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List last updated: 26 May 2022

Among the tourist destinations that has been reopened to tourists is the town of El Nido in the breathtaking island of Palawan, which has consistently been ranked by multiple international publications as one of the most beautiful beach destinations not only in the Philippines but in the world.

As things get back to normal in El Nido, more hotels, resorts and tour operators are also reopening, giving tourists countless options. But we recommend that you choose an establishment that is accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT). This accreditation proves that they have met the minimum standards set for tourism services and facilities.

If you have plans to visit El Nido soon, here’s the list of DOT-accredited hotels, resorts and tour operators.

Accredited Accommodations in El Nido

Aside from resorts and hotels, we also included in the list below hostels, tourist inns, pension houses, bed-and-breakfast places, and guesthouses, collectively known as Mabuhay Accommodations.

  • A Place To Remember. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Apt The Apartments At El Nido
  • Balai Adlao. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Bulskamp Inn. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Cadlao Resort & Restaurant. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Casa Kalaw. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Charlie’s El Nido. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Frendz Hostel El Nido. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Huni Lio Resort. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Jurias Garden Hotel. Check Rates & Photos!
  • La Casa Teresa Tourist Inn. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Lagen Island Resort (El Nido Resorts). Check Rates & Photos!
  • Layang Layang Home Inn. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Maremegmeg Beach Club. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Miniloc Island Resort (El Nido Resorts). Check Rates & Photos!
  • Moringa El Nido Philippines. Check Rates & Photos!
  • El Nido Coco Resort. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Pangulasian Island Resort And Spa (El Nido Resorts). Check Rates & Photos!
  • Qi Palawan. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Seda Lio. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Stunning Republic Beach Resort. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Telesfora Beach Cottage. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Ahana Resort. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Angelic Tourist Inn
  • Angkla Beach Resort
  • Bella Athena. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Birdhouse Glamping. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Blue Mango Hotel & Restaurant Corp
  • Buko Beach Resort. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Devayns Inn. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Dolarog Beach Resort. Check Rates & Photos!
  • El Nido Bayview Resort, Inc.. Check Rates & Photos!
  • El Nido Beach Hotel. Check Rates & Photos!
  • El Nido Reef Strand. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Island Front Cottages. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Las Cabanas. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Lolo Oyong Bed and Breakfast. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Maligaya Beach Bungalows. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Milan Grace Inn. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Rosannas Cottages
  • Sanse Boutique Hotel. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Sea Cocoon Hotel. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Alocasia Hostel. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Anang Balay Turista.
  • Aqua Travel Lodge. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Cabanas De Nacpan. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Chislyk Inn.
  • Den’Gi Inn. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Duli Beach Resort. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Golden Monkey Cottages. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Green Turtle Resort (Vellago Resort).
  • Hadefe Cottages.
  • Hidden Garden Pension. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Joaquinns Bed And Breakfast. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Karuna Villas. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Lio Villas Resort, Inc. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Mansion Buenavista
  • Matinloc Resort. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Nacpan Beach Glamping. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Pandan Villas
  • Seaslugs Traveler’s Inn. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Villa Del Vincejos. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Weekends El Nido Beach Resort. Check Rates & Photos!
  • Amadeus & Isabel Inn
    Sitio Cabigsing, Brgy. Buena Suerte
  • Angelnido Resort
    Caalan Beach, Masagana Pob. (Brgy. 3)
  • Atplay Hotels, Inc.
    Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Bayview Country Inn
    Lot 694, Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Beachfront Villa Overlooking Pool Pension House
    Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Buenas Haven Travelodge
    National Highway, Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Bulul Garden
    Rizal Street, Brgy Maligaya 
  • Bunakidz Lodging House
    Rizal Street, Brgy. Maligaya Pob. (Barangay 1)
  • Calypso Beach Resort
    Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Casa Cecilia
    Rizal St., Brgy. Maligaya
  • Casa Malaya
    Brgy. Bucana
  • Cauayan Island Resort
    Cauayan Island Resort, Brgy. Buena Suerte
  • Cliffside Cottages
    Brgy. Maligaya
  • Dryft Travels And Expeditions, Inc.
    Daracotan Island, Brgy. Teneguiban
  • Eastwind Beach Club
    Guinling San Fernando
  • Eco Hotels Inc – Suites By Eco Hotel
    Abreu Rd. Sitio Diguiboy, Brgy. Barangay Vi (Pob.)
  • El Nido Garden Resort
    Brgy. Masagana
  • El Nido Hop Hostel
    Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Fabregas Beach Cottages Rental
    Purok Pag-Asa, Sitio Lugadia, Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Faith Rica Pension
    Amboy St., Brgy. Maligaya Pob. (Barangay 1)
  • Fisherman Cottage
    Brgy. Teniguiban
  • Fisheye The Rooms
    Abdullah Street, Brgy. Masagana Pob. (Barangay 3)
  • Hutch Lodging House
    Sitio Caalan, Brgy. Masagana Pob. (Barangay 3)
  • Hwan Dynasty Suite
    Sitio Lugadia Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Innscape Resorts & Suites Inc.
    Brgy. Maligaya
  • Joyful Guest House
    Calle Hama, Brgy. Masagana
  • Keiras Tourist Inn
    Sitio Caalan, Brgy. Masagana
  • La Salangane Caalan Villa
    Sitio Caalan, Brgy. Masagana
  • La Soledad Guest House
    Rizal St., Maligaya Pob. (Barangay 1)
  • Last Frontier Beach Resort
    Brgy. Coron-Corong
  • Laule’a Hostel
    Brgy. Maligaya
  • Lexias Hostel
    Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Lihim Resort
    Sitio Caalan, Brgy. Masagana
  • Lime Hotel El Nido
    Sitio Lugadia, Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Lolo Panding Inn
    Brgy. Maligaya
  • Love Vega Hometel
    Brgy. Buena Suerte
  • Lualhati Garden Cottage
    Rizal St., Brgy. Maligaya
  • Mahogany Resort
    Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Mam Olson Pension House
    Rizal St., Brgy. Maligaya
  • Mananquil Travel Lodge
    San Joaquin St., Brgy. Buena Suerte
  • Marian Pension
    Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Marikit’s Pensionne
    Brgy. Masagana
  • Marygold Beachfront Inn
    Lot 17 B-1, Calle Hama, Brgy. Masagana
  • Mina Grande Beach Cottages
    Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Moon Beach Villas
    Brgy. Teniguiban
  • Morning Walsh Resort
    Pops District, Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Mountain Side Inn
    Rizal St., Brgy. Maligaya
  • Muatala Hotel
    Sitio Maremegmeg,Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Nay Aster Pension
    Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Nido View Deck
    Balinsasayaw Road, Brgy. Maligaya
  • Novie’s Tourist Inn
    Sitio Lugadia Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • One El Nido Suite
    Lot 3, Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Palawan Escape And Reef Resort Inc.
    Brgy. Teneguiban
  • Peak House Garden Pension
    Calle Hama, Brgy. Masagana
  • Periking Pensionne
    Hama St., Brgy. Masagana
  • Raje Residence
    Raje Residence Bldg., Buena Suerte
  • Ricgem Place
    Amboy St., Brgy. Maligaya
  • Rock View Lodge
    Rizal St. Brgy. Maligaya
  • Rodriguez Lodge
    Amboy St. Brgy. Maligaya
  • Rovic’s Pension House
    Hama St. Brgy. Masagana
  • Rovic’s Tourist Hotel
    Hama St., Brgy. Masagana
  • S Resort And Beach Club Corporation
    Rizal St., Corner Real St. Brgy. Buena Suerte
  • Seatopia Beachfront Inn
    Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Sheryl May Inn
    Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • South Anchorage Inn
    Barangay Maligaya Poblacion
  • Spin Designer Hostel
    Balinsasayaw Road Cor. Calle Real
  • St. John Island View Pensionne
    Sitio Lugadia, Brgy. Corong-Corong
  • Sun Valley Inn
    Sitio Caalan, Brgy. Masagana
  • Terra Sancta Hotel
    Sitio Lugadia, Brgy. Corong-Corong

