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Here’s our most updated SEOUL SOUTH KOREA TRAVEL GUIDE blog with sample Seoul itinerary for 4 DAYS and 3 NIGHTS, hotel and tour recommendations, list of top things to do, and breakdown of expenses. Last updated: 2018 • 4 • 20

Some countries change your life even before you set foot in it.

One lazy day at the university, I was chillin’ with friends at the lobby of our college building when the College Secretary approached us. “I’m looking for volunteers,” she said. Apparently, exchange students from Korea had arrived way earlier than expected. She needed people who could tour them around the campus while they were preparing whatever it was they were preparing. Bored af, I was first to raise a hand.

Many of these exchange students became good friends of mine. They were my first foreign friends.

At the time, my brother was coincidentally working at a factory near Seoul. The computer that I relied on in college was a product of his hard work there. (Katas ng Korea, sabi nga nila.) This also means that every now and then, we would receive a package bursting with Korean products, which would then fill our living room racks and kitchen drawers.

After graduation, my first job was with a Korean company that brought Korean students to the Philippines to learn English. So yes, my first boss, the first person who believed in my skills as a worker, was Korean.

South Korea had already changed my life way before I set foot in it. So when I finally did, it felt wonderful. It felt like I was giving thanks. But yeah, the whole time, I was grateful.

Understanding Seoul

The political and economic center of South Korea, Seoul is home to almost 12 million residents. The larger Seoul Capital Area (Sudogwon), which includes neighboring Incheon and Gyeonggi-do, houses 25.6 million people (half of the country’s population), making it the fourth largest metropolitan area in the world, after Tokyo, Shanghai, and Jakarta.

Like most capital cities in East Asia, Seoul is pulsating with curiosities. Think of it as a younger but more tamed Tokyo. Everywhere you go, there’s always something interesting to find even in a random neighborhood. A regular cafe (often located next to another cafe across another cafe) displays how many calories are in your order for the benefit of the weight health-conscious in you. If you’re feeling a bit offbeat, walk into a cat cafe to indulge the animal-lover in you or a toilet-themed one to satiate your appetite for humor. And that’s just the coffee shops!

Seoul is also known for its obsession to beauty, something that became apparent as soon as I passed by half-dozen cosmetic shops after only two minutes of walking. (I LOVE IT. Here, I could step into a cosmetic store without anyone giving me judging stares.) But their constant quest for physical perfection isn’t limited to beauty products. Almost everything here looks pretty! Street food looks gourmet, university grounds are tourist spots, and historical sites are well-preserved!

  • Language: Korean. English is getting increasingly common. Most signs have English translations.
  • Currency: South Korean Won (KRW, ₩). KRW 1000 is roughly USD 0.88, EUR 0.77, SGD 1.22, PHP 47.8 (as of October 2018).
  • Modes of payment: Many establishments accept credit cards, but most still prefer cash.
  • Electricity Info: 220 volts. Plugs have two round pins.

Things to do in Seoul
Left: Vins at Bukchon Hanok Village; Right: an animal playing around at teh Seoul TrickEye Museum in Hongdae. With a panda.

How to Get to Seoul

If you’re a Filipino citizen, you’ll need a visa. Here’s how to get a Korea visa.

Seoul is served by two airports: Incheon International Airport (ICN) and Gimpo International Airport (GMP). Gimpo is used primarily for domestic and a few international flights (mostly from China, Japan, and Taiwan). Incheon, on the other hand, is used by most international flights. It is the largest and the primary gateway to South Korea. Gimpo is much closer, just 30 minutes away from Central Seoul, while Incheon is roughly an hour away by train or 1.5 hours by bus.

If you’re coming from Southeast Asia, the cheapest flights to Incheon are offered by low-cost carriers. The lowest rates are often from Manila. AirAsia has the lowest year-round fares and they get even lower when there’s a promo. Here’s a quick search on SkyScanner.

Manila to Incheon (Seoul)

Kuala Lumpur to Incheon (Seoul)

Where to Stay in Seoul

Seoul has three major backpacking districts: Jongno, Myeongdong and Hongdae. Which is the best? Well, I hate answering with “It depends,” I would have to say “It depends.” Haha. All these areas are close to major tourist stops, so it will depend on which of these attractions you will visit. But here’s a quick summary.

