The beaches of San Antonio, Zambales, are a perfect proof of many cliches we’ve heard before — the rainbow after the storm, the light at the end of the tunnel, the Phoenix reborn and rising from the ashes. Cliche but true.

Who would have thought that the beautiful Anawangin and Nagsasa Coves were made by a disaster a couple of decades ago? They say that these beaches used to be rocky but Mt. Pinatubo dumped a good amount of volcanic ash that the place was absolutely unrecognizable. Years later, agoho trees started to grow, creating an evergreen forest of what seems like pine trees.

It’s like Baguio and Boracay in one place. This dark yet inspiring history makes Anawangin and Nagsasa very, very special. It is a reminder to everyone of the sheer beauty — and immeasurable power — of nature.

Where the sea welcomes the creek
Nagsasa Cove
View from the top!
View from a hill in Anawangin!

How to Get to Anawangin or Nagsasa

Barangay Pundaquit is the jumpoff point to the ashen beaches of San Antonio.

  1. From Manila, catch a Victory Liner bus bound to Iba, Zambales, and get off at San Antonio Public Market (P250).  Alternatively, you may also travel by bus to Olongapo City, and then board another bus to San Antonio.
  2. Take a tricycle to Pundaquit (P60 per 2 pax, or P30 per pax).
  3. In Pundaquit, rent a boat to Anawangin or Nagsasa Cove.
Anawangin Zambales
Anawangin Cove

Trekking is also a good option. Anawangin Cove can be reached after a 4-5-hour hike over Mt. Pundaquit (Jump-off point: Pundaquit), while Nagsasa after a 5-6-trek over Mt. Nagsasa from Sitio San Martin, Subic.


Boat Rental and Tour Rates

Here are the rates of round trip boat rentals and day tours (as of February 2014):

  • Anawangin Cove only: P1000
  • Anawangin Cove + Capones Island + Camara Island: P1500
  • Nagsasa Cove only: P1500
  • Nagsasa Cove + Capones + Camara Island: P2000
  • Silanguin Cove + Capones + Camara Island: P2500

Note that the figures above are per boat, which means it will still be divided by how many you are in the group. A boat can ferry up to 4 passengers.

Many tour operators also offer packages that already include transfers, food at camp, tents, entrance fees, and boat rental. If you’re a group or wouldn’t mind joining a group tour, you might want to contact:

  • Harry Balais of 7107 Islands Tours

Be clear where you want to go when you send them a message. :)


Where to Stay in San Antonio, Zambales

Camping is the name of the game in Anawangin, Nagsasa, and Silanguin Coves. Unless you’re on a packaged tour, you must bring your own tent.

  • Overnight camping fee: P100.
  • Entrance fee (if not staying overnight): P50

If you’re not really the camping type, you might want to consider checking in at a resort or inn in Pundaquit proper.

Skechers GoWalk

Preparing for a Camping Trip

If you decide to stay overnight at the beach, here are some tips you might want to consider:

Anawangin Cove Tent Area
Anawangin Camp Area
  • Tents. Ask your friends. One of them might just own a tent that you can borrow. A medium-sized tent can accommodate up to four people. But if you’re the type that protects your personal space so much, you can also limit it to only 3. It is not advisable to rent tents. If you planning on renting a tent for P500 per night, ditch it and just buy one. There are tents available at DIY shops and sports houses for as low as P800. Best part is you get to keep the tent and you won’t have to worry about finding one next time.
  • Food. Bring food items that are easy to prepare. Although there are stores on the beach, expect them to be pricier. Cupped noodles, bread and canned goods are good choices. You can try to bring cooked food but make sure they do not spoil easily as you don’t want your buzzkill tummy to ruin the fun. You can also buy fresh ingredients from San Antonio Public Market before the tour and just cook them after. In Nagsasa Cove, paluto services are available.
  • Water. In secluded beaches, water is gold.
  • Can/bottle opener and knife. You will need these to open stuff. Opening things with your teeth is impressive but…
  • Rope. You might need this to create an improvised clothesline so your wet clothes will dry easily.
  • Flashlight. No electricity, baby.
  • Mosquito repellent. Avoid mosquito bites and all the diseases that might come with them.
  • Sunblock. Protect your skin from the sun, of course.
  • Camera. Anawangin offers not just a good place to swim but awesome scenery that you WILL want to capture.

