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Hotdogs have become an all-time favorite snack across the globe. The origin of hotdog (or hot dog) can be traced back to the 13th century in Germany. In the Philippines, it’s also one of the staple breakfast items. It was my favorite baon back in grade school.

We usually have them fried, grilled, on a stick, or in a bun. But there are other ways to prepare and cook hotdogs. Here are some recipe hacks for our well-loved hotdogs that we found on YouTube.

Note: You are not limited to using the regular red hotdogs. You can use your favorite kind of hotdogs — beef, chicken, or vegetarian.

Hotdog Bread Rolls

Hotdog bread rolls are easy to make. Yummy Kitchen demonstrates how it’s done with only hotdogs, loaf bread, cheese, egg, and bread crumbs. You can dip the crispy hotdog bread roll in mayo ketchup or eat it as it is.

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Korean Hotdog Dish

If you are someone who loves Korean food and you got Korean spices and seasonings in your kitchen (or you know where to get them), you can try experimenting with Views on the Road‘s Korean hotdog dish. Here are the ingredients that you need: hot dogs, onion, sugogi dashida, Korean pepper flakes, sugar, sesame seed oil, sesame seeds, and cilantro (optional). You can have this dish with rice or wrap it in lettuce.

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Hotdog Sisig

Yes, there’s a hotdog version, and Liza Jakiri shares her own recipe through her channel. Her recipe includes ingredients like onion, green chili, liver spread, and oyster sauce. Sprinkle with kalamansi. You can eat it with or without rice. I mean, pulutan anyone? And you might want to add some eggs too. :)

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Adobo Hotdog

We, Filipinos, are proud of our adobo, and MaryValerie Food Tasting shows us how creative we can be with it. Aside from the usual ingredients like garlic, onion, vinegar, and soy sauce, she added green beans (or long beans) to add texture to her adobo hotdog dish.


Cheesy Hotdog Toast

Friend-Cheap Menu‘s hotdog sandwich or toast can be served in breakfast or as merienda. To prepare this, you need hotdogs, loaf bread slices, cheese, and eggs. Watching the video, I discovered a new way of slicing hotdogs. :P

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Cheesy Hotdog Crunch

Mommy Icey‘s cheesy hotdog crunch recipe requires minimal ingredients — loaf bread, cheese, milk, bread crumbs, eggs, and of course, hotdogs. She suggested ketchup, mayonnaise, ketchup mayo, garlic mayo, or mustard for the dip, but then again, you are free to partner it with whatever dip or sauce you like. She used skewers, but you may also serve per roll.

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Cheesedog Chips

To be honest, it’s my first time hearing about cheesedog chips, but Aily’s Love proves that it can be done. With only a few ingredients such as cornstarch, flour, flavor seasoning mix, salt, and black pepper, she was able to create snack-worthy crispy cheesedog chips. As suggested, you can pair the chips with sweet chili sauce, ketchup, spicy vinegar, or fishball sauce.

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Hotdog Spaghetti

This is one fun way to eat hotdogs and spaghetti that adults and kids will enjoy. Although Scrumptious‘ version does not have the usual tomato sauce, it’s still kid-friendly. The ingredients are hotdogs, spaghetti pasta, butter, and cheddar cheese. But you can use whatever sauce you want — tomato-based, cream-based, or oil-based.

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Hotdog Sandwich Ideas

Hotdog sandwiches are extremely popular snacks. People eat them inside movie houses and sports arenas, in school fairs, or even when simply hanging out at home. The easiest to make involves putting a hotdog in a bun, splattered with ketchup and mayo (or mustard). But if you want to amplify your hotdog snack, Kenmore features toppings suggestions for four varieties of American hotdog sandwich:

  • Chicago Hot Dog
  • Los Angeles Grilled Hot Dogs Wrapped in Bacon
  • New York Hot Dog
  • Southern Hot Dog with Chili

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