Immigration policies are a minefield. Not only are they different from country to country, they also vary depending on other factors such as the nature and purpose of your trip and your background, among others.

Although there are a lot of reliable sources of information online, policy changes can happen quickly or frequently that news media or blogs can’t always keep up. And then, there are cases that may be too complex that the readily available information isn’t enough or doesn’t apply.

These days, it’s even more complicated because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new normal. Travel and immigration policies around the world are updated faster than before. The documents required also vary every now and then. Because of this, it is best to contact the proper authorities to make sure you would follow the latest policies and prepare the necessary documents for you to be allowed to travel.

If you’re traveling overseas to or from the Philippines and you have questions or clarifications regarding policies, you may contact the Bureau of Immigration. This includes inquiries and information on eligibility and travel requirements in the new normal. You can reach the Bureau of Immigration through their phone number, email, website, and Facebook page.

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