This blog post is our step-by-step guide to DFA PASSPORT RENEWAL. If you’re applying for a passport for the first time, check out our guide for new applicants instead: Passport New Application Process.

Renewing your passport is easy, much easier than applying for the first time. The process for renewal is almost the same as for new applications, with only a few changes.


Who can renew their passport?

First, make sure that you’re eligible for renewal. Just because you currently have a passport doesn’t mean you can renew. It’s a bit more complicated than that.

You CAN apply for renewal if:

  • Your passport has expired.
  • Your passport will be expiring within the next year.
  • Your passport has no or a few blank pages left.

ePassport vs NON-ePassport

But before anything else, check if the passport you’re holding is an e-passport or a non-ePassport. It is important to distinguish because there is a slight difference in the requirements.

E-passports are those with integrated circuit chip or microchips, where the biometrics data are kept. You’ll know your passport is an e-passport if it has a chip sign in the cover. It looks like this:

Non-ePassports don’t have the chip sign and may be brown, green, or one of the machine readable Passports.


For regular passport renewal, there are only 3 requirements:

1. Confirmed online appointment

The first thing you should do is set an appointment. Do it early. Don’t apply a month before your target travel date. Because of the volume of applications, the schedule that they might give you is way too far away.

I will be explaining this in the next section.

2. Accomplished application form.

Often, the application form is to be filled out online. When trying to schedule an appointment, you will be asked to complete the application form, which you can print out after payment confirmation.

If for whatever reason you need a blank copy, you’ll find a PDF file here. Print it out on A4 paper.

3. Current Passport with photocopy of bio page.

Both the original and a photocopy of the information page.

Don’t forget the photocopy. There are photocopy machines at the DFA center, but it’s better to bring your own to avoid wasting time queuing.

4. Personal Appearance

The applicant must show up at the DFA Office on your appointment date because they need to collect your biometrics data and take a photo of you.


If you’re Holding a NON-ePassport

Bring any of the following Valid IDs with one photocopy:

  • SSS/GSIS Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)
  • LTO Driver’s license
  • Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) ID
  • OWWA or iDOLE card
  • Voter’s ID or Voter’s Certification from the Officer of Election with Dry Seal
  • PNP Firearms License
  • Philippine Postal ID (issued November 2016 onwards)
  • Senior Citizen ID (if senior)
  • School ID (if student)

Update: September 2019! On the DFA website, PSA birth certificate is no longer included on the list of requirements for renewal of Non-ePassport. Previously, renewal of non-ePassport was considered “new application” as though applying for the first time and entailed submission of birth certificate. But as of September 2019, DFA seems to have removed it from the list. HOWEVER, we still encourage you to submit a PSA birth certificate to be safe because despite this, there are accounts that they were still asked to present one.

If your Name has Changed

If your name has changed, you must provide additional documents to support the name change, whichever applies to your situation. These documents must be PSA-authenticated.

  • Marriage Contract
  • Annotated Birth Certificate
  • Annotated Marriage Contract to show annulment/divorce/court ordered instruction
  • Death Certificate of Spouse

If you recently married but you want to keep your maiden name, no need for a Marriage Contract.

If the Applicant is a Minor

If you’re a minor or applying for a minor, you also need to provide the following on top of those listed above:

  • Birth certificate. PSA-authenticated. Original copy, printed on PSA security paper.
  • Valid ID of either parent. Original copy and photocopy. Here are the accepted IDs.
    – SSS/GSIS Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)
    – LTO Driver’s license
    – Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) ID
    – OWWA or iDOLE card
    – Voter’s ID or Voter’s Certification from the Officer of Election with Dry Seal
    – PNP Firearms License
    – Senior Citizen ID (if senior)
    – School ID (if student)

Important! Both the minor and either parent must appear at the DFA Office for the application.

  • If either parent can’t accompany the minor for the application, someone else can take their place provided that they submit a Special Power of Attorney executed by the parent, designating the companion to accompany and assist the minor through the process.
  • If the minor is not traveling with either parent, applicant must also submit DSWD Clearance and Affidavit of Support and Consent. (If the Affidavit is executed abroad, it must be consularized by the Philippine embassy or consulate in that country.)
  • If the PSA Birth Certificate is not clear, you must also submit a copy from the Local Civil Registrar.

For minors aged 7 and below, no need for appointment. You can just visit a DFA office and use the courtesy lane.

For other specific cases (late registered, have no birth certificate, illegitimate child, etc.), visit the DFA consular website for the list of additional requirements.

If You Lost or Damaged Your Current Passport

If you lost or damaged your passport, regardless of whether it had a microchip or not, you will have to apply for a new one. It will be treated as a New Application.

For that, the requirements for New Applications apply. You’ll find the list of requirements here: New Application Requirements

On top of that, you will also have to provide the following:

If you lost your e-passport that is still VALID:

  • Police Report (English), original and photocopy
  • Affidavit of Loss (English), original and photocopy
  • Penalty Fee: Php350.00
  • Additional 15 days in processing time for clearing

If you lost your e-passport that is already EXPIRED:

  • Affidavit of Loss (English)
  • Penalty Fee: Php350.00

If you DAMAGED your e-passport:

  • Damaged passport (must be surrendered)
  • Affidavit of Explanation
  • Penalty Fee: Php350.00

For lost passports, if you were able to save a photocopy of the last issued passport, no need to submit birth certificate. Just bring the photocopy of your lost passport.

For other specific cases, visit the DFA consular website or contact the DFA directly.