  • Myeongdong. Seoul’s main shopping district, dotted with boutiques and department stores. Close to Myeongdong Shopping Street and Namdaemun Market. If you love shopping, stay here. Check rates of Myeongdong hotels here.
  • Hongdae-Sinchon. Seoul’s university belt. This place is driven by Seoul’s youth culture, nurturing a more romantic and underground atmosphere. Lots of creative and quirky shops and food places. Close to: Hongik University Street, Hongik Mural Street, and Ehwa Women’s University. If you’re a foodie, stay here. Check rates of Hongdae hotels here.
  • Jongno. Seoul’s historic core. Its map is littered with shrines, temples, and other traditional sites. In fact, four of the city’s five grand palaces can be found in Jongno. It is also where the Bukchon Hanok Village, Gwangjang Market, and Insa-dong are located. If it’s your first time in Seoul, stay here. Check rates of Jongno hotels here.

I have experienced staying in all three districts, and I personally prefer Jongno. There’s just so much to see and explore within walking distance.

Where We Stayed in Seoul

Here are the hostels and a hotel that I have tried. You can read our reviews here: Where We Stayed in Seoul

Namsan City Hotel

Top Budget Hotels Under $60 in Seoul

Staz Hotel Myeongdong

Top Seoul Hostels

YE4 Guesthouse

Search for more Seoul Hotels

How to Get from Incheon Airport to Seoul City Center

Incheon Airport to Seoul by Train

Image provided by Klook

The Airport Railroad Express (AREX) connects Incheon Airport to Seoul city center. It has two types: EXPRESS and ALL STOP.

The fastest way to reach the city is by taking the AREX EXPRESS Train. But the cheapest way is to take the ALL STOP Train.

  • The Airport Railroad Express (AREX) EXPRESS Train. The fastest option! The Express Train usually costs ₩14,800, but I think discounted rates are still in effect, which is only ₩8000 for adults and ₩6900 for children. Travel time is 43 minutes. You can reserve a seat in advance with Klook! RESERVE A SEAT HERE!
  • AREX ALL STOP Train. The Cheapest Option. Will stop at all 12 stations before arriving at Seoul Station. It’s 15 minutes slower (travel time: 58 minutes), but costs only ₩4250.

Incheon Airport to Seoul by Bus

By bus, if your hotel is close to one of the many bus stops scattered throughout the city. I say it’s easiest because there is no need to switch trains. I personally prefer this method because I despise transferring to another train line when I have 20+++ kilos of baggage on my back. The good news is, the three main backpacking districts in Seoul have their own bus stops! Here are the buses you need to catch:

  • JONGNO: Bus 6002 (at Gate 5B or 12A). Get off at Jongno 1, 2, 3,4,5, or 6, whichever is closest to your hostel/hotel. Last bus: 11:30pm. Fare: ₩10,000.
  • HONGDAE: Bus 6002 (at Gate 5B or 12A). Get off at Hongik University Station. Last bus: 11:30pm. Fare: ₩10,000.
  • MYEONGDONG: Bus 6015 (at Gate 5B or 11B). Get off at Myeongdong Station. Last bus: 10:50pm. Fare: ₩15,000.

If your hotel is closer to a subway station than the bus station, then take the train instead.

Pocket Wifi Rental and Data SIM in Seoul

South Korea has the fastest internet connection in the world! Most establishments like fast food restaurants and cafes offer FREE wifi, too.

But if you want to make sure you’re connected all the time, you can buy a 4G SIM Card or rent a Pocket Wifi.

  • Pocket Wifi. Take advantage of Korea’s blazing internet speed! This pocket wifi will give you unlimited access anywhere in Korea. It can connect up to 3 devices at once. You can pick it up at Incheon Airport when you arrive. You will be charged per day. But if you reserve with Klook, you just need to pay for the first day and then settle the rest when you return the unit. RESERVE POCKET WIFI HERE!
  • 4G LTE SIM Card!. There are various pre-paid plans available depending on how long your stay is: 5 days, 10 days, 30 days. You can buy one in advance and just pick it up at Incheon Airport so you’re connected as soon as you land. RESERVE SIM CARD HERE!

How to Get Around Seoul

You’ll find Seoul an extremely walkable city. Walk when you can. If you’re staying in Jongno, most historic attractions are within walking distance of each other. Otherwise, there’s always the subway, which makes Seoul-searching a walk in the park.

