7 FALLS ZIPLINE, LAKE SEBU: 60-Second Bliss in South Cotabato

It’s amazing how much you can see in one minute.

In one minute I saw four waterfalls gushing through a lush tropical rainforest. And a rainbow. It was too much beauty to behold in one minute, but I tried my absolute best to take it all in.

View from the line
View from the line

One of the tallest in Asia, the Seven Falls Zipline runs at 180 meters above ground (around 300 meters above sea level). It is divided into two lines: the first extends 740 meters, and the other 420. Visitors dangle and are swooshed 20 meters per second as they scramble to feast their eyes with the gorgeous view, take photographs, and just enjoy the moment. If you could do just one zipline in the Philippines, this is most definitely it.

Even before we stepped into the site, we were already in for a splashy treat. Hikong Alu, the first of the seven waterfalls, cascades by the trail. Hikong Alu means “passage” in T’boli. Standing at around 11 meters (35 feet), it is not as tall as the others, but it is the widest. It flows gracefully across the park and under a bridge, where admirers could bathe it in mesmerized gazes.

Hikong Alu, the first of the 7 waterfalls
Hikong Alu, the first of the 7 waterfalls

I hopped onto the platform, and the staff strapped me tight and safe. I shared the ride with Gay of Pinay Travel Junkie, who was eerily calm and composed while my inner self was vomiting curse words. Before I could freak out, we were released into the air, whipping through the cold Lake Sebu wind.


The First Leg: Hikong Bente and a Rainbow

Above the vast greenery, white columns rise and make thunderous hums as water plunges down the cliffs. Gay and I did not know where to throw bewildered looks. To our right Hikong Bente, the second waterfall, was spraying the atmosphere with droplets that created a bright rainbow, easily visible from the line. Its name suits it well; Hikong bente means “immeasurable.” While its height can be measured — 21 meters (70 feet) — its charm is hard to quantify. It has the ability to catch your attention in an instant and pin it on its breathtaking self.

Rainbow near Hikong Bente
Rainbow near Hikong Bente

The Second Leg: Interconnected Wonders

A pause at this point proved a bit anti-climactic but, in a way, was necessary for me to give myself time to breathe and process the epicness I had just witnessed. From the second launch station, we were back to being a rocketship, zooming over the rugged landscape. This ride is shorter, but not any less stellar. To the left, three more waterfalls  sit next to each other, forming a giant liquid staircase: Hikong B’lebed (zigzag), Hikong Lowig (booth)and Hikong K’foi (wild flower).

A falls-y landscape
A falls-y landscape

All these within one minute of hanging on the line.

At the end of the second leg, a lane of souvenir shops welcomes adrenaline-amped daredevils. T’boli costume rentals are also available to complete the Lake Sebu experience.

Bloggers Dennis of Love Mindanao, Lois of We Are Sole Sisters, and Gael of Pinay Solo Backpacker in a T'boli teleserye
Bloggers Dennis of Love Mindanao, Lois of We Are Sole Sisters, and Gael of Pinay Solo Backpacker in a T’boli teleserye

Seven Falls Zipline
Rates: Weekdays P250, Weekends and Holidays P300

How to get to Seven Falls Zipline: The nearest airport is General Santos. From here, make your way to Bulaong Bus Terminal and board a bus going to Marbel (P83). Take a van to Lake Sebu (P75) and then a habal-habal to 7 Falls (P50).

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Yoshke Dimen


  1. Ms.sheila juico,safe po magtravel papunta jan.gensan airport lng po baba ninyo.commute nlng kayo papuntang surallah,safe po ang daan,dont worry

  2. Sis, Sheila, very Safe place ang Lake sebu, hindi makakapasok ang mga rebelde o any bandido group in that place bcoz of the unity of the people there,(T’boli tribe and Ilongo) dyan lng na place part sa amin Sarangani at South Cot. Na nakakita ako na gumagala at malayang namamasyal ang mga dayuhan o puti late 1990’s up to now.

  3. Angel Em says:

    Naexperience kna rin to amazing talaga… I also suggest to check in sa Punta Isla beautiul place to stay….