Also, don’t try to bring too many clothes. If you’re staying for only a night, bring just enough. Don’t forget toiletries.


Places to Visit

Here are some places you might want to check out:

Anawangin Cove
Anawangin Cove

Nagsasa Cove
Nagsasa Cove

Silanguin Cove
Silanguin Cove

Talisayin Cove
Talisayin Cove

Capones and Camara Islands
Capones and Camara Islands

Casa San Miguel
Casa San Miguel

More activities: 10 Things to Do in San Antonio

More Tips

Here are a few more tips to make your time in San Antonio more enjoyable.

  • Go to market! The San Antonio Public Market sells meat, seafood, and other ingredients at very affordable prices. If you’re camping overnight in one of the secluded beaches, this is the best place to get raw or fresh ingredients to be grilled or cooked on the beach. They also have Pinoy kakanin like kutsinta, puto, nilupak, and sapin-sapin.
  • Have a star guide. If you have a smartphone, download a stargazing app like Google Sky Map for Android and GoSkyWatch for Apple. Limited or non-existent electricity on the beaches make them ideal places to watch the stars!


If you’re planning an overnight trip at Anawangin Cove with your friends, here are some figures (other than boat rentals) that you might want to take note of. These are not exact amounts. I rounded ‘em off.

P251 – Bus fare to San Antonio, Zambales
P30 - Tricycle fare (P60 if you’re solo)
P100 – Overnight fee (A friend told me it’s now P150, but I was charged only P100 last time I was there)
P50 – Entrance (if you’re not staying overnight)

Scroll up for the boat rates

Basically, that’s it. To save money, bring your own food or buy from San Antonio Public Market. And as said above, if you’re planning to rent a tent, forget it. Just borrow from a friend or buy one.

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  • Teddy

    I’m glad I had stumbled on this simple yet great travel website.

    Questions: 1) How long is the trip to Zambales from Manila?; 2) How many minutes/hours is the boat trip from Pundaquit to Anawangin?; 3) Are there cottages that can be rented in Anawangin Cove for overnight stay?

    Willlook forward to your reply. Thanks a million.

    • The Poor Traveler

      Hi Teddy!

      1. If you’re traveling via public transportation (bus), it’s more or less 4 hours from Manila to San Antonio, Zambales. But it will depend on the traffic volume that day. :D

      2. Boat ride to Anawangin is around 45 minutes, if I remember it correctly.

      3. No. Tents only. You should bring a tent. :D

      • ynnah


        If we will go to Anawangin, where can we park our car?

        Is it safe to bring 10 years old there?



  • Misha

    Hi. Thanks for the tips! I am planning to go to Anawangin some time soon. I was wondering if the place is always this crowded or just during summer? Thanks a lot! :)

  • Anonymous

    we’ve been there last’s really nice place ,so quiet unlike bora maraming tao maingay in cove tahimik lalo na sa gabi….

  • Arjhay Monteza Barbasto

    we’ve been there for our TPAD!!! anawangin is so cool!!!

  • Nassy Sultan

    Been here! Cool place to relax.

  • Imee Domingo

    SO NICE..LoL :)

  • donzki

    Is there a public toilet/bathroom? Which has a bigger lake/river, anawangin or nagsasa?

  • Debbie Besa

    total getaway…but capones island is a lot nicer place…

  • James Filandres

    best place to go for a vacation..,

  • ruth

    hi,.. iv been in anawangin just last week, and i saw your first picture posted, and i wasnt able to reach that part.. i am coming back again next week. may i know which side of the island is that??? thank you -ruth :)

  • Jenny Mutya

    nagsasa cove is better :-)

  • jules sacayan

    been there.. entrance fee is still the same.. 100 pesos.. we were lucky to be there on a weekdays, so we had the whole island alone..