Seoul’s expansive subway system is the third largest in the world. It consists of 14 lines criss-crossing underneath the vibrant city. It looks intimidating when you look at it, but it’s actually pretty easy to get the hang of. It uses cards that require a ₩500 deposit, which can be refunded after the ride.

Before the trip, I encourage you to download a FREE app called Subway Korea. It is available for iOS and Android. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Open the app. You will be greeted by Seoul’s complicated subway map.
  2. Find your station of origin and tap it. It will reveal options. Choose Departs From.
  3. Find your destination station and tap it. Choose Arrives at.
  4. Choose between the route that will get you there fastest and the route that will make the fewest stops.

It will then tell you the following:

  • The estimated travel time (top of the screen)
  • Number of stops (top of the screen)
  • Fare (bottom, in green)
  • The recommended route

South Korea Subway

Here’s how to use Seoul’s subway system.

  1. Find a single journey traffic card ticket machine at the station.
  2. Select your destination.
  3. Select the number of tickets.
  4. Insert payment + refundable deposit of ₩500.
  5. Collect the single journey traffic card that will be released.
  6. After your ride, you can get the ₩500 deposit from one of the payment return machines at your destination.

Each station stems into several routes that lead to exits that are far apart. Check the map displayed near the gates to make sure you’re taking the right exit. Often, signs leading to key tourist attractions are found around the station. Also, when walking inside train stations, keep right.

There are prepaid cards available at every station, too. One of the most popular is the T-Money Card. It will save you ₩100 per ride, which isn’t much, but it’s convenient because you don’t need to get a ticket every single time. Another great thing about it is its coverage. You can use it on trains AND buses in many cities including Seoul and even Busan. Just make sure you load it with just enough credit so you don’t need to worry about getting a refund.

Discover Seoul Pass

If you have a pretty packed itinerary, you might want to consider purchasing a Discover Seoul Pass, which was created by the Seoul Tourism Organization specifically for foreign tourists. You can choose between the 24-hour pass and the 48-hour pass.

Photo provided by Klook

Here are some things that the Discover Seoul Pass can do for you:

  • FREE access to 22 key attractions like the palaces and shrines, specialty museums like the TrickEye Museum in Hongdae, N Seoul Tower Observatory using only one card.
  • Access to the Seoul City Double Decker Tour Bus
  • Comes with T-Money (which I discussed above). But you need to top up before use. If you don’t use all credits, you can refund the remaining balance.
  • Can be picked up at Incheon Airport at the time and date you specified

Here are some of the tourist sites that are covered by the Discover Seoul Pass:

  • N Seoul Tower (Observatory)
  • Trickeye & Ice Museum
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • Changdeokgung Palace
  • Changgyeonggung Palace

You can get the Discover Seoul Pass in advance with Klook!


Places to Visit in Seoul

Below are some of the tourist attractions in the city and the nearest subway station.


Photo provided by Klook

Everland is Korea’s largest theme park.
Admission Fee: Adults, ₩52,000; Children, ₩41,000.
Nearest Station: Jeondae-Everland (Yongin EverLine, Exit 3).

Klook offers discounted tickets if you buy online!


If you don’t want to bother with the getting there part, you can book an Everland Day Tour instead, which includes the following.

  • Admission ticket
  • Transportation from Seoul and back
  • Tour guide service

This is great if you want to catch the fireworks display at night because you won’t need to compete with the crowd for transportation back to the city. They use a shuttle bus, which can pick you up in Hongdae, Myeongdong or Dongdaemun. Book Below!


Lotte World

Photo provided by Klook

Lotte World is another theme park that is great for kids.
Admission Fee: Adults, ₩52,000; Teens, ₩45,000; Children, ₩41,000.
Nearest Station: Jamsil (Line 2, 8; Exit 4)


N Seoul Tower

Photo provided by Klook

N Seoul Tower, the city’s iconic skyscraper that allows breathtaking views of the city. It also has a revolving restaurant. It’s accessible by bus, but a scenic approach is by cable car. The boarding station is located 15 minutes from Myeongdong Station (Line 4, Exit 3). Just walk down the street on the right side of Pacific Hotel and you’ll find it soon after.
Admission Fee: Adults, ₩10,000; Children, ₩8,000.

Get a discount if you purchase your tickets online with Klook! On top of that, you also get a ₩5,000 shopping coupon that you can use at Namdaemun Market for FREE!


