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2011 • 4 • 11

Traveling is hard. Traveling with kids? That’s a different story. Kids can only do so much walking and they can get exhausted easily. That’s exactly what happened to us. My niece and nephew got physically tired after just 5 hours walking around so we had to go back to our hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui to rest.

Instead of staying at the hotel, my sister and I decided to push through with our plan of visiting the night market and leave the kids with our mom at the hotel.  And so we went to Mong Kok.

How to Get to Mong Kok from Tsim Sha Tsui

It’s best to take the MTR.

  1. Walk to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station.
  2. Take the Tsuen Wan train to Mong Kok Station
  3. Take the B2 or B3 exit.

The busy, crowded streets of Mong Kok can be reached by walking from the MTR station.

Night Shopping in Mong Kok

Although many establishments in Mong Kok are also open in daytime, shopping at night is a lot better an experience. Walking with countless people under bright neon lights was more fun than it seemed! The area was so alive and kicking. People flooded the streets from all directions and there were performers on the street.

mong kok hong kong

Mong Kok is said to be the largest outdoor shopping destination in Hong Kong. The streets are like a big open-air shopping mall. You can find the Ladies’ Market (Tung Choi Street) here.

We weren’t sure whether this place got the cheapest buys and greatest deals because we had nothing to compare it to. Actually, some of my friends said that it’s relatively pricey in Mong Kok because establishment owners are aware that many tourists visit the place. Regardless, my sister and I still shopped the night away!

Mong Kok is also home to the goldfish market and Mongkok Computer Center (Gadgets, yassss!). If you still have more energy to drain, you might want to drop by the flower market, bird park and Temple Street just nearby.

It was easy for us to walk around the entire area. Although crowded and chaotic, walking along the pedestrian zone was enjoyable. There were so many Sasa and Bonjour stores and we bought a little too many bottles of perfume! If you’re looking for clothes from Hong Kong’s most popular apparel chains, you will find them all here, too.

Go around the block and you’ll find many outside stores selling all sorts of products — bags, shirts, mobile phone cases, decors, souvenir items. You may make “tawad” here because they don’t have fixed prices. Don’t leave your bargaining skills in Manila coz you will need them here!

budget guide hong kong macau

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Yosh Dimen
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Jezhel Ramos

Hi. Do you know where can we get discounted tickets for disneyland and ocean park? Thank you


download the Klook app on your mobile. You can get tickets there. Even the train tickets are there. Easy breezy. ;)

Aj Garcia

Is the night market open until after midnight? Is it open for 24 hours?

il ram

is its better to get an airbnb accomodation than getting hotel accomodation in tsim tsa tsui?

Maics is cheaper than airbnb


hi, were traveling to japan and we have a 9 1/2 hrs layover in HK. do you think we will be able to explore HK in that period of time? and how far mong kok is from the airport?


Hello. Any chance I can shop online? Would love some purses