1. Schedule an appointment online.

The first thing you should do is set an appointment. Do it early. Don’t apply a month before your target travel date. Because of the volume of applications, the schedule that they might give you is way too far away. For example, if you apply online in early July, they might give you a slot in late August (if you’re lucky) or September.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the DFA Appointment System website.
  2. Choose whether you want to start an INDIVIDUAL appointment or a GROUP appointment. Don’t forget to tick the box saying that you have understood the terms.
  3. Select a DFA office. Ideally, choose the site that is most convenient for you. Don’t think about whether or not they have slots yet. Just choose one. You’ll be able to change it and scan other sites later on. Click next.
  4. Pick a date and time. You’ll be shown a calendar. The earliest open date is displayed on top of it. The dates in green are up for grabs. Those in red are full.

Now here’s the tricky part. It might be hard to see empty slots. You can try other sites or come back later. The DFA has done measures to improve the system, of course, but it can still be tough. Here are some tips:

Sample appointment schedule
  • Keep refreshing. Just because you don’t see an open slot now doesn’t mean there are no slots forever. The system refreshes regularly. Slots that were held for applicants who failed to pay in time open up eventually.
  • Try searching at around 12nn and 9pm. Slots are usually made available at these times, Mondays to Saturdays except holidays.
  • Search other sites. In Manila, there are six sites: DFA Central (ASEANA), DFA NCR East (Megamall), DFA NCR North (Robinsons Novaliches), DFA NCR Northeast (Alimall), DFA NCR South (Alabang), and DFA NCR West (SM Manila). If you’re really desperate, you can also try regional offices.
  • Be decisive. Slots can go away in an instant. You might be eyeing a date one minute, but it’s gone the next. When you see an open slot and you like it, take it fast. Morning slots are usually the last to fill.
  • Make sure you have reliable internet connection. Because the slots will not wait for your page to load. They can disappear fast.

Once you have chosen a slot, the system will reserve it for you for 15 minutes only so make sure you finish the next steps quickly!

Note: Online appointment is FREE. What you’re paying for isn’t the appointment but the passport processing fee.

2. Accomplish the online application form.

You will be automatically taken to the online application form, which has four pages:

  • Personal information. Your name, birth date, contact details, etc.
  • Family information. Your parents’ and spouse’s names and citizenship.
  • Application information. Your application type, citizenship, and emergency contact person’s contact number.
  • Contact information. Your home and office addresses and numbers.

In the Application Type, choose RENEWAL. (For lost or damaged passports and non-e-passports, choose NEW APPLICATION.)

Again, the system will reserve your chosen slot for only 15 minutes so you have to fill out the form fast. Make sure you have the information you need ready before choosing a schedule so you can enter them quickly.

IMPORTANT: When entering an email address, use your free Gmail account. The system seems to be incompatible with custom addresses (even if it’s also Gmail). I first tried using my business email but I did not receive any email (which should contain the reference number). It was not in my Spam folder either. I couldn’t pay for it or cancel without it. I had to wait 24 hours for that schedule to expire so I could try to schedule again. I used my Gmail account and got the email finally. I dunno what the issue is exactly, but that’s the only thing I did differently this time around was change the email address, so that might be it.

You will be asked to review all the information you entered. Make sure everything’s right and then submit the form.

3. Pay the processing fee.

After submitting the form, you will be automatically directed to the Payment segment of the process.

You’ll be asked whether you want regular processing or express processing.

  • Regular Processing. 10-15 days in Manila. P950.
  • Express Processing. 5-7 days in Manila. P1200.

They say that the processing time in the regional offices are much longer (20-30 working days), but I haven’t confirmed that yet.

This is the page you’ll see after proceeding to payment. This is a sample for a group application.

Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Choose regular or express processing.
  2. Click on PAY NOW.
  3. A pop up will appear, tick the “I agree” box, and click PROCEED TO PAYMENT.
  4. You will be led to the PAYMENT page. It will display a list of your payment options, some reminders, and the total amount that you need to settle. Usually, a convenience fee of P50 per person is added to the processing fee. Click on PROCEED.
  5. Check your email. You should receive an email containing your Payment Reference Number and payment instructions. Take note of that reference number.
  6. Pay for the total amount. You have 24 hours to settle it. You will need the reference number and the exact total amount.
  7. Check your email again. You should receive an appointment confirmation. Attached to that email is a PDF file containing three things: reminders, your application form, and the receipt. Print them all out on an A4 paper.
You should receive 2 emails throughout the process.

When paying, please take note of the following:

  • Pay in CASH only.
  • Pay the exact amount. If it’s not the exact amount, the payment will either be forfeited or not processed.
  • One transaction per reference number only. If you make a mistake, don’t try to pay again using the same reference number. Contact the DFA helpdesk immediately at (02) 234 3488.

I paid via 7-Eleven, using one of their electronic machines. I just chose bills payment and searched for DFA, entered the reference number and total amount (including the P50 convenience fee), printed out a slip, and headed for the cashier. Easy breezy beautiful, covergirl. Char.

Now, you just need to wait for your appointment.

4. Show up at your chosen DFA Office for your appointment date.

Of course, make sure you have all the requirements with you, including the printed out application form and appointment receipt.

Here are other important things you must remember:

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment time. Latecomers are not entertained.
  • Bring the original copy and a photocopy of the requirements.
  • Look your best. Haha. You will be taken a photo for your passport. That photo will be with you for 10 years! But don’t apply too much makeup.
  • Come in proper attire. In order to ensure entry to countries with stricter dress code, arrive in decent clothing. The following are prohibited: plunging necklines, spaghetti straps, sleeveless tops, sando, tube tops, see-through tops, halters. Eyeglasses, contact lenses and jewelry pieces must be removed.
  • The “No Escort” policy is in effect. Companions are not allowed to enter the DFA premises unless when the applicant is a minor.