TrickEye 3D Museum + Ice Museum

Seoul Trick Eye Museum

A “trick art” museum for wacky photos! It’s located in Hongdae. There’s also an annexed Ice Museum.
Nearest Station: Hongik University


Hanbok Experience

Photo provided by Klook

Did you know that you can enter Seoul’s palaces and shrines for FREE if you’re wearing hanbok? You can rent a hanbok for 4 hours or 24 hours!


Gyeongbokgung Palace

The grandest among the city’s five important palaces.

Admission fee: Adults (19-64yo) ₩3,000, Youths (7-18yo) ₩1,500.
Nearest station: Gyeongbokgung Palace (Line 3, Exit 5)

Changdeokgung Palace

A well-preserved royal villa that has been standing for more than six centuries.

Admission fee: Adults (19-64yo) ₩3,000, Youths (7-18yo) ₩1,500.
Nearest station: Anguk (Line 3)

Other Seoul Attractions

  • Gangnam. Prior to the global success of PSY’s Gangnam Style, Gangnam has always been popular among locals for social gatherings and events.
    Admission Fee: FREE
    Nearest station: Gangnam (Line 2, Exit 10 or 11)
  • Gwangjang Market. Built in 1905, it is Seoul’s oldest traditional daily marketplace. It’s mostly a food market so make sure you’re hungry when you visit.
    Entrance Fee: FREE
    Nearest stations: Jongno 5-ga Station (Line 1, Exit 8) or Euljiro 4-ga Station (Lines 2 or 5, Exit 4)
  • Myeongdong, one of Seoul’s main shopping districts! If you’re after branded clothes, mid-range restaurants, cosmetic products, and all sorts of street food, this is the place for you.
    Admission Fee: FREE
    Nearest station: Myeongdong (Line 4, Exit 6).
  • Ewha Women’s University. Founded in 1886, it is Korea’s first educational institute for women. The area around it is a popular shopping destination, too. You’ll find a whole bunch of accessories and footwear, and quirky apparel. Since they cater to students (mostly), prices are much friendlier!
    Entrance Fee: FREE
    Nearest station: Ewha Womans University Station (Line 2, Exit 2 or 3)
  • Hongdae. The epicenter of Seoul’s youth culture, it is a place for many students’ self-expression. Lots of creative shops and quirky food places. Visit on a Saturday, when the Hongdae Free Market comes to life. It is a flea market that offers some unique items that are often handcrafted by young student artists.
    Entrance Fee: FREE
    Nearest Station: Hongik University (Line 2, Exit 9)
  • Bukchon Hanok Village harbors traditional houses called hanok, the history of which can be traced back to the Joseon Dynasty. Many of these houses also function as restaurants and shops.
    Entrance Fee: FREE
    Nearest station: Anguk Station (Line 3, Exit 1 or 2)

Day Tours from Seoul

Many other attractions outside Seoul Capital Area are easily accessible if you want to do it DIY-style.

But you can also join a group tour if you want a hassle-free experience. Many of these tours will provide transportation with hotel pickup and drop off and entrance tickets.

Nami Island

Nami Island
Nami Island

Nami Island, a half-moon shaped island in the middle of the Han River in Chuncheon. It became the final resting place of General Nami, a well-known historical figure during Joseon Dynasty. Foreigners are most familiar with it as the filming location of Winter Sonata, a Korean TV series (koreanovela) that became a hit all over Asia.

How to get to Nami Island: Travel by train to Gapyeong Station. Walk or take a cab from the station to the ferry wharf, where you can buy tickets to the island. You can also travel by bus. Catch the shuttle bus in Insadong (near the West Gate of Tapgol Park) or Sungnyemun Square Bus Stop in front of Namdaemun Market. Bus leaves at 9:30am. Roundtrip fare is ₩15,000. You can reserve a bus seat by emailing or calling +82-2-753-1247.

Entrance Fee: ₩13,000.

If you want to book a group tour instead, Klook bundles Nami Island with Petite France, a French-village theme park, so you get to see two attractions in one day. There’s no hotel pick up for this but you will be meeting your guide at a convenient location in Seoul. Entrance fees are already covered.


DMZ Tour and Panmunjom Tours (and See North Korea)

Photo provided by Klook

Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and Panmunjom.. Learn more about the Korean War and how these places came to be. You can also take a glimpse of North Korea from the Dora Observatory. DMZ and JSA tours are also offered separately if you want to see just one. Often, reservations have to be made at least 3 days in advance so it is best to book online.