  • Elisabeth Fortier

    It looks like camping place on the French south Atlantic coast!

  • joseph Nicolas (ILOILO)

    tnx for the idea..big help for me….maybe next trip…its like ur not in the philippines…a lot of pine trees.maybe a two days is enough….

  • Amparito Galvez

    I hope we can go there,ang ganda talaga ng pilipinas.

  • Jhing Aquisap

    Wow ,,I’m from zambales.di ko alam may maganda palang lugar dyan..

  • Dann Anthony Calixterio

    i prefer waters in Nagsasa cove…

    • Love Ko Anawangin

      Back then Anawangin is way better but since most people are camping here at anawangin and less at Nagsasa. One would normally say that anawangin is more used/bathe/camped hence water nowadays is less in quality than at Nagsasa. However, both are equal espc after off peak and when rain comes as both are naturally being cleaned.

  • Arlene Hipolito Garcia-Greene

    i want to get back there and try the trek instead of going straight via boat ride. It’s nice and calm there. Make me want to stay until I want. I love the place.

  • Yurs Truly

    babala Lang po: maganda sa anawagin beach cove pero mag ingat po sa dagat ng cove.. The Water is calm but theres a sudden strong surge of current unexpectedly either.high tide or low tide.. even u r a strong swimmer d current is strong enuf To pull u down. my.relatives almost died 3 yrs ago and they were rescued by d local fishermen.. countless of other people died unreported on the.papet so please stay.near d shore and watch out those unpredictable surges of Water..

    • Love Ko Anawangin

      There are indeed death reports here. Most reasons though is either drunk and or won’t follow our advice supposing they know of themselves and the area.

      Do follow our reminders and do swim near the shore especially if drunk or best is (if drunk) don’t swim at all.

  • Cj Gonzales

    i dnt think its safe to go at this time. was there last month and wasnt able to explore the island much. some goons are on the other side of the island, some issues on property rights…

  • Hebrow Adorza

    maganda talaga don…palagi kmi don nung nsa resort p canoe beach hahatid kmi ng mga guest nmin!

  • reejnn

    Hi mr.poortraveler,

    Your blog is such a very informative site for the traveler, showing how much “itsmorefuninthePHILIPPINES.

    Re anawangin, I wanna ask how many is the maximum capacity allowed for each boat?

    TiA for your response,

    • The Poor Traveler

      Hi Reejnn! Thanks for your comment.

      Re the boat, I’m not sure if this applies to all boats but the boat we rented had a capacity of 4-6 people only. I’m sure there are bigger boats there. :)

  • Apple

    Hello po! Just wanna ask if its safe there? i mean wala namang mga magnanakaw etc? with all the tents and everything? safe bang iwan ang mga gamit?

  • MKK

    hi there, your site is very helpful.. thank you for the info..
    im just wondering.. kuya meron po bang paliguan jan?hehe.. after nice stay in anawangin syempre we need to freshen up bago umuwi.. meron po ba>salamat..

    • The Poor Traveler

      Yep, meron! :)

      • jean

        meron po ba toilet din? thanks. planning to go there soon :)

        • The Poor Traveler

          Yep, may shower rooms and toilet. :)

  • Chippy Famini

    Hi! You’re blog is really informative and very helpful for those who wants to start traveling and enjoy nature at its best. Thank You! I have one question though, paano po makakarating ng Anawangin kung mag isa ka lang? I mean, from Pundaquit, kailangan ko rin po bang irent yung buong boat?