For my most recent renewal, I applied at the DFA ASEANA office. My appointment was at 7:30am. I arrived at 7am. After entering the DFA complex, I fell in line four times:

  • Stop 1: Document verification. This is where they’ll check if you have complete requirements. Most applicants forget to bring a photocopy of their old passport (renewal) or valid ID (new application). Usually, there are photocopy stations inside DFA offices, but just bring a photocopy so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Step 2: Processing. Here, they will check your requirements and stamp your receipt with a date of release. This is also the part where they will punch holes on your old passport, so if you have an immediate upcoming trip and you need your passport, let them know. This is when you should speak up and tell the staff because when they punch holes on your passport, you will no longer be able to use it.
  • Step 3: Data encoding and biometrics. Here, they will encode your name, birth date and other details. They will ask you to double check if everything is correct. Pay attention to the spelling. They will also take your photo, fingerprints, and signature digitally. When you’re done, that’s it.
  • Step 4: Delivery. If you want your passport to be delivered, you will need to queue again and sign up. Delivery fee is P150. They will take the application receipt and give you their own delivery receipt.

If you don’t want to avail of the delivery service, you can skip Step 4 and just go home. Return to the site on the date of release to claim your brand new passport.

The process inside the office is smooth. Although I queued four times, the lines moved fast. The whole thing took less than 1 hour.

Note: If applying at ASEANA office, some touts will tell you that you need a long brown envelope or that you need a pen inside for you to purchase from them. Don’t believe them. They don’t require an envelope. If you accomplished the form online, you won’t even need a pen to write down anything.

Tip! Signal reception within the DFA vicinity is BAD. (They might be using a jammer or something, haha.) If you’re using Grab to book a taxi or car, go to the nearby Petron Station.

5. Claim your passport.

Return to the DFA office on the date given to you when you applied. Proceed to the Releasing window and show your claim stub (if you were given one) and your receipt.

Before leaving the counter, make sure all the details on your passport is correct. Pay extra attention to the spelling of your name and birth date, so you can easily raise concerns while you’re there.

If you can’t claim the passport yourself, you can authorize an immediate family member to pick it up for you. Keyword is IMMEDIATE. Only a parent, brother, sister, husband, wife, or child of legal age is allowed to claim it for you. They need to bring the following:

  • authorization letter
  • original receipt
  • applicant’s valid ID (original and photocopy)
  • representative’s valid ID (original and photocopy)

If the person who will claim isn’t an immediate family member, they will need to bring the following:

  • a Special Power of Attorney.
  • original receipt
  • applicant’s valid ID (original and photocopy)
  • representative’s valid ID (original and photocopy)

If you signed up for the delivery service, expect your passport to arrive 2 days after the date of release.


Is personal appearance required?

Yes. All applicants MUST show up at the DFA office because your photograph, signature, and biometrics will be taken.

Does everyone need to get an appointment before applying?

No. There are some exceptions. The following are exempted and can apply without appointment by using the courtesy lane.

  • Senior citizen and 1 companion. Companion must be an immediate family member. Otherwise, companion must show proof of travel arrangements with the senior (plane ticket or hotel booking showing they’re traveling together).
  • Person with disability and 1 companion. Companion must be an immediate family member. Otherwise, companion must show proof of travel arrangements (plane ticket or hotel booking showing they’re traveling together).
  • Pregnant woman. If pregnancy is not visible yet, medical certificate or records must be presented.
  • Minor 7 years old or below, plus their parents and minor siblings
  • Solo parent and their minor child. Valid solo parent card must be presented.
  • OFW (both land-based and sea-farers). Must present any of the following: valid iDOLE card, work visa, employment contract, or seaman’s book stamped at international border less than 365 days from date of application.

If you’re eligible, just head straight to the Courtesy Lane or OFW Lane at the DFA office.

Can I apply in the province even if I don’t live there?

Yes, you can. Just make sure you have an appointment. Take note also of the processing days, which may be different and will be displayed when you reach the payment part of the online appointment process.

I made a mistake or misspelled something on the form, can I change it?

The bad news is, no, you can’t change it online.

The good news is, you will have a chance to correct it at the DFA office. When you show up for your appointment at the DFA office, you’ll be asked to double check information on the form to proceed with the application. Raise it and have it corrected there and then.

I didn’t receive an email when I secured an appointment. I don’t have a reference number. What can I do?

First, check your Spam or Junk folder. If it’s still not there after waiting a while, call the DFA hotline: (02) 556-0000.

This happened to me. The system seems to be incompatible with custom addresses (even if it’s also Gmail). I first tried using my business email but I did not receive any email (which should contain the reference number). It was not in my Spam folder either. When I called the hotline, they were not open because it’s the weekend.

I couldn’t pay for it or cancel without it. I had to wait 24 hours for that schedule to expire so I could try to schedule again. I used my Gmail account and got the email finally. I dunno what the issue is exactly, but that’s the only thing I did differently this time around was change the email address, so that might be it.

Can I reserve multiple appointment slots for myself?

No. Even when you try again, the system will prompt an error telling you that you have an existing application and you must cancel that first to reserve another.

Can I change my appointment schedule?

Yes. Just visit this page, click on View Appointment, and enter your email address and reference number.

Once logged in, click on RESCHEDULE.

I can’t make it on my appointment time. What should I do?

You can either reschedule or cancel your appointment at least 3 working days before your schedule. Otherwise, you will be penalized by the system.

I didn’t make it to my appointment schedule. What should I do?

Nothing. All you can do is wait for 30 days to make another appointment. “No show” applicants are barred for making another appointment for 30 days to discourage non-appearance.

I’m applying for a DSWD Clearance, a visa and a passport for the child. What should I work on first?

The DSWD Clearance first. You can’t apply for a passport for a minor without the DSWD Clearance.

Then work on the passport because you can’t apply for a visa without the passport.