Klook offers two types of tours: DMZ Only Tour and DMZ + Panmunjom.

DMZ Tour (DMZ Only)

  • Hotel pick up
  • English-speaking guide
  • Lunch option
  • Inclusive of admission fees
  • Visit at Imjingak Park, 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, Freedom Bridge, and the DMZ Exhibition Hall
  • A chance to see North Korea through binoculars at Dora Observatory

Slots per day are limited so book as early as you can.


Panmunjom + DMZ Tour

  • Enter and see the JSA (Joint Security Area) to see Freedom House and Conference Room. You also get to visit the Bridge of No Return and the Ax Murder Incident area.
  • Visit at Imjingak Park, 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, Freedom Bridge, and the DMZ Exhibition Hall
  • A chance to see North Korea through binoculars at Dora Observatory
  • Hotel pick up
  • English-speaking guide
  • Lunch is included
  • Inclusive of admission fees


Boryeong Mud Festival

Boryeong Mud Festival Guide

Boryeong, a port city located 3 hours from Seoul, is most famous for the Boryeong Mud Festival, which happens in July. Koreans sometimes refer to the place as Daecheon because the present-day Boryeong is a merger between Daecheon City and Boryeong-gun. Hemmed in by the waters of the Yellow Sea in the west, it is a popular summer destination, with Daecheon Beach as a top place to visit. During the festival, giant inflatable slides, a performance stage, and other attractions are set up along Daecheon Beach, where all the fun happens.

How to get there: From Seoul, take the train/subway/metro to Yongmun Station, where you will board a Korail train to Daecheon Station. The Korail train ride takes 2 hours and 40 minutes and costs ₩11,700.

If you’re joining Boryeong Mud Festival for only a day, it may be hard to find accommodations because the prices double. What you can do is just join a group tour which will cover your transportation from Seoul and back. You will also have a guide to help you in storing your things, finding the locker areas, etc.


Where to Shop in Seoul

Aside from Myeongdong and Hongdae:

  • Dongdaemun Market. Everything fashion, from the trendiest fabrics to bridal wear. Composed of 26 shopping malls scattered around 5 blocks, housing 50,000 different manufacturers and 30,000 specialty shops. Although best known for wholesale, retail is also alive here.
    Nearest Station: Dongdaemun Stadium (Line 2, 4 or 5)
  • Namdaemun Market. The oldest and the biggest traditional market in Korea, this 400yo shopping mecca houses 10,200 stores across 66,000 sq. m. You’ll find all sort of products here, from clothes to kitchenware to electronics.
    Nearest station: Hwehyeon (Line 4, Exit 5)
  • Insadong. Great if you’re looking for traditional souvenirs such as artworks, ceramics, paper goods, or if you want to try some of its traditional teahouses. If you can, visit on a Sunday, when they close off the road from vehicular traffic.
    Nearest station: Jonggak Station (Line 1, Exit 3)

More info here: 8 Shopping Places in Seoul

Sample Seoul Itinerary and Expenses

Below is a sample 5-day/4-night Seoul itinerary with breakdown of expenses. This assumes the following:

  • You are a group of two.
  • You will be staying in a twin room at Fully Hong Hostel.
  • You will be using a T-Money card (T-Card).
  • Your meal allowance is limited to only ₩5000 for breakfast and ₩15000 for lunch and dinner. It’s actually too much for me considering that you will find a bowl of delicious bibimbap for only ₩5000. But I think it’s better to overestimate so let’s leave it at ₩15,000. I’m not a breakfast person, either. But fine, let’s still include breakfast for good measure.

Just make necessary adjustments to match your needs.

Pre-trip expenses
Hotel booking – ₩116,000 (₩58,000 x 4 nights divided by 2pax)

01:00pm – Airport to Jongno-3ga – ₩4150 + ₩1250
02:20pm – Check in at hostel
03:00pm – Gyeongbokgung Palace – ₩3000
06:30pm – Cheonggyecheon Stream
08:00pm – Gwangjang Market – ₩15,000 budget
10:30pm – Sleep!

