There are three modes of transportation available: train, bus, and taxi. Taxis will be much more expensive let’s not discuss that.

AREX Express Train: The fastest option

The Airport Railroad Express (AREX) EXPRESS Train. Emphasis on EXPRESS because there are two types (Express and ALL STOP, which I will discuss below.

The Express Train usually costs ₩14,800, but I think discounted rates are still in effect, which is only ₩8000 for adults and ₩6900 for children.

Travel time is 43 minutes.

AREX All Stop Train: The cheapest option

AREX ALL STOP Train. Will stop at all 12 stations before arriving at Seoul Station.

It’s 15 minutes slower (travel time: 58 minutes), but costs only ₩4250.

Bus: The easiest option

By bus, if your hotel is close to one of the many bus stops scattered throughout the city. I say it’s easiest because there is no need to switch trains. I personally prefer this method because I despise transferring to another train line when I have 20+++ kilos of baggage on my back. The good news is, the three main backpacking districts in Seoul have their own bus stops!

If you’re taking the bus, you need a ticket first. You’ll find the ticket booth on the first floor, near Gate 4. If you can’t find it, there is also an information counter on the same level, so you could ask for directions.

Once you have the ticket, you will need to find the right gate. More info below:

Incheon Airport to JONGNO

  • Bus 6002
  • Board at Gate 5B or 12A
  • Get off at Jongno 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, whichever is closest to your hostel/hotel.
  • Last bus: 11:30pm.
  • Fare: ₩10,000.

Incheon Airport to HONGDAE

  • Bus 6002
  • Board at Gate 5B or 12A
  • Get off at Hongik University Station
  • Last bus: 11:30pm.
  • Fare: ₩10,000.

Incheon Airport to MYEONGDONG

  • Bus 6015
  • Board at Gate 5B or 11B
  • Get off at Myeongdong Station.
  • Last bus: 10:50pm.
  • Fare: ₩15,000.

If your hotel is closer to a subway station than the bus station, then take the train instead.

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    HI there. Have you tried Korail 3 day pass from seoul to busan. Can I use this to other tourist train bound to Gochang and back to Seoul? Tnx

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