Japan Visa for Filipino Tourists: Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers)

To say that Japan is my favorite destination would be a major understatement. I’m writing this post while taking a break from packing my bags for my seventh trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. Let that sink in. This is my seventh trip in a span of 4 years. That’s two trips a year.

Before I continue, I want to make it clear that I am not affiliated with the Japanese Embassy in any way. A good fraction of the messages we receive are about Japan visa, so to avoid having to repeat myself every day, I’m writing this post so I have a ready page to which I can redirect our readers. This is all based on my experience, having been given a total of four Japan visas over the past few years. For context:

  • My first Japan visa allowed only single entry, as expected.
  • The second time I applied, I was expecting another single-entry visa, but I was provided a multiple one, valid for three years. I didn’t do anything. The itinerary I submitted clearly called for a one-time entry and I didn’t have that much money in the bank at the time, but they gave me multiple.
  • When it expired earlier this year, I thought I would be given another multiple. But when I applied for the third time, to my surprise and dismay, I was given a SINGLE-ENTRY visa. It was so puzzling. I have a theory, which I will explain later.
  • The fourth Japan visa I got, the one I received just last week, was MULTIPLE-ENTRY, valid for five years! Woohoo!
  • I also took care of the visas of my mom, niece, and nephew, when we went on a family trip last year.

So here are the questions we usually get from our readers who are planning on lodging a Japan visa application, together with our answers.

Oh before I forget: This post is for tourists holding a Philippine passport, applying in Manila. Rules may be different in other cities and for other nationalities.


1. How to apply for a Japan visa? What are the requirements?

We wrote a separate, detailed post just for that. You can find it here: Japan Visa Requirements


2. I was issued a Japan visa before. How to renew?

They don’t call it “renewal.” It’s more like applying for a new visa, to be honest. The process is still the same. The only difference is, you don’t need to submit a birth certificate this time.


3. Am I eligible for a multiple-entry visa?

If you meet any of the requirements below, yes.



4. How to apply for a multiple-entry visa? What are the requirements?

We also have a dedicated post for that. You’ll find that here: Multiple-Entry Japan Visa


5. A friend of mine applied for a visa for the second time. They were given a multiple-entry visa. Does that mean that non-first-timers are granted multiple-entry visas automatically?

No, not necessarily.

It’s true that the Embassy sometimes grant MULTIPLE-ENTRY visas to returning tourists even when they’re not asking for it. It happened to me twice. But it doesn’t mean it happens to everyone every time.

If you look at my Japan visa history at the beginning of this post, you’ll find that I was given a SINGLE-ENTRY visa after my THIRD application, even after having been granted a MULTIPLE-ENTRY visa before. It’s unpredictable because they’re basing it on many factors. It’s still at the sole discretion of the Embassy.


6. What does the visa look like?

Like this:


7. Do I need a travel agency to apply?

Yes. Unless it’s a special case, all visa applications must be coursed through any of their accredited travel agencies.


8. Do I need to book flights before applying?

No. It’s not a requirement. However, on the application form, you will have to write down the specific FLIGHT NUMBER you wish to take. If you don’t have much funds in the bank, write a low-cost carrier flight, JetStar or Cebu Pacific Air.


9. Do I need to reserve hotels before applying?

No. But again, you should have an idea where you plan on staying because you will need to write it down on the application form. Make sure you have the name of the hotel, the address, and the phone number. You don’t need to book yet. Just pick a hotel.

Again, if your bank account doesn’t have much, choose a budget hotel or hostel. Don’t write down the name of a luxury hotel if you have less than P100,000 in your bank and you’re staying for 15 days. Make sure you can afford it because it matters!


10. Should I stay in the hotel I wrote on the application form?

No. If your application is approved, you can stay anywhere.


11. How long does it take to process the application?

It varies. My first time, 5 working days. Second time, 2 days. Third time, 7 days. Fourth time, 2 days.

A friend of mine waited for 3 weeks.

You can never tell.

12. Should I submit my old passport?

Would be great if you could because it will show your travel history.


13. How long can I stay in Japan if I am granted a visa?

Single-entry: 15 days, usually.

Multiple-entry: 15 or 30 days.


14. How long is the validity of the visa?

Single-entry: 3 months.

Multiple-entry: 5 years.


15. How much money should my bank account have to get approved?

The Embassy doesn’t explicitly say how much money you should have in the bank. The amount isn’t the only factor. It’s probably on a case-by-case basis.

I have applied for a 15-day stay with only P100,000+ in the bank and my application got approved.

A friend of mine applied for a 5-day stay with only P50,000 and got approved. She has a full-time job.

Another friend applied for a 5-day stay with over P200,000 and got denied. She doesn’t have a regular job.

I think the rule of thumb is: how much savings you have should be proportional to how long your stay is. For example, if you have only P50,000, don’t apply for a 15-day stay because that would obviously raise a lot of questions regarding whether or not you can afford the trip.

Also, I think the Embassy is more concerned about whether or not you have a compelling reason to return to the Philippines, which is why they scrutinize your employment status and travel history.


16. I’m a freelancer so I don’t have a Certificate of Employment. What can I submit?

Get a letter from your clients that could serve as certification that you’re working for them. Make sure that the letter mentions what you do for the company, how much you’re earning, and how long you have been working for them.

I have tried it before. The agency accepted it. The embassy approved my application.


17. I don’t have an ITR. What should I do?

Write a letter explaining why you can’t produce an ITR and submit more proof that you have a stable source of income (invoices, payslips, other tax documents, etc).

You can also declare that someone else will be paying for your trip, whom they call a “sponsor.” If you choose to do this, you will need to submit the ITR, COE or business registration documents, and bank certificate of the sponsor.

I haven’t done this personally because I always have an ITR even during the time I was a freelancer, but I know people who have done this and were granted a visa.


18. Can I apply just one week before my intended date of travel?

You can, but it’s too close. There’s no assurance you will have your passport with or without visa in time.

It is always good practice to apply at least a month before your travel date so you have time in case they ask for additional documents.


19. Can someone else apply for me?

I’m not sure if it’s the same for all travel agencies, but some allow it provided that they have a signed authorization letter, ID of the applicant, ID of the representative, and proof of your relationship with them.

Best to just call your chosen travel agency to be sure.


20. I need to explain something. Will they accept a cover letter?

Yes. I did once. They accepted it.


21. How much is the visa fee?

Technically, FREE. But the travel agency collects a processing fee, usually playing between P800 to P1800 depending on the visa type.y.


22. What is the address of the Japan Embassy in Manila?

2627, Roxas Blvd, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines


23. How will I know if my visa application is rejected?

Your passport will be returned to you. If there is no visa affixed to any of the pages, your application has been denied.


24. Will I know the reason for the denial?

No, they will not provide a reason or any sort of explanation.


25. If my application is denied, can I apply again?

Yes, but you have to wait 6 months before you can apply again.


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