08:00am – Wake up
09:00am – Grab breakfast – ₩5000
09:30am – Bukchon Hanok Village
11:30am – Lunch – ₩15,000
01:00pm – Changdeokgung Palace – ₩3000
06:00pm – Subway to Myeongdong – ₩1250
06:20pm – Dinner – ₩15,000 budget
09:30pm – Back to Hotel

07:00am – Wake up
08:00am – Grab breakfast – ₩5000
08:30am – Subway to Gapyeong Station – ₩2250
10:00am – Taxi to ferry wharf – ₩3000
10:20am – Buy Nami Island ticket – ₩13,000
10:50pm – Explore Nami Island
01:30pm – Lunch – ₩15,000 budget
02:30pm – Continue exploring Nami Island
04:00pm – Ferry back
04:30pm – Taxi back to Gapyeong Station – ₩3000
05:00pm – Subway back to city – ₩2250
06:30pm – Dinner – ₩15,000 budget
09:00pm – Sleep

09:00am – Wake up
10:00am – Brunch + Insadong – ₩15,000 budget
01:00pm – Subway to Ewha Women’s University – ₩1250
01:30pm – Ewha Women’s University
02:30pm – Subway to Hongik University – ₩1250
02:45pm – Seoul Trick Eye Museum – ¥15,000
05:00pm – Explore Hongdae
08:00pm – Dinner – ₩15,000 budget
10:30pm – Back to hotel – ₩1250

Train back to Airport – ₩5400

This itinerary will cost you ₩292,000 (USD 256, EUR 226, SGD 355, PHP 13,700), excluding the airfare.

You can still bring down the cost by staying in a dorm (and there are great options in the city), skipping the Trick Eye Museum (it’s not really unique to Seoul), or cutting down on your food budget (Please don’t. Korean food is awesome!)

If you’re coming from Manila and you’re able to snag PHP7700 fare, the total cost of this trip is PHP 21,400.

For my first trip, I got my plane tickets from a SEAT SALE and paid only PHP 6000, hehe. Add the travel tax (which was being collected separately at the time) and the total is pretty much the same.

More Tips for the Poor Traveler

  • Changdeokgung and Gyeongbokgung are the best palaces, but if you’re interested to explore more + Jongmyo Shrine, get an Integrated Palace Pass. If you buy individual tickets, the total will be at ₩14,000 but the palace pass is only ₩10,000.
  • Walk when you can. Like I said, Seoul is very walkable and you’ll discover something along the way. In the itinerary above, I included the fare for the subway ride from Ewha University to Hongik University, but in reality I just walked. I also never used the subway to go around the Jongno area.
  • Get a T-Card. It will save you ₩100 for every ride. But I said that already.
  • If you’re on a really tight budget, you can skip restaurants altogether and just eat at Gwangjang Market (considerably cheaper) or munch on street food because they’re pretty tasty too. But if you can afford it, spend! For me, Korean cuisine is one of the best in the world! I’m salivating right now just typing this. (Sorry about the mental image.) Hahaha.

Updated: 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ • 4️⃣ • 2️⃣0️⃣

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South Korea is great. Thanks for the guide and cool pics of their traditional parade.


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Planning to explore the area around Ewha and Hongdae when visiting Seoul soon! How long does it take to walk from Hongdae to Ehwa?


It’s gonna be a long walk, probably 40 minutes to an hour, if I remember correctly. You can take the subway. Hongdae is just 2 stops away from Ewha.

When In Town

I’d looked for and downloaded several apps for going around Seoul but none was satisfactory. Either they were buggy or the map doesn’t load well enough. I never came across the Subway Korea app though, that seems like something I could’ve used. I ended up using an actual train map from the airport– works but you know, a little less convenient. :)


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Hi, me and my former classmates are planning to visit korea next year.Now i am confused about some of the requirements i have read online.I am working in the middle east for the past 9 years and at present,one of the requirements i see is income tax return which as being an ofw i dont have like that.Second, certificate of employment, do i have to ask this from my employer in the middle east?
I hope you can enlighten some things about traveling to korea from Filipinos working abroad and on vacation in the Philippines.


Hi Mhel, Same here I’ve been working also as an OFW but I don’t have any idea about the requirements for us who are working abroad. I really want to visit south korea by next year also. I hope someone can help us.



It seems that the requirements you are referring to are the requirements if you will apply your visa in the Philippines. If you are in Dubai UAE, you can apply your visa directly at the Korean Consulate in Dubai and they have a different set of requirements. You can include your ticket to the Philippines if you are going to Korea from the Philippines.