In summary: DSWD Clearance, then Passport, then Visa.

How early can I apply for passport renewal?

Ideally, one year before expiry.

Remember: the Bureau of Immigration requires that your passport have at least 6 months validity for them to let you exit the country and travel abroad. Because it’s hard to get a schedule, it’s best to start the renewal process 1 year before expiry.

I still have valid visas in my old passport. Can I still use them if I renew my passport?

Yes, you can still use valid visas even if the passport is no longer valid. The visa remains valid regardless. Just bring both the old passport (with the valid visa) and your new passport when you travel.

This happened to me before. I had multiple entry visas when they punched holes in my old passport. I didn’t run into any problem ever. I just give Immigration Officers the visa on my old passport and the bio page of the new passport.

How long does the application process at the DFA take?

One hour. I have renewed passport twice now: first at the Megamall office and more recently at ASEANA office. On both occasions, the whole process took less than one hour from the time they let us in for STEP 1 up to signing up for delivery service.

How many days does the passport processing take?

On my most recent application, my appointment was September 11. I was told to return on September 20 to claim the new passport. That’s 9 calendar days.

If you’re availing of the delivery service, add 2 more days.

Where can I find more info about Passport Application?

Although we try to try to update this post regularly, it would still be best to visit the DFA website or call their office to make sure that there are no changes to this list of requirements.

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Yoshke Dimen
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I am renewing my passport this coming week i currently have the e passport, aside from the appointment, payment, photocopy of expired epassport and application form do i still need to secure valid id and psa birth cert? Thank you!


Paanu ko makakapagfill up ng form kung ndi ko sya maidownload at ndi ko narecieve how can i get that form because i really need to fill up that form pls

maria ivy

what if wla pong mga valid id..pde nba ung old passport but still valid for 7months as a requirements..answer me pls


Hi, I have an E-passport for renewal. I do lack valid IDs. When you renewed yours, did they still ask for valid IDs or just the E-passport is enough? I do have supporting documents but not considered valid IDs to them. I just want to be sure that if they will still ask for IDs even if there’s no change in renewing your E-passport.

Caicy Vidal

Pano po pag nakalimutan dalhin ung old passport?


pano po kung change status need pa po ba ng ibang ID?


One more thing po pala, kasi standard processing ung pinili ko.. pwede po kaya ipa express ko tas magdagdag nalangng payment sa mismkng appointment?


Did they just ask for your old passport,sir? Di na sila naghanap ng kahit anong valid id? Meron kasi akong voter’s id kaya lang sa old address pa namin un. Pwede kaya yun? May appt po kasi ako sa Feb 15. Hope u respond asap po. Thank u!


hi po pinick up nyo po ba ung passport nyo on the said sched or pina deliver nyo po thank you?


hi ask ko lang malapit na ma expire yung passport ko, pwede na po ba ako magrenew pag ka 6 months before expiry ? thanks


Sir. Pano po kong 2yrs more pa? Pd nb irenew? Thsnkyou!


Mam, last month pa ako naka appointment online. Wala man naging option.for.payment and in.fact confirmation email na.natanggap. What should I do?

jeffrey millares

hi , I just want to ask if pwde ba akong mag early renewal 2 years before the expiration of the passport? kasi ang need sa inaapplyan ko for abroad is at least 3 yrs validity of the passport. kasi nung nabasa ko ung mga frequently questions to ask ang ideally is one year before expiry. Thank you for the prompt response


Oops sorry sir. I mean nakaapply na po ako onlne last month. Nag email ang dfa ng confirmation at ang schedule ko is on august 30. Wala naman po ako binayaran pa. pwede po ba yun? Sa dfa nalang ako magbayad?


Hi Yoshke! If one year and eight months pa before my currey passport expires, pwede pa din ba mag-renew ng passport? Hindi pa din naman full yung passport. Pero gusto ko na sumabay sa renewal ng friend ko. Will I be allowed to renew as early as now? :)


Hi Gelo, wala po ba magiging problem kahit more that a year pa before maexpire yung passport mo? Same case din po kasi sakin, more than a year pa po before maexpire yung passport ko and may appointment na rin ako.


Hi, naka-sched na ko for renewal ng passport ko. Kaso, yung brown na passport anv hawak ko, hindi pa sya e-passport. Naka-sched na ko sa september 4 at nabayaran ko na rin. Tatanggapin ba sya for renewal pagdating ko dun?

myra ignacio

hi, nka sked ako on sept 13, 2018 for pp renewal. what are d requirements for pp renewal aside sa old pp?


Can I use my valid visa in my old lost and found passport along with my new passport? Due to my valid visa was accidentally stamped to my old lost passport after found?

Aya Marie

Hiii Yoshkeee , may itatanong kang sana ako. Ahm. Yung passport ko kasi ay mageexpire na this october. Pwede pa ba na magparenew ako ngayong september?


Hi ask ko lang mag-eexpire n kasi passport ko this nov28,2018 at nakapag paappointment nako ng nov.5, 2018.
Anong requirements kailangan kong dalahin. New postal id police clearance lang meron ako.
Thanks would be appreciated if you response. Godbless


hi….nakapag pa schedule po ako pero di po ako dumaan ng payment method pero may email po na dumating sakin na confirmed daw po ung appointment ko…ok lang po ba yun?di po ba ako hahanapan ng reciept pag punta ko ng dfa?


Valid for 24 hours lang ba yung reference number? Another appointment ulit ako, hindi ko kasi nabayaran agad. Thank you.

Angela Morado

Hi po San po ba pwedi mag pa appointment for renewal ng passport?

Ma lourdes cruz

Hi ,kung resident doctor ka na laging duty puede ba pumila sa group ng seniorsat hindi na magpa appointment.ty

Jeralyn Ubana

hello po . Paano po kung nagpareschedule ng appointment and then di po naconfirm yung confirmation of booking. nakatago po kasi sa spam di ko po napansin at nag expire na po.