    • The Poor Traveler

      I think you can find other tourists whom you can share the boat with. :)

  • Joseph Asprer

    Hi..its ok if i bring my two kids there…or it is safe for there age…they are 6 yrs old and five…thanks

  • yoly

    were planning to go to anawangin this 2nd week of Dec. Were going there using our car. Is there any place where we can park our car and if theres one is it safe to leave our car. how much is the parking fee. thank you

  • jenalyn r

    eto po youg kinuha namen na package sa anawangin,,, sana po makatulong

    >>>>P1200/head minimum of 12pax and above..
    >>>>> P1300/head minimum of 10-11pax
    >>>>>P1500/head minimum of 8-9pax
    *Roundtrip AIRCON Van transfer all in
    *boat tour anawangin, capones camara island OR/ snorkeling
    *2 days 1 night stay in anawangin-entrance fee-
    *gogles for snorkeling-cooking utensils
    *cooler na with ice pa
    *Mineral water(2container)
    *Bonfire woods 1seT
    *KITCHEN UTENSILS(kaldero, kaserola etc)

    We also offers boat package only for those commuters or with their own vehicle…

    Package B Rates
    P 500 per head for 10 pax above
    P 550 per head for 8 -9pax
    P650 per head for 6-7pax
    P550 per head for 5 pax
    Inclusions:(Pick up point: Town proper of San Antonio, Zambales)
    *Boat ride to Anawangin (round trip)
    *Island hopping (Capones / Camara Island)
    *Entrance fee / Environmental fee
    *cooking utensils (ihawan, kaldero,kutsilyo,pitsel,etc)
    *cooler WITH ICE pA..

    Additional 400 per head for food (4meals)MIN OF 8PAX
    FOR MORE INFO look for ALAN ARLANTICO: Smart: 09185595597 or 09399398456TM: 09358118095 Sun: 09223753555 please TExt or call for immediate response..

    sya po yung contact namen sa anawangin kya nakatipid po kame..

  • Jet Tan

    Hi! :) Good morning po. Malaking tulong po ang blog nyo para sa mga may planong magpunta sa Anawangin at 1st time na magpunta dun. I just want to ask some addt’l info’s po kung;
    *Anong oras advisable na magpunta sa Anawangin?
    *Available pa po ba ang boat rental sa gabi? If not, what time po available ang boat rentals at byahe from Pundaquit to Anawangin?
    *Madali lang po ba makapagrent ng boat sa Pundaquit to Anawangin?
    *Php 1,500.00 padin po ba ang boat fee kung back and forth (from Pundaquit–Anawangin–Pundaquit)? Or separate fee po ang papunta at pabalik?
    *Safe naman po ba na iwan ang mga gamit sa tent kung sakaling may plano na mag-ikot sa seashore or sa forest?

    Me and my friends are planning to go there po kasi by Feb, 2013 and first time po naming lahat na magpunta dun. Malaking tulong po ang pagrereply nyo :) Salamat po.

    • alan arlantico

      @ sir jet tan,
      goodday po, available po anytime ang mga boat namen basta maganda po ang weather, secured po kyo ng lifevest lahat ng boat namen,.. ung 1500 po per head namen na rate namin kasama na po ac van transfer at boat tour and transfer duon..
      Safe naman po iwan ang gamit sa tent, dalhin nyo nalang po ung mga valuable belongings nyo pag iikot po kyo..
      FOR MORE INFO look for ALAN ARLANTICO: Smart: 09185595597 or 09399398456TM: 09358118095 Sun: 09223753555 please TExt or call for immediate response..

      • kerwin

        hi good day!
        ask ko lng po kung bakit mas mahal yung 6-7 person sa package B nyo compared sa 5 pax.. db pag mas madami mas mura? we are planning kasi na kunin yung package B nyo and we are 6 in our group.
        sa Pick-up point nyo po sa san antonio may safe na mapapagparkingan po ba dun? and how much po yung parking fee?
        thanks and god bless

  • restelah

    Questions: 1) How long is the trip to Zambales from cebu?; 2) How many minutes/hours is the boat trip from Pundaquit to Anawangin?; 3) Are there cottages that can be rented in Anawangin Cove for overnight stay?

  • kat

    pwede po b magluto dun?