Hi, I am currently working here in Dubai. Have you tried applying for visa from here? I am planning to travel there next year Aug. Do you think how much safe fund do I need to put in my bank account for me to get visa approval. I am only planning let us say 5/6 days (to mention in the application form).. What do you think? :))

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Do you need to have a 100.000 PHP before booking and getting Visa to korea?
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100,000 won or dollar or peso

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Winnie rose

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hope to hear from you. Thank You!



Also, you might want to check out this link for cherry blossom season.


Hello Cris! Do you have a BPI or BDO Gold or Platinum credit card? If you do, it’s easier to get a Visa that way. You can be granted multiple entry for up to 3 years (gold) or 5 years (platinum) for your whole family.


This is Very Helpful Thank You! :)

My Friend and I are Planning to Visit S. Korea on Mid March 2018, Maybe 8-9 days for Seoul and Busan.. If I could get a Visa and Process it on Time ;) i’m only given 30 days Annual Leave from work here in KSA..

Kaiye Roldan

Hi! i really enjoyed reading this entry. I was able to book a flight to SoKor for a cheap price and it will be my first time going there not to mention going on solo. Ill be there by Feb 28 to March 5 and my friends told me to pack enough coats since it’ll be winter there by then. I really am hoping you can help me with my Itinerary. it will be Manila to Busan and then Incheon to Manila. It may be too much to ask but can you help me? :)


Hello! I’m planning to go to SoKor in June, after my college graduation. I’m worried because, I’m not yet employed during that time and I recently graduated that time so I don’t know if im still considered as a student. If possible what are the requirements I need to bring. Thank you so much po! :D


and It is also my first time travelling abroad po :( Thank you for your reply.


Love your blog!!! So resourceful ~ I felt like I went to Seoul with you just by reading it!! The best I’ve ever read ~ My friends & I are visiting Seoul Fall 2018 but I’m really shooting for Spring ~ I will definitely use all the info you have here!! Thanks again & God bless always!!

Rose Allen Esteban

Hi Sir, any idea po about the visa requirements for an OFW who wants to travel SK from Phil next year.

BTW, thank you for sharing your experiences, it helps a lot :)))))


Love your blog–very informative and helpful during our stay in Korea—even stayed at Fully Hong Hostel. Really affordable with very accommodating and friendly staff. Budget friendly. Planning to return one day, didn’t really get to go around much.
Got to experience the Korean spa (jijinbang?) one morning because the broiler got busted.


[…] solution: the subway! It’s insanely cheap (about $1-2USD per ride) and insanely convenient. The Poor Traveler blog has some great tips about the app and understanding the […]


Grabeh! Superb! Na amaze po ako sa lahat ng tips mo. Maraming maraming salamat po. Will be visiting Korea May 2018.


hi, how much is the soul travel pass? thanks


Will 95,000 won a day for two people for food and additional attractions is enough money?


Thanks for all of these information. ^^ It helped me a lot! Will be in SoKor on October and I like Autumn the most.


This is the most informative blog I’ve ever read! It has almost all the informations I need for my plan to visit Korea with my partner. Thank you so much for this blog. Thumbs up for the job well done!


Hi! What if the school where I am working which is a public school doesnt have a landline number? Can i just include my principal’s mobile number?


Pwed po ask kng ano ang weather sa march 26-30?ano po dpat dlhin na dmit?thanx!


When is the best month to visit SOkor?


mainit po ba sa korea pag june? sabi kasi sa forecast maulan sa katapusan ng june. isip ko lang po kung ang ulan nila parang ulan natin na di ka na makakaikot pag umulan


kasi po end of june ang byahe ko e sabi sa accuweather tagulan. isip ko lang kung accurate po ba ang accuweather (though obviously”accu” e part na ng title :-) naaprub po pala ko thanks sa blog nyo rin :-)


Hello! We’ll be in South Korea by next week.. and your blog really helped a lot.. thank you for this!! We will enjoy SoKor because of you informative tips and guides. Thank you. :)


H! Ur blog is very informative and helpful. Thanks much for this. I”ll be travelling in sokor this coming sept.27-oct 2, 2018 for our covention in grand international seoul parnas. I just want to ask if u can recommend any travel agency that can cater land arrangement only or can process visa application alone?thank you so much for ur generous assistance.