  4. George Timothy Delano says:

    this is awesome. But most searches of the philippines warns of dangers there as beautiful as it is and I’d like to go there. Don’t need the problem of increased chances of robbery, kidnapping and murder of foreigners.

  5. Anne Corpuz Gailanan says:

    Hindi naman buong mindanao sinasakop ng mga abusayaf tskkk!!! Tao talaga ohhh napaka O.A kung mag react..

  6. Edna Dela Vega Mijares says:

    Ang dming tagong magagandang yaman ng kalikasan..God bless Phils

  7. Melaiandjhong Dela Cruz Tabangcora says:

    I’ve been there-and I’ve tried the Zipline,wonderful experience,I hope next tym kasama ko na boyfriend ko na c Mang Goryo:)

  8. Neil Deyto says:

    Kapag peaceful na kasi maraming mawawalan ng trabaho lalo na sa military at sa manufacturing ng mga armas. It’s a multi billion dollar business. Lol.

  9. Shu-jen E. Dinsay says:

    Ughs! What’s your plan B if plan A fails? Do you an army of people below to catch a falling zipliner? or maybe a net?

  10. Richard Espanola Avena says:

    wala pa nito nung nakarating ako sa enchanting lake sebu… worth to come back indeed… maganda na ang lake sebu in itself… this is a bonus! :)

  11. wag nyo pong kakalimutan kumain ng tilapia pag nagpunta kyo ng lake sebu…makakalimutan nyo ang mga problema nyo sa sobrang sarap…pti ung zipline…nko poh….nammiz ko ng umuwi….

  12. Yaniham Conogab Odnanref says:

    Yes, i’d been there at Lake Sebu ’tis a very cold and beautifull place…..

  13. Juliet Buban Bertez Justado says:

    mindanao is a very beautiful place. so many tourist spots to offer.

  14. John Timz says:

    mga taong gago hindi lahat mindanao abusayap o NPA nkatira…maraming safe sa mindanao like northern mindanao…try nyo punta ng bukidnon .makaka wow kayp sa ganda ng nature ..many wonderful place and peaceful …isip nman kayo kala nyo liit mindanao….pariha kayo sa mga media hindi marunong mag balita ..mga bugok…

  15. Charina Baldomero says:

    Nganung hadluk man k Amber Guevara Orais, wa gani k hadluk s nyuha lugar adlaw adlaw naay patay, kapeaceful sa Mindanao, kabati diay k adlaw adlaw gyera? Asa diay mi gyera???south cotabato?????pagsure dra!

  16. Zshyng Cris Angel says:

    we dnt convince people with short mind to bare with majestic view of 7 falls. before it become no1 2013 phil geme, the organizer 1st criteria is the safety. for sure it safe. . . to you Amber, never mind if you dnt it will not value the memories of thousand visitors they have.

  17. Ayyy mawalang galang napo sa mga nag ssabing natatakot daw silang pumunta sa jan or sa mindanao kc daw bka my holdaper ei

    Ang mssabi ko lang tga mindanao ako at mapayapa po ang mindanao at wala kang ikabahala

    At nga holdaper po mkikita mo lng sa manila ang mga ganun tao sa mindanao po mbbait ang mga tao bsta kung hindi k siga

    At maraming tanawinng mggada at lugar n mggada sa mindanao

    At alm po nating lhat n ang mindanao ang pinaka mayaman sa kalikasan at kabuhayan

    Kaya po tlgang maipag mmalaki tlga namin ang lugar ng mindanao thanks po

  18. This is really cool o told to my husband next time we visit Philippines we should go in that place I’m from Philippines but living in U.S I’ve been in Cagayan and bukidnon its really beautiful place

  19. maya says:

    That looks amazing! Someday I wish I could do that and blog about it too! The Philippines is beautiful! Must be nice traveling with others that has the same wanderlust.
    Would love it if you check my blog too, he he… nothing much yet… hopefully it’ll grow….

  20. Juliet Buban Bertez Justado says:

    Just positive words, mesmerized. Only admiration to both of you. And i wish i could be there and do the zipline too ;) How much did it cost everything there? excluding the airfare. Much thanks!

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