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KOREA ON A BUDGET: Seoul Travel Guide & Itinerary

Some countries change your life even before you set foot in it. One lazy day at the university, I was chillin’ with friends at the lobby of our college building when the College Secretary approached us. “I’m looking for volunteers,” she said. Apparently, exchange students from Korea had arrived way

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Here’s a sample itinerary for a 5-day, 4-night tour in Seoul. This assumes the following: You are a group of two. You will be staying in a twin room at Fully Hong Hostel. You will be using a T-Money card (T-Card) when taking public transportation. Your meal allowance is limited

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Seoul: Top 10 Best Hostels 2017

Most of our readers who have never been to South Korea mistakenly think that Seoul is an expensive destination. And when we ask them why they make that assumption, many of them point to Seoul’s reputation as a futuristic metropolis and the glossiness of the K-pop culture. Some even bundle

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Where to Stay in Seoul

Seoul has three unofficial tourist districts because of the high concentration of budget lodging options: Jongno, Myeongdong, and Hongdae. Which is the best? Well, I hate answering with “It depends,” but I have to say, “It depends.” Haha.