Jeralyn Ubana

Paano po kung nagpareschedule ka po tas di mo naconfirm ung confirmation of booking dahil nakatago sa spam po. tas after 1 hour nag expire ang confirmation of booking ano po gagawin. Nagbayad na din po ako, ano po possible na gagawin. Salamat po


Hi ano na po nangyari dun sa payment nyo using an expired reference number?


di ko mahanap yong cancel appoinment. paano po at magpanibago akong apointment dahil wala po akong natangapna refenrence number. salamat


HI! pano po kung nakalimutan na mag print ng blank application form? nagbibigay po ba sa loob? or kelangan may sariling dala? thanks.

Edlaine Ann Mercado

Hi! I just recently renewed my passport. Should I bring my old passport to show to the immigration officers that I’m not a first time traveler? Thanks!

Richard E. Tiempo

hi tanong ko lang po, meron n po akong appointment din nabayaran ko na po sa bayad center ngayon yun old passport ko na expired na lastyear sept.24. ngayon appoinment schdule ko sa nov.12,2018 po.. ask ko lng po if pwede paba ma renew at anu yun mga requirements dapat e present ko sa DFA during schdule? salamat po.

Emma ceberano

Hi, senior citizen po ako, for renewal po. puede po ba na hindi na ako mag online application. ? Bring ko na lang application form ko sa DFA at dun na rin magbayad? Thank you po.


Hi, ask ko lang po kasi me and my two brothers have an appointment this october 30, my youngest brother is 17 y/o and nakalagay sa requirements is kailangan kasama parent with valid id. my parents don’t have valid ids at the moment. any idea po kung pwedeng id ng legal sibling?

Wilma sjoberg

Hello po, ask ko lang po, pwd po ba mag pa renew sa mas maaga na schedule time? Schedule ko po kasi is haposn, pwd po bang umaga ako mag pa renew? Thankyou po


hi po pwede po ba ako sa renewal kung yun passport ko ma expried ngaun dec 3 2018


Hi…Pwede po pa-clarify nung item no.4 “No Escort” policy..contradicting po sya sa “Does everyone need to get an appointment before applying” <<Senior citizen and 1 companion..Does it mean na pwede rin mag-apply or renew ng passport ang companion at the same time?


Hi Ma’am,
schedule ko po na renewal bukas. biglaan nmn meron kame trip ng Monday next week sa Singapore .
pwede ko ba gamitin ung passport na luma?? expiration ng luma ko ay September 2019 pa naman.
diba binubutasan sila pag mag renew na. Salamat sa Pag sagot.


Hi, kailangan pa po ba ng NSO pag mg renew ng passport?


how to count the 30 working days? (included ba yung saturday at sunday sa working days?) for example april 01 to may 01?

zilhen lacsun

hi, my inquiry is about unclaimed passport, nkalimutan ko kasi syang kunin, now what is the procedure kung kukuha ulit ako and what are the requirements? thank you and `godbless you.


nagkamali po ako ng birthdate na inilagay..okey na po lahat at confirm na po at my appointment na gusto kng palitan sa online ano po ang gagawin ko


I just renewed po my passport last march 2018.
may stamps and visa na rin po.
Anyway, ang concern ko po eh nagkaroon ako ng nose job (lol) nitong December at medyo malaki ang difference from my biopage picture sa new face ko ngayon.
Okay lang po ba kaya magpa-palit na ng passport kasi sobrang iba na ang face ko from my recently renewed passport to my face now.

Thank you!

beth hitosis

hello po..Ask k lang po kung pwede pa magrenew ng passport na nag-expire na last Jan 19?


Hi pwede na po ba magpa renew ng passport now if the expiration is on Nov 19, 2020? Need pa po ba PSA birth kung renewal and no changes on name naman ? For your feedback pls. Thank you


Hello po April 2020 expiry ng brown passports namin, dito po kami abroad. Pwede po ba na sa December 2019 naming irenew pag uwi namin dyan sa Pinas? At kalian kami pwede magpabook ng appointment para sa renewal ng passport namin, pwede na po bang mag set ng appointment sa October 2019? Salamat


Hi po, tanong ko lang po what do u mean po sa photocopy ng old passport? (renewal) All of the pages po ba ipapa-photocopy po? Salamat po.


Hi po.. Gulung gulo na kasi ako. For renewal po ako. Sa feb 8. Alimall. Gusto ko po kasi talaga ma sure kung need pa psa or nso. Lahat kasi ng mabasa kung email nila bring psa or nso. Husle pa kasi kung kukuha dahil subrang layo smin ng office. Hawak ko naman po old passport ko. Salamat po sa sagot


Good day Sir! Any idea how many working days is their expedite processing. I chose expedite @ DFA Alimall and paid 1,200pesos, I’m just not sure how many days it will take to claim my renewed passport. Thanks a lot!




Hi, this is a very helpful article. First, I was worried because I only have my driver’s license as a valid ID kasi yung ibang IDs ko ay nasama sa wallet kong na-snatch. My only remaining concern is, my passport has been expired since 2016. Okay pa naman ma renew yun no? Hoping for your prompt response. Thank you!


Magrerenew po ako ang damaged passport ng anak kong 10 years old, magbabayad parin ba ako ng regular amount or yung penalty fee lang ang babayaran?hindi pa naman sya expired, may damage lang



This blog is really helpful. Thank you for posting this. All our valid IDs are under our OLD Quezon City address. We recently move po sa SJDM Bulacan (last December lang). Should we register under our OLD Address since un ung meron kaming IDs or pwede kaming mag register po using new address?

Thank you.

