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The past several years have seen the rise of online travel agencies (OTAs). As travel becomes mainstream and more accessible, the general public has come to love and enjoy using their services for planning trips, finding cheap flights, and booking hotels, among others. Even we find ourselves depending on them for many aspects of our journey.

As travel bloggers, we get approached often by various online travel agencies for all sorts of collaborations: advertorials, affiliate partnerships, sponsorships, ambassadorships. But as always, we very carefully scrutinize brands we choose to work with. One of the newer players in the Philippines is Traveloka, an online service that will allow you to search and book flights and hotels. To be honest, at first, we doubted it largely because of the funny, less-than-serious name. Medyo nakakaloka. Haha.

But yes, it is safe and legit. We’ve been using this for the past several months now. And we found many of the features of both the website and the mobile app to be incredibly useful, thoughtful, and straightforward. In the end, we were convinced that Traveloka is something we can confidently promote to our followers. And here are six reasons why.

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1. Best Price Finder

When searching for flights, Traveloka’s Best Price Finder enables you to immediately see the lowest fares in a calendar format. This is perfect for bargain-hunters who know the destination they want to fly to but don’t have fixed travel dates.

Some airlines, like JetStar and PAL, employ this kind of display. However, what makes this Traveloka feature much more interesting is that it doesn’t search just one airline. It rummages through all the airlines in their network and shows you the cheapest tickets from all of them.

How to use it: Simply download the app and when it’s time to pick a departure date, just turn on the “Find Lowest Price Estimates” toggle on the bottom bar. Step-by-step guide here: Best Price Finder

2. Price Alerts

I’ve said this many times before: This is my fave feature of the Traveloka app. It’s great for those who always miss airlines’ seat sales!

Traveloka’s Price Alerts allows you to get notified on your phone when the price of certain flights you’re eyeing drops or go on sale! It’s not random. You will have to set the parameters beforehand so the app knows what to alert you of. For example, if you’re planning to visit Boracay, just enter that specific route and your budget limitations into the app, and when there are flights that match those, you’ll get alerts. Technology!

Here’s how to do it: How to Get Cheap Flight Alerts

3. Promos Almost Every Day

Many of the hotels in Traveloka’s inventory are discounted, but they also give away additional discounts when they have a promo. And there’s one almost every day. Some are for flights, some for hotels. The discounts and destinations covered vary from promo to promo. All you need to do is enter the promo code when booking.

Samples only. These are just samples of their past promos. These codes are no longer working.

Where to get the promo codes? Follow their social media channels especially the Traveloka Facebook page and be the first to know when there’s a sale.

4. Integrated TripAdvisor Reviews

Traveloka has its own built-in review system, but for good measure, it also has an integrated TripAdvisor rating so you could make a better, more informed judgment. As a long-time TripAdvisor user, this makes me more confident in choosing hotels.

5. No Credit Card, No Problem!

You can pay for your flights or hotels via credit card, but if you don’t have one or you are beyond your limit, you have other options such as PayPal, banks, pawnshops, or even 7-Eleven!

Here are their payment partners:

6. ASEAN-centric

Traveloka may be fairly new in the Philippines and the name reads curious and, to be frank, sounds funny, but it is a giant in the ASEAN travel scene — present in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. And that’s a big thing for me. They understand the needs (and behavior) of the ASEAN traveler (hence over-the-counter payment options, price alerts, etc.). You can count on it creating more features that address our unique concerns and understand what it means to be an ASEAN explorer.

In terms of hotel listings in PH, there is still a big room to grow, but now that they have established an office in Manila, I expect that it will grow much faster. Also, the company just got a $500 million investment from Expedia earlier this year!

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Yosh Dimen
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Ivy rejano

Not 100 % safe. I’ve booked a hotel and it stated that breakfast is included on the voucher but it wasn’t. Then there was an error on their website which they admitted and they reimbursed the money I paid for the breakfast. Then I booked a flight ticket in good faith but the rules of the ticket/fare rules of the ticket wasn’t stated anywhere on their app or website. It says unavailable. Then I called them to change the dates of my flight and they informed me that changes aren’t permitted and they can’t do anything about it. They should’ve provide that info just like Orbitz and Expedia. Now I feel scammed.

choong guan yee

Traveloka cheaper , Deceptive behavior.

first , I registered traveloka key in a nickname , but When i confirm want to buy a ticket , i have key in full name choong guan yee and chow tat seng. we have also key in passport ID .. ?? when i received the PDF e-ticket , already just show my nickname !

Now I can’t use it, I have to void my ticket! 

First time at traveloka purchase Malysia airlines ticker .. just want me waste my ticket …

so bad


Hi, this is a nice post. However, I just want to know if travel taxes are already included when you book a flight with traveloka?


Definitely legit! I’ve booked through Traveloka multiple times for both my flights and accommodations and the process has always been smooth-sailing.


Yes, Traveloka is super legit and trustworthy. In the few years that I’ve been booking my flights and hotels with them, overall transactions have been smooth and seamless. The prices are competitive. Although I encountered some issues in one or two bookings, they were able to resolve in a timely and professional manner. I find their Price Alerts useful especially when I’m planning international travels. I’ve also started booking some activities with them, and so far, all were good. They also offer lots of promos, so it’s a plus.

Alexandra Marie

Hello, may I share my experience with using Traveloka’s services. Indeed, they’ve offer great travel deals – discounted airline tickets and discounted hotel and accomodation. Come the start of the lockdown measures, unfortunately, a LOT of guests that had travel bookings with the agency had to cancel plans and therefore cancel their bookings. I had mine refunded by the start of the year upon learning my airline allowed refunds. I have this coordinated with them, until it was processed on their end and have this requested for refund with their airline partner. 7 months have passed and with multiple follow ups made, they have been responding with the same update – awaiting for airline approval. While I appreciate them being responsive to my ff ups, I can’t help but be mad at the lack of transparency and enough details to support that my refund is indeed sitting already with the airline. You can check their FB page, and you may note that some have booked with them for domestic flights – airline has already processed refund BUT it is either not refunded to the guest or refunded with deductions to their wholesalers.

These (horror stories), I find them horrible and UNACCEPTABLE! You say they are LEGIT? – At some point, maybe yes. But when it comes to refunds, NO – they are totally a SCAM and will never book again with them, EVER!

Daniel Carlos Tan

No, they are more expensive than trip dot com and they never want to assist you with refunds. They keep brushing me off. I requested for full refund and they did just want everything easy for them, they gave me effin travel vouchers. Very very terrible customer service.