Approved Tour Operators in El Nido

  • Ape Tour Services
  • Discover El Nido Travel & Tours
  • El Nido Boutique Art Café Inc.
  • Go Paradise Travel & Tour
  • Haqqy Life Travel & Tour
  • Leatherback Travel & Tour
  • Philippine Travel A La Carte
  • Umi Travel and Tour
  • Anang Travel & Tours
  • Aqua Island Tours
  • Beachfront Travel and Tours
  • Bellitta Tours
  • Cadlao Travel and Tours
  • Caera Travel and Tour
  • Cashem Travel & Tours
  • Devayn’s Travel & Tours
  • El Swift Travel and Tours
  • Elbyahe’s Travel and Tours
  • Gabreiel Travel and Tours
  • Golden Monkey Travel & Tours
  • Hannah Travel & Tours
  • Helloen Boat Tour Services
  • Jhannas Travel & Tours
  • Kapupuruan Travel & Tours
  • Klienkris Travel & Tour
  • Krischana Travel & Tour
  • Life Simple Pleasure Travel & Tours
  • Lovelyn Travel & Tour
  • Mercurio Travel & Tours
  • Nativ Exploration Travel & Tours
  • Philippine Island Cruise Corporation
  • RR Travel and Tour
  • Spider Travel & Tour
  • Tao Lost Boys, Inc. El Nido
  • Tarawis Travel & Tours
  • Alexzus Travel And Tours
  • Awit At Alon Travel And Tours
  • Bighorn Travel And Tours
  • Buddy Lets Go Travel And Tours
  • Buhay Isla Ecotour (El Nido Branch)
  • Destination Philippines Travel And Tours, Inc.
  • Dolarog Travel And Tours
  • El Moments Travel And Tours
  • El Nido Bay Travel And Tours
  • Elswissnest Travel And Tours
  • Exoticloops Motorcycle Tour
  • Gea Travel And Tour
  • Go Paradise Travel And Tours (Main Office)
  • Hayahay Travel And Tours
  • Isla Magdaphil Travel And Tours Inc.
  • Jbenito Travel And Tours
  • Keelooma Island Camp Booking Office
  • Kulafo Travel And Tours
  • Kuya Cris Travel And Tours
  • Lihim Travel And Tours
  • Northern Hope Tours El Nido
  • Paragua Travel And Tours
  • Ricgem Travel And Tour
  • Rovic’S Travel And Tours
  • Rsj Travel And Tours
  • Soledad De Amor Travel And Tours
  • Spider Travel And Tours
  • Treshfanny Travel And Tours
  • Tropical Paradise Travel And Tours
  • Yva Travel And Tours
  • Z Tours.Ph
  • Zeñorita Travel And Tours

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Such good info on your page, thank you for everything!! Do you know if they have announced any different regulations for people who are fully vaccinated, or do we have to follow the same instructions?


Is Lagun Hotel El Nido included in the list of dot accredited hotels? It’s not included in the list

Yosh Dimen

Hi Coney, if it’s the same as Asyanah Suites & Hotel Lagun, nasa latest list na po sila. :)