Hershely Gube

HELLO po. Ask ko lang po, sadya po ba walang binibigay na claim stub o receipt ang DFA after sa encoding process? After ko po kasi don s encoding pinauwe na po ako , makukuha ko po ba ang passport ko sa date ng release nito kahit wala akong stub o receipt??

John Paul

hi. i just want to ask kung sa june 2019 pa expired passport ko, but may punched holes na sya kase nagrenew nako. is it valid to use the new passport kahit di pa expired passport?

shane capistrano

hi sir..ano po b kaylangan dalhin pg claiming n ng renew passport bukod sa old passport n dadalhin q.?tnx po

Phoebe Gregore

Hello po. Do I need to have the application forms (Encoded and written) be photocopied? Thank you


Hi, I would like to know if I will be able to travel abroad if my valid passport was lost and I had it replaced. I will get the replacement on March 27, 2019 and my flight abroad is April 4, 2019. The passport I had before was burned due to fire accident and it was already valid for more than a year. Please reply to this thread because I badly need an answer, had my flight booked already. :( Thank you!


Hi may question ako. :) Mag rerenew kasi ako ng passport although 1 year before expiration pa naman. The thing is.. Yung renewal ko is 1 week before my trip to Japan. So by that time old passport ko pa rin nasa akin. Magagamit ko pa rin kaya ang old passport ko for my trip habang pinaprocess yung bago? :) Just nervous na baka maharang sa airport.

MJC Dela Cruz

good day po! ask q po sana pwd mag renew ng e-passport for change status gamit ang marriage certificate frm local registrar? kakasal q lng po last Jan at sabi PSA after 6 months or more pa daw bago marelease ang marriage contract. Salamat po


sir/ mam matagal na expired philippine passport ko nung 2005 galling ako california immigrant ako pati greencard ko nag expire na I decide to stay na here In Phils. , pwede pa renew or I am considered applying a new passport , pls reply


Hi there!

You mentioned “On my most recent application, my appointment was September 11. I was told to return on September 20 to claim the new passport. That’s 9 calendar days.” Did you use expedited processing or just regular? Thanks in advance!

Micah Brown


I just referred dun sa mismong site ni DFA. Doon sa non e-passport nakalagay doon kasi na no need na for BIrth Certificate unless nawala mo yung non e-passport and wala kang photocopy nung old passport mo.


Hi Yoshke,

Lovely..very informative..Ask ko lang po, can I ask someone else (a friend or family member) to pay the processing fee on my behalf? Nasa abroad po kasi ako and I needed to lock the date for my passport renewal..Please say yes


OMG you’re a star!!!Love your photos too!!!!Keep it up

One last thing, does it really necessary for paying na you do it yourself or can ask assistance from the chosen payment centers? Kasi baka magkamali ung uutusan ko :|


anyone can help me kung anu dapat ko gawin with a wrong birthdate on my passport. intead of feb 2 naging feb 8 and i just renewed it.. i need to travel back to uae a couple of days hndi po ba magkakaproblema pagdating sa immigration? thanks you po sa tulong nio.


Thanks so much for your help Yoshke :)

Graicelle David

Hi! I’m planning to renew my E-passport this year pro 2020 pa naman yung expiration date, also magrenew din ako ng driver’s license ko. The thing is I’m thinking to change my signature kase nahihirapan ako sa current signature ko most especially pag sa bank transaction. May additional documents ba ko na kelangan ipresent sa DFA just in case I was able to change my signature on my license and will use it on my passport?

Nina Baguilod

Hi po, magtatanong lang. Magpapaprenew ako ng passport and at the same time mag chachange din ako ng surname because married na ako. But wala pa akong any id na nakachange yung surname ko. Ano pong pwedeng kong id na ibigay?

Nina Baguilod

Thanks for the reply yoshke, mag aask pa ba sila ng any id from me?

Nina Baguilod

Thank you soo much for your help yoshke.


This was very helpful. I was a bit stressed because I literally have zero valid IDs other than my ePassport and had thought that I would never be able to renew ever. This part reassured me:”If no name change involved, no need to bring other IDs because your current e-passport serves as your ID. However, it’s always best to bring one anyway.”



Hi. How can I get Philippine passport for my foreign children? Thank you po. God bless.


Hi ! Magre-RENEW po ako ng passport pero ayoko ko pong baguhin ang maiden name ko , is it okay na ung civil status lang ang babaguhin ko ? Are there any requirements na dapat kung dalhin just to change my status only . Please , I badly needed your advice .

Thanks in advance po.


Hello! Ask ko lang po diba kailangan ko print yung application form tapos yun ang dadalhin? Anong paper size po dapat? May online submission pa po ba ng form? Thanks!


hi. oct 2020 pa expiry ng passport ko. pero planning to renew it on july 10. kaso magttravel ako ng july 16. ibabalik ba nila yung passport mo and will punch holes lang upon claiming or will they keep it until claiming date? thanks

Brian Sanico

Hi Good day,
Thank you for this detailed article. I have a situation now, I was accepted to a school in China, will be leaving either August or Sept 2019, my passport though will expire Sept 2020.

My question is can I renew my passport as early as now, May 2019?

Any additional info will be highly appreciated.


Joy M. Peji

What if there were no DSWD clearance in case applicant is not traveling with parent/s?

Joy M. Peji

Just read :)
DSWD clearance is needed po pala talaga :)
anyway, my additional charge po kya kpg nag pa re-sched?

thanks for the reply.


hello po, group application ang ginawa ko pero ang kasama ko lng ang nakakuha ng reference number habang ako walang na receive sa email ( kahit sa spam or junk mail) na ginamit ko… hintayin ko na lang ba maexpire ata=mag apply na lng kami ulit? thank you


Same here. I was on the PAY NOW page- I clicked PAY NOW – it brought me to a different page – PASSPORT APPOINTMENT SYSTEM. below that is —Pursuing the vision of President Rodrigo R. Duterte, the Department of blah blah blah.. and other stuff like reminders..

