From Laguna

A Rainy Road Trip in Laguna with the Chevrolet SAIL

We were all set to hit the beach. When Chevrolet tapped us to try the new SAIL for a weekend, we immediately planned a road trip to the beach. We had our swimming clothes packed, sunglasses ready, and sunscreens applied. 

But rain poured that morning, we knew plans would have to change. The beach, no matter how stunning, loses points under tearful skies. It was our signal to switch gears and turn to Plan B. We knew exactly where to go: LAGUNA.

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Hulugan Falls, Laguna: Budget Travel Guide 2016

How do you wake up a sleepy town? With a giant splash of cold water.

The municipality of Luisiana in Laguna has been dormant, barely earning a blip in the tourism radar. But as more and more Manila-based adventurers scour the surrounding provinces for amazing attractions that are easy to reach, it was only a matter of time for Luisiana to wake from slumber. And the mighty Hulugan Falls takes credit for that.

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Top 12 Long Weekend Destinations from Manila (No Flights Needed)

Being a full-time employee in Manila is no joke. Every single morning, stress (in the form of horrendous traffic) greets you even before you step into the office. Then you spend at least nine hours of your day working your butt off. You end the day enduring another hour or two stuck in a sea of cars. When you get home, you just collapse into your bed because you’re too tired to do anything else. The next day, you repeat the same routine all over again. No wonder we have an undying love for weekends.

But you know what we love more? Long weekends. When a non-working holiday falls just around a weekend, we know it means more time to relax, pamper ourselves, and do the things that we love. One of these: travel.

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8 Unusual Cemeteries in the Philippines

Cemeteries are not exactly the type of destinations that tourists write on their bucket list, and it’s not hard to see why. It is that one place we most associate with death. After all, this is where the departed are laid to rest.

Most of us only find ourselves here when we pay respects to a loved one who has left us for good. Or when it’s All Souls’ Day, the time that we honor their memory. Otherwise, many do not see a reason compelling enough to push us out of our way to visit a graveyard. And truth be told, aside from the creeps they give, most cemeteries look alike.

But there are exceptions. Here are eight unusual burial grounds that are worth braving.

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I Found My Childhood at Casa San Pablo: Laguna, Philippines

For the longest time, I felt like a part of me had been missing. Whenever I come home to my hometown, I’m appalled by how much the place has changed. Even our house is completely unrecognizable. The trees that I grew up climbing, the grass covering our backyard, they are gone. Long gone. What’s there now are pavements. Concrete floors with nothing but dust. Yes, dust is what’s left of my early years.

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