    • The Poor Traveler

      Hindi yata…

  • Yanyan

    my college friends and i are planning to go there.. wala na po ba discount ung mga packages nyo?

  • Rona

    Hi Nice blog po :)
    we’re planning to visit anawangin this coming march 28 until march 30, is it okay if 2 days kaming magstay sa anawangin? :) and if kailangan ba namin mag rent ng room?

    • Ria

      no rooms to rent, just tents or small kubol (small kubol rental is I think php1500). For the tent, better to bring your own because when we were there It rained & nabasa kami sa loob ng tent. Tumagos yung tubig ulan.

    • Anonymous

      See you there! Im mark

  • mark infante

    Yung boat ba package na sya 3 islands for 1k kasi may nakausap ako bangkero 1k anawangin lang destination namin?

  • dindo

    Hi there,
    Tara na at mag enjoy ngayong summer sa:
    1. Agnaem
    2. Anawangin
    3. Talisayen
    4. Nagsasa
    5. Silanguin
    6. Capones and Camara island

    Book your Boat and Tent now.
    Packages are also available. Inquire now!

    Contact person: Liezel Nieva or Dindo Nieva
    Contact numbers:
    Globe: 09172022692
    Smart: 09995959623
    Blogsite: http:\\


  • Anonymous

    Ganda tlga jn,, promise!very relaxing,actually my profile pic is the mid part of anawangin island,I went there w/my best friend family & I was really amazed when I 1st saw the location,,!

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  • chiz

    Sa may 4 pupunta kami jan excited na nga kami eh .. may mapaglulutuan po ba jan? need paba to bring charcoal for ihaw ihaw or meron na mabibili jan ?

  • chiz

    yung tents po nila good for how many person yung pinaka malaking tent and how much po sa ngayon ? how much budget need po na good na for boats and tents papuntang anawangin

  • Leisure 28 Tours

    If you are planning for a vacation in anawangin cove, maybe you can check our affordable Anawangin Tour Packages. Contact us for more info. Thanks!

  • anawangin cove bangkeros

    How to Get There

    Zambales is 3 to 4 hours away from Manila to Brgy. Pundaquit.
    Just go to one of Victory Liner stations and get yourself a ticket to Iba, Zambales or Sta. Cruz, Zambales (Php 251.00).

    When nearing the town of San Antonio, tell the conductor to drop you off the town’s public market. Then ride a tricycle going to Mt. Pundaquit (Php 30.00 per head) which is 25 to 30 min tricycle ride. Upon reaching Mt. Pundaquit, rent a boat ride.


    CHEAPEST Anawangin Tour Packages


    ===>>>>>P1200/head minimum of 12pax and above..

    ===>>>>> P1300/head minimum of 10-11pax

    ===>>>>>P1500/head minimum of 8-9pax


    *Roundtrip AIRCON Van transfer from EDSA TO ANWANGIN all in

    *boat tour anawangin, capones, camara island OR snorkeling

    *2 days 1 night stay in anawangin-entrance fee-


    *gogles for snorkeling-cooking utensils

    *cooler na with ice pa

    *Mineral water(2container)

    *Bonfire woods 1seT

    *KITCHEN UTENSILS(kaldero, kaserola etc)

    We also offers boat package only for those commuters or with their own vehicle…

    Package B Rates

    P 500 per head for 10 pax above

    P 550 per head for 8 -9pax

    P650 per head for 6-7pax

    P550 per head for 5 pax


    *Boat ride to Anawangin (round trip)

    *2 days 1 night stay in anawangin-entrance fee-

    *Island hopping (Capones / Camara Island or snorkeling)



    *cooking utensils (ihawan, kaldero,kutsilyo,pitsel,etc)

    *Mineral water

    *cooler WITH ICE pA..

    Additional 400 per head for food (4meals)MIN OF 8PAX

    FOR MORE INFO : Smart: 09185595597 or 09399398456 TM: 09358118095 Sun: 09223753555 TExt or please call for immediate response…

  • liezl

    The best article! TY mucho

    • yoshke

      Thanks, Liezl!