Ana Marie

Thank you so much for your Blog. We are traveling to Seoul in November and I am still preparing our itinerary. Your blog sure is a great help. I booked our lodging thru airbnb in Jongno area. I love to walk a lot. Hopefully the weather in the first week of November will allow me to do so. Fighting!


Wow, this is super helpful! May I ask if you think Lotte World or Everland is worth visiting instead of spending a whole day sightseeing in the city? We’re planning to go on October, just 4 young adults (youngest is 16) so we might not enjoy the rides as much as we would in Disneyland/Universal Studio (bc they have that nostalgic feel).


Visitng Nami Island, would you recommend DIY or join a group tour for a 1st time solo traveler?


Is Petit France worth it?


This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!


Very helpful and informative post! Will defs checkout your blog for future travels! :D


I love this post esp. yung nasa last portion hehehe. Very informative, thank you sir!


You deserve a medal for this post. Truly. What a great piece.

ash ricaza

yeah that’s my man whoo


Thank you for the very informative post. I just want to clarify something on the pocket wifi rental. I was about to purchase it from klook but I noticed that pick up is at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2. My arrival would be at Terminal 1. Upon checking, transfer from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 would be like 15 mins but you have to go through the transfer desk and I don’t want to go through that with a heavy luggage. I think it is more convenient to just ride a bus from Terminal 1 to Seoul. Can you give me advise on the pocket wifi please. Is there any alternative? Thanks.


thanks a bunch for this very thorough info! God bless you on all your travels!


Hi.. I just wanted to ask which is better Lotte World or Everland?
Thank you.


Hi! Thank you so much for this article! I’m planning to travel back to Korea this October 2019 but I haven’t scored plane tickets yet. By any chance, would you have any idea if there are still seat sales where I could book lowfare tickets? Thanks!







Hi Yoshke,

First of all, thank you for this very helpful blog about Korea. Marami akong nakuhang tips for my upcoming solo travel sa SoKo this April. :)

Question lang though, yung AREX Train ba is 24 hours open? Kasi my flight in Seoul will arrive at around 10:40pm and I’m not sure if open pa yung AREX Train by the time I arrive in Incheon. And my hotel is in Myeongdong so okay ba na magtrain ako or bus, since medyo late na yung dati ko ng Incheon? Thank you in advance… :)


Pls send the u r number


Best blog post I have read, super informative.


Hi Yoshke,

Our family is planning to visit Korea next year after our Hongkong experience this summer. The information above are so detailed and easy to look into that it got me excited, especially seeing that there are also amusement parks for the kids. And of course the possibility of experiencing snow if our timing is just right. Thank you so much for sharing.


Hello po. Tanong lang.
Ok po ba mag book sa. Skyscanner? Thank you po


Hello po. Inaaccept na po ba sa immigration ng SK ang accommodation booking with AirBnB?
We are a group of 13, with kids, kaya we decided to book at AirBnB.


WOW! It`s very helpful for me. i really like your post about Korea travel guide. i`m planning to go in Seoul by next year together with my family this is one of my dream to go there.


Thanks for sharing


Hi which other tourist spot do you recommend isama namin together with everland??

thank you.


hi mas ok po ba magpapalit ng dollars to won or ok lang kahit peso to won


ah ok sige po maraming salamat


hello po. ang pick up nang sim card po nakalagay seoul. but i will be going to gwanju pa po before souel. mero ba pick up sa incheon airport?


Hello po. Im planning to have a tour with my family in seoul.
Any idea how much will it cost (visa, airfare, hotel, etc. ) for 2 adults and 3 teens, for about 3-5 days of stay, including fees to a place to visits.. Thanks a lot.


chilling in quarantine in tallinn, estonia, planning my first trip after we open up again and so happy to find your blog. very nicely written, thank you! comparing to average travel blog way more informative and readable!

Pinay Nomad

That’s my mom-in-law’s hometown. I’ve been there once and I wanna go back next year! Thanks Yoshke!


thanks for sharing this.


Such helpful tips!! I love visiting Seoul (and South Korea) in general but it definitely isn’t the cheapest Asia destination. I’ve taken some tips down and hopefully can save a few $$ next time I’m there.


Seoul is my dream destination. I enjoy reading and i’m glad that reach out this amazing post.

Thank you for sharing, Greetings from Canada

Adarsh Chaudhary

Amazing man. I’m planning to visit here next year. The information you provided is quite useful. Thank you alot

Paulo barte

Can you send me itenerary for kore tour early nezt year ..january