This article said its supposed to bring you to the page that will show you payment options and your total – but it was not the case for me. Waited for the email, checked spam- none.

What did you do Monique?

Thanks in advance.


i tried to schedule our appointment on line. I already filled up the required form however, It is not my intention to cancelled when the next step “pay registration” appeared…. when i tried to start again to fill up the forms, it appeared ” appointment already exist. pls cancel you previous appointment”. what will I do, i cant cancel since i don’t have any reference number received in my email.. pls help me…thank in advance


Can I renew my passport that expired in the year 2000?


My passport is lost and already expired.. Di ko alam ang passport number. So instead of registering for lost passport, I register for new applicants.. Need kasi ng passport number in registering for lost passport..

Ok lang ba ang ginawa ko? O mayroong tamang process para dito?

Kenj Clemente

Hello! Can I renew my passport 2 years early? So I can have the new 10-year valid passport? Thanks!

Ken Joseph Clemente

Hi. Since I did not get a reply, I tried to find it out myself. I can confirm that one can renew the passport even 2 years before its expiration. I just got mine last week.


Ofw po ako nagrenew na ako ng passport ko last march, til now wala pa din sa consulate ng dubai which is dapat 6 to 8 weeks lang
Any reason po for delay?
Any way po ba online para ma trach status ng passport ko


Hello po sir, Anu po ba requirements for renewal of passport? brown passport po yung hawak ko.


Hi po,
I’m an OFW po here in Dubai and my passport is expiring in October 2019. Sobrang hirap po kumuha ng online appointment dito sa Dubai and most of the time down un system. Unfortunately, when i checked again the earliest appointment no longer fits the schedule na 6 to 8 weeks lead time.

Would you have an idea if passport having less 6 months can still travel to Philippines?
My ticket po is direct flight to Philippines and am planning to have my passport renew sa pinas through the OFW lane expedite process the following day after I arrived.

thanks po and God bless.

Dolores C. Ambil

I have my passport i renewed it 2013 and it expired last Febuary 6,2018. I compare my passport on the picture of the renewed passport its the same. However i am puzzled that it is written down the the passport that can be renewed are not green not brown or maroon. So my passport is color brown but it has a signed of microchip on the cover. My question is CAN I STILL RENEW THIS KIND OF PASSPORT PLEASE REPLY ME. thank you.


Good PM po ,,pwede ba yung postal id for new applicant for passport?

Ernesto De Vega

Hello sir. Maraming salamat sa maraming information na sine-share po ninyo.
May I ask. Kami po magasawa ay parehong SENIOR CITIZEN. Ako po ay retired government employee. Mrs ko po ay housewife. Diretso na po ba kami sa Courtesy lane at doon magfill-up ng renewal forms? Or kailangan po kmi mag fill-up on line? I guess doon na rin kami magbabayad.
Thanks a lot for answering this ASAP.


hi good day!
i am hooked in this blog, very informative.

i would like to ask po sana
kasi relative ko may problema ang birth place..

kwento ko ang case kasi i think sensitive.

first nag ask sya ng copy ng NSO that time, it just happend na no record on file and lumabas then nagpagawa sya LCR sa pinanganakan nya AKA manila.

nag apply for passport and nakapag renewed ng several times na. birthplace manila…

at the moment kumuha sya ng PSA and ang lumabas na birthplace nya is Pasay…

so to check sa municipality records na ang narecord as birth of place is pasay talaga.

ngayon nag conflict ang birth of place sa passport at sa PSA…

passport manila
PSa pasay

any recommendation what to do??
i hope someone can enlighten me, here or highly appreciated if email..
big thanks po

Jeanette Chan Chua

hello sir ask ko lang sana kung pano ako marerenew ng passport ng anak ko age 17yrs. old , nawala ko di ko naman sya na photo copy


Bat sa website po mismo ng DFA

SAME lang ang requirements sa pag renew ng old non-epassport at epassport? Di considered new application ang pag renew ng old non-epassport? And hahanapan lang ng PSA birth cert. if nag palit ng name.

Ric C.


Am an OFW working in Qatar. Am currently on vacation and I need to extend m passport for one year in order to get an OEC. Do I need an appointment for an extension or can I just walk in and apply for one?


Hi Yoshke!

This blog is truly informative and your patient response to each questions and comments here is very much appreciated! You mentioned sa post na
“This happened to me before. I had multiple entry visas when they punched holes in my old passport. I didn’t run into any problem ever. I just give Immigration Officers the visa on my old passport and the bio page of the new passport.”

I just got my 10yrs US visa and my passport will expire in 2 years. Philippine DFA punch holes sa old passport pag mag parenew ako, so matatamaan ung US visa Bio page – sure po ba talaga na tatanggapin pa ung US visa? Sabi kasi sa website ng US embassy if the US visa is clipped or may perforation it is not valid anymore. Thank you in advance sa sagot! :)


Hi ask ko lng mag pprenew kc ko passport merun nko apointment bukas oct 4…n un sked ask ko lng kc un passport ko green pa almost 14 years na xpired tpos un signature ko dun iba kesa s signature ko ngaun lhat ng i.d’s ko ngaun un latest n npirma na gmet ko nde kya ako magkaproblema s pag renew??



Mam/Sir, pano po yan nagbayad na ako tru Cebuana para sana sa appointment schedule ko to process nag Passport kaso until now wala pa rin akong confirmation na accept sa email ko.
Can you pls help me why.

Thanks po.