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  • Jamice Caleon Turla

    Good day!
    I just want to us if ung price ba nung rent ng bangka ay balikan na or papunta lang??? Tnx

    • yoshke

      Hi Jamice, round trip na. :)

      • cris

        hello po.. ask ko lang if ung rent ng boat na 1k to anawangin per head po ba or pang ilang tao po???
        thank you.

  • Eryl Miranda

    Hi, just wanna if how much does the rent for tent cost? We are planning to have a tour at zambales. Me and parents.

    • yoshke

      Hi Eryl! Thanks for your comment. It’s in the post (see above). I had an entire paragraph dedicated to tents. You might have missed it.

      Anyway, a few years ago, it’s P500 per night. That’s why I encourage you to just buy one. You can find a new tent for only about P1000. I even found one that costs P800 (3 years ago) at DIY Shop.

  • Jhovie Ogardo

    is it convenient to go there on a month of july ???

    • yoshke

      Hi! Yes, less crowded. :)

  • mae

    good read!what month of the year do you highly recommend going there??
    puntahan na natin!:)

  • smileems

    Gud pm…is it possible mg rent ng boat going to anawangin by 7pm….were planning to there tom but will be arriving at san antonio by 7pm…my boat pa ba na pwede ma rent..pls need response..tnxs

  • Mariko Nakamura

    Ano po say nyo sa C.R doon po? Malinis po ba?

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  • Love Ko Hundred Islands

    Thank you for visiting Yoshke. Thank you as well for sharing your post.

    Looking forward having you guys back. Have a great day!

  • nanay josie

    magandang araw sa inyong lahat..
    salamat sa pagpasyal sa aming munting paraiso. isang regalo ng maykapal sa ating lahat.
    nais ko kayong imbitahan muli sa anawangen cove, nagsasa cove or talisayen cove.
    ano man ang inyong katanungan ako ay handang tumulong.
    i am owner of boats going to the coves. please text me 09193910016/09198437370…
    salamat sa inyo Godbless.

  • leslie

    Been there in anawangin and I must say its been a wonderful weekend with my family. We’re group of 8 and we rode on a bigboat that can can carry up to 20 passengers but we are the only group in there. We paid 2, 000 for the boat roundtrip. Fair enough considering that we are in a bigboat with a 20pax capacity. Also,the boatmen were very good and skilled because weve been hit by a strong waves going back to pundakit after our overnight stay. We were also also wearing lifejackets. Overall, it was still fun and exciting! You might needa contact in anawangin,ill give our boatman’s number, kuya jayr agasa 09173809104. Contact him na lang for details.

    • Nikki

      Hi Leslie! Do you have any pics of the big boat you rode with Kuya JR?

  • Robert Dinero

    Too remote and costly.. not worth the money and trouble..

  • Jessie Avecilla

    An overnight stay in Nagsasa Cove is worth the trip. Double thumbs up.

  • Bash Bashang

    Saan po ito? Anybody I need some details.. thank u

  • Kute Pat

    Wanna be there..

  • Victoria Costas Yting

    Been there!!! Nice!!

  • Joeriel Christopher Adriano

    this is one of my favorite beach. everyyear nagpupunta ako jan. sobrang tahimik, walang signal kaya makakapagpahinga talaga. makakapagusap. and while at night, the sky is just magnificent.

  • Shella Soliman

    . .hello!…good am/eve po mga maam and sir na gustong bumisita sa anawangin, talisayin, or nagsasa cove…for package…

    4-8 PERSONS – 550 perhead
    9-10 ABOVE – 550 perhead

    4-8 PERSONS – 750 perhead
    9-10 ABOVE – 700 perhead

    boat, tent, entrance, bonfire, tubig, yelo, uling…

    Non-package and trekking/hikking is also available…

    We also accept joined tour package only (saturday-sunday)….and van for rents.
    For more questions and inquiries pls. Call or text us::: 09272684714 salamat po.