats.

To redeem your vouchers, follow the steps below.

1. Visit the official CEB Super Pass page.

CEB Super Pass Redeem 1

You can find it here on the Cebu Pacific website.

Click on the REDEEM CEB SUPER PASS tab.

2. Enter your Super Pass details.

Under the REDEEM tab, type in the booking reference you received during purchase and the last name of any passenger in the booking reference.

Alternatively, you may log in to your Cebu Pacific account and it will also show the CEB Super Pass bookings you made using the same email address.

Once in, the CEB Pass vouchers you purchased will be displayed.

CEB Super Pass Redeem 2

3. Choose the vouchers you want to redeem.

If you’re booking a round-trip journey, tick the round-trip box. Then, click the voucher/s you will use.

Note: To book a round-trip journey, two (2) vouchers are required to be used. Multiple guests traveling together may be booked at the same time by selecting their vouchers.

4. Search for flights.

Select flights based on the available list.

Important! You may only book flights scheduled 7 to 30 days ahead. It’s a very specific period, so make sure you book no earlier than 30 days before and no later than 7 days before your target date.

CEB Super Pass Redeem 3

For example, if today is October 10, the pass will only apply to certain flights from October 18 to November 9.

Also, it is subject to availability. Not all flights can be selected for free. Some may require additional charges.

CEB Super Pass Redeem 4

5. Provide the Guest details.

CEB Super Pass Redeem 5

Fill in the necessary information on the Guest Details page.

You’re not allowed to change names of the passengers.

6. Purchase add-ons.

CEB Super Pass Redeem 6 Add-ons

Add-ons include meals, seat selector, check-in baggage allowance, and insurance. These are not required.

This is subject to additional fees and charges.

7. Pay the balance.

CEB Super Pass Redeem 7 Payment

Yes, there will be additional charges other than the amount you already paid when you booked. This includes terminal fees and fuel surcharge, which has significantly ballooned recently.

As of October 10, 2022, it usually amounts to around P1000 one-way.

Once the payment is successful, you will be redirected to a confirmation page where you will get a new booking reference number.

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Mariah Cruz

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Jenna Kristine Salem Raquion

good day maam/sir

i just wanna ask if is there’s anyway i can retrieved my super pass voucher? Because i can no longer see it in my email, i really don’t know what happened, Please help me

Maria Evans

Cebu Pacific Super Pass is Useless i tried several times to use it for Dec 17 but i have to pay 7K

Far bagz

Hello, do you have any idea on how to retrieve reference number for my purchase super pass ticket in cebu pacific.i was not able to.screenshot the confirm payment.until confirmation in my email.i dont have acess to book the superpass ticket since i dont know the reference no.


Same here. I cannot redeem the voucher I purchased since I don’t have the reference number. I will I retrieve that?

Yoshke Dimen

Hi! It can still be retrieved. Try reaching out to them via Messenger or Twitter. :)


hello, are they responsive? I had the same issues, I purchased using a guest account tho, and I was not able to screenshot the vouchers because the website automatically refreshed.

mary kimlee etrata

please help to solve this we buy and redeem the super pass voucher but this happen we dont know the status is showing already claimed but we dis not pay our flight book already how come.we already claimed it.

Riza Tolentino

Ngbook po ako ng super pass pero kinansel ko para palitan Ang oras pagbalik ko nkalagay na Po na status redeem dipa namn bayad un Kasi dpa namn nag successful ung payment panu po un magamit



  • If your travel is usually falls on a holiday or a weekend. Regular rates shall prevail over the discounted rates/covered flights.
  • If you don’t want to be hassled once they cancel your flights. The CebPass will be automatically forfeited and converted to cash (parang nagpahiram ka lang sa kanila ng pera w/o interest, talo pa bangko)
  • If you will be traveling to international destinations

Just wait for their annual or seasonal seat sales!!

Helen De La Rosa

When will your next CebPass vouchers available?


How to retrieve CEB Super Pass Reference number?

Rubelyn Dacillo Masculino

good day maam/sir
i just wanna ask if is there’s anyway i can retrieved my super pass voucher? Because i can no longer see it in my email, i really don’t know what happened, Please help me

mary jayne d. caballero

Hello need your assistance please
how to have the details of my Cebu Pac superpass voucher ?
i just paid one but wasn’table to take a pic of the details which is needed for redemption.
my email is :


Hi, should i get a ceb pass for an infant or i can just add him to me when the time i will be booking for a flight?


Good day, i havent received email and the reference num on the cebu pass i purchased yesterday how can i get it to be able to redeem?

Yoshke Dimen

Hi Lezly, wait ka pa a little bit. ‘Yung saken ngayon ko lang na-receive ‘yung email confirmation pero kahapon ko pa binook.


Hello, why can’t I see my vouchers under redeem cebpass even though I have successfully purchased them and emailed me?

Yoshke Dimen

When did you book po?

Chineck ko po yung sakin ngayon, nag-aappear naman.