Papa renew sana ako passport at papa palit kona rin yung surname ko at status from single to married. Pano ko po fillout ung form? Single pa rin ba ilalagay ko dun sa application or yung info kona ngayong married nako. Salamat!

Aristotle I.

Thanks for your informative article.
But I noticed something confusing po from your green color portion:
“Update: September 2019! Non-ePassport holders no longer need to submit a PSA birth certificate…… ”

This might mislead others po.
It should be Epassport holders po ang hindi na need ng PSA birth certificate?



Goodday .. tanong ko lang sir kukuha sana ako ng accomplished application form pero ang nalabas sa website nila is “The website you are trying to access could not be found in the server.” for renewal sana .. ung link na nakita ko dito is for new application eh .. meron akong isang pdf file dito pero kasi may booking reference number na nakalagay baka hindi sya pwedeng gamitin ulit ??


Hello Sir Yoshke, tanong ko lang po sana kung yung penalty fee na Php 350.00 (for lost passports) is isasama ko po ba dun sa babayaran ko na Php 950.00 for regular processing po dun sa 7/11? Thank you po. :)

Ronil Gonzales

Hi good day! ask ko lang po about sa unattended scheduled appointment. pwede po ba sya puntahan bukas? or wala na po iyon kahit already paid na po sya? sayang naman ang payment if ever di na pwede :( nagkaroon po kasi ng emergency that’s why wouldn’t be able to come on the said date.

cyrel jay

hi. ma,am ask ko lang po pag na wala ba ang passport tapos mag pa lost passport ka at hindi mo na alama ng passport NO. mo at date issue at lugar pwedi parin ba maka pa lost passport ?

Vanji Faalili

Hi Sir/ Ma’am;
I have a little bit of a concern please. Well my passport g as expired and I didn’t know that it will be a personal appearance to renew the passport now. Well my concern is if I can’t come to a near c DF place since I’m in Am. Samoa what can I do? And I need to use my Visa by July. Pls help me. I really need helpnpls.


My passport is expiring this 12th of November 2020.
I am an OFW working in Qatar, I had been here in the Philippines since February because i decided to have have a vacation unfortunately I was not not able to return back because of the COVID19 Pandemic and entry restriction had been imposed by the Qatar government for inbound flights.
My flight is scheduled on June 15th, although it is tentative I am hoping for the best.
My challenge is time -and the question I am faced with is am I required to have my passport renewed now or should I wait out till I return back to Qatar and do it the renewal there.


Hello po! Nagbook po ako ng group appointment thru online. Bale 3 kami ang mag-aaply. Nung naka-receive ako ng email para sa payment, isang reference number lang ang binigay. If tama yung pagkakaintindi ko, 1 reference number per person po diba? Or kaming group na yung nandun sa reference number? Tapos nung nagsend sila ng payment instruction sa site, at first, for 3 people yung nakalagay tapos nung chineck ko na sa email 1 person na lang imbes paying for 3 people. Sana po medyo clear yung tanong ko haha. Medyo naguluhan po kasi ako. Salamat po.

Liza Leonin

Thank you. I had learned so much info needed for the passport renewal

Noemi Danio

Good day everyone, I have an online appointment and they give me already my confirmation, but there is part there says click here so can print the form. My problem is I can’t open it and it says 404 server how can I print the form if I can’t open file.


Need pa po ba ng birth certificate if you applying for renewal of passport?


paano po pagwala akong makuha na appointment date.tapos bagong ofw plng.. halimbawa. ang alis ko ay january pero ang mga available na slot ay february pa..paano po kaya pwedeng gawin pag bagong ofw…salamat


I already secured an appointment but the problem was I did not receive a confirmation email on my gmail account. Should I wait for 24hours for the appointment to expire?
By the way, I learned a lot, very informative. Thanks.

Eloisa Canlas

passport ku po maeexpired na this February 2021 May chance pa po ba ako mahabol for a renewal but we’re trying to get an apppointment online na po but Medyo nahihirapan po kami makakita nang appointment through online nang Maaga b4 expiration date ku po sana.pls I need an advice Kung anu po dapat ku Gawin??

Ginalyn Sagmit

We already paid for our passport renewal scheduled in 7/11 last jan. 15 but it seems untill now my husband dont have confrmation just not like me I alreeadt received it, can you help me pls what is the best way to do?


Hi ask ko lang po if may nakaranas din po ba sa inyo na nageerror ung page pagkaclick ng “pay now” sa payment segment

Antonette J.Batulan

Can ia asked something for u?
Pwd ko po ba mailipat ng mas maaga ang appointment ko for renewal passport?
Bale nagpapaapointment lng po by using a man, then, na schedule na nia, by this march 29, ang schedule ko po, ang sobrang tagal po, nees ko na po kc, this feb,last. Pwd pa po ba magawan ng paraan, kaht nakapay napo ako.
Maraming salamat po!!!

Maurice Mendoza

Hello po. nakapagrenew po ba kayo earlier kahit march pa yung appointment date nyo? Same case kasi ako. Kailangan ko na yung passport asap pero june 17 pa yung nakuha kong appointment. I would appreciate a response. thank you po.

chariel francisco

if di po nakapunta sa appointment kasi I found my lost passport naman valid pa nmn po ung old passport no?


May limit po ba ang pagppacancel ng appointment? Salamat


Pag nag parenew po ng passport, bagong passport number po ba ito o same passport number pa din


Ilang araw po ang release ng regular processing ngaung pandemic? At pwede po ba magpachange ng rush sa regular processing if bayad na?

Mahalaleek ferree

Ask Lang po ako kung pwede pa ba ako mag renew kahit lagpas na sa expire date niya?kc wala nang available slot para appointment sa June 1 pero ma eexpire ako ngayong april 21 pwede pa